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Call of SWAT is best top first person commando combat shooter 3dgame with latest d-day military armored commando shooting gameswarfare ammunition. Enjoy thrilling warzone in the top fps in arealtime modern combat arena with your commando gorilla expert skills& super sniper simulation to complete thrilling missions.Experience frontline battle-field with different exciting gameplayscenarios in a realistic 3d game play. Stay alert & takeheadshot with stealth ops action shooting sniper war of SWAT andperform elite army commando ultra-shooter army sniper shootingcombat scenarios and wipe out missions to win the battle of warfareof SWAT Commando expertise.Mission: Call of SWAT provides chance tosave innocent peoples of gangster crime city with city sniperassault combat missions hostages by terrorist group in modernwarfare city. Use army, IGI and SWAT commando skills to killenemies by counter attack with sniper simulation & become thebest headshot killer. Perform sniper gunship strike on theterrorists as a modern warzone sniper specialist with gun shootingattack and prove yourself frontline commando, your mission is toshoot terrorist organizations as you are the last hope to save thecity from havoc with realistic simulation of crime.Use your marinecommando skills to deadly anti-terrorist counter attack on theterrorists and take down all. Eliminate the dead terrorist bysniper strike with extremely thrilling action sniper game. andfight hard as a solider of army military commando forces fightingwith terrorist. You have a special task to do counter terroristattack while bloody terrorist with modern deadly army weapons, testyour aiming,shooting abd intelligence skills with solo commandofrontline game with of assault rifles, ak47, sniper rifles,shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, med kits, health packs, armorto prove that you are army commando shooterand more. You areassigned to capture the terrorist whether dead or alive, be a bravesoldier, fight for your country shoot the deadly. Being a SWATCommando you have to search each and every terrorist in the area toshoot them to hell before they could attack you. Enemies are awareof your expertise and they will target you before they could attackon the base. So be alert with your sharp shooting skills and modernweapon to eliminate them. Ambush and kill the enemies before theykill you. Digital radar system is also there which shows you thelocations and movements of enemies. The fury SWAT commando is thepremier first person alone shooter experience for mobile phones andtablets free available Game Features:• Real thrill of chases thechallenges and hostage the rescue• Amazing 3d graphics andprehistoric and adventure environments • Weapons and ammo used,automatic re-loaded guns, short & long shooter rifles, pistoland rocket propelled gun)• Many thrilling levels• Addictivegameplay missions with smooth FPS control• Shooting all theterrorists will lead you to the next level• Enemies’ destructionwith RPG rocket launchers • Radar vision to locate the enemiesposition• Face challenges to improve your commando sniper shootingskills

App Information Call of SWAT Commando Combat

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    Call of SWAT Commando Combat
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    March 31, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    FL action games
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    Ch. Shoukat Ali Apartments, Range Rifle Street , Walton Road Lahore Cantt. Lahore
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