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This is the automatic call recorder pro,bestphone call recorder free for android.
Download auto call recorder pro free now, you can recordanyincoming calls and outgoing call with high quality. Callrecordingis automatic and very reliable.
Call recorder is very easy to use, You can set which callsarerecorded to white list and which are ignored.
You can manage your recording files, listen to the recording,addnotes and share it. Synchronized to the cloud as well.
You can set a conversation is important, save it and it willbestored in the important category.
There are many functions for call recording, all you need is inthiscall recording app

Auto call recorder pro with a lot of features
- Record calls automatically with high quality while you inincomingcalls or outgoing calls.
- Organize your call records. You can view list of files withorderby time, by names.
- You can listen recordings, view detail information of filessuchas: size, location
- You can save recordings to SD card.
- Call control with volume adjustment right inside thecallapp
- Call log history
- Record all telephony conversations.
- Play audio recorded conversations.
- Marking recordings as important
- Keep calling on call with no affection, the app will runsmoothlyin the background
- Show confirmation dialog for saving the recorded call.Askimmediately after the call and set up in the options.
- Support lots of recording formats (mp3, amr, wav)
- Support white list, all numbers or contacts in white list willberecorded.
- Support black list, number in black list will be ignored
- Able to set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera)
- Option to enable/disable record incoming call
- Option to enable/disable record outgoing call
- Set password to protect privacy
- Lock and protect recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaning
- Record a phone call (telephone recorder)
- Audio recorder, voice recorder for both side of call party
- Option to make hidden call recorder without alertingornotification while in the call
- Record phone calls by a tap, tape a call to start orstopservices, you can also enable automatic call recordarmode
- Share files: You can easy to share your recordar file viapopularservices likes SMS, Email, Dropbox, …

Below features we are working on and will release very soon:
- Fix and release new free phone call recorder for everydevices,currently it does not work for some devices, honestly!
- Call record with noise removal
- Scheduler for recorder call
- Option to choose side to record audio (only incoming oroutgoingor both sides)
- Record phone calls for VOIP apps, not only fortelephonecalls
- Identify the id caller, find the true caller id from theunknowncaller, unknown number identifier, a solution for you toknow whocall you

Download phone recording app right now, the best call recorder2017for you and hope you will love this Call recorder app

App Information Call Recorder

  • App Name
    Call Recorder
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  • Updated
    December 17, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Temple Adventure Run 1.0 APK
Do you have what it takes to survive inthedark and gloomy temples of Temple Adventure Run? Collect coinsandcomplete missions while avoiding falling down ditches orsmashinginto broken temple pillars.The amazing 3D graphics and textures in Temple Adventure Runcreatea visually pleasing atmosphere. Run through multiple 3Dtemplelocations. Collect coins along the way to rack up points. Trytosurvive for as long as you can to gain experience points and getatop score. Complete missions by running past a certain distanceorcollecting a set amount of coins. The soundtrack inTempleAdventure Run adds to the dark and gloomy atmosphere ofthetemples.Features:• Dark and gloomy temple locations• Amazing 3D graphics and textures• Atmospheric soundtrack• Different temple styles• Collect coins• Earn experience points• Missions• Fun and addictive game play
Ben Alien 10 Adenture 1.0 APK
hi Ben Alien 10 Challenge UltimateAlienfansI am a programmer "Waldia dev" I present to you Ben Ultimate10Alien Omniverse Adventure is like super adventure run world gameisnot Inspired by the cartoon series Ben Alien 10 Experience.Are you crazy fans of Ben Alien 10 ?"Ben Alien 10 Omniverse Alien Go" is the best race game andBen Alien 10 is an runner game in an awesome environment!This game contain 4 levels to challenge yourself and reachthehigher level in the game.Its hero time! Help Ben Alien 10 on a secret mission to passallmaps and reach to hill finish.Ben Alien 10 Challenge Alien Experience is an all-new freegamewhere you unleash your favorite aliens from TV series.Prove yourself as a true a professional gamer.Ben Alien 10 Ultimate Alien Feature :- Very Nice Graphic- Easy to Play- Super funny game for KidDownload it now to enjoy !This Game have do not have any relation with Ben Alien 10cartoon,we are not the makers of the cartoon and we don't claimanyrelation with them.if you like Ben Alien 10 World, just go and download your copyof"Ben Alien 10 " and score better than your friends
Super Kakarot Ultrat Instinct 2 1.2 APK
Super kakarot ultrat instinct 2,universetournament of the battle of xenoverse 2. Have a lot ofbattles indifferent worlds:Goku ultra instinct battle world, xenoverse 2 fighting world,gokuultra instinct in the universe tournament of powerball.

Universe tournament of power sayain battle:

• Goku ultra instinct world make the ultimate xenoversebattleworld warrior very powerful to play against vs the othersuniverseshits and kali, topo and dispo and a lot more in thisbattles.

• Ultra instinct goku in a world of universe tournament whereyoushould fight the most epic and powerful warriors of alltheuniverses, vegeta limit breaker piccolo gohan and all ourbestfighters will show their ultimate tenkaichi power inthetournament.
• Ultra instinct goku will lead in this game and be theultimatefighter against namekian and other warrior rases.
• The world tournament of universes of power with ultrainstinctgoku will begin an era of great fighters defeat all thefighters toget new powers and be the best.

• Tag team warriors goku ultra instinct universe tournamentofxenoverse 2 world.
• All new universes warriors will show in the game throughthebattles and levels beerus and topo.
• Universe tournament of goku battle fighters so manycharactersare waiting for you.
• High resolution graphics and a great 3D graphics
• Perfect game control through control pad like on consolegamesfor android
• Kakarot Ultra Instinct Warrior golden freezer, jiren and a lotofwarriors are waiting for you.

We are not affiliated in any way to Goku trademark owner.Thisapplication complies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly. Our application is anunofficial, thisSuper kakarot ultrat instinct 2 game just for fanspurpose only, itis not authorized or created by the originalcreator.
Metal Contra - 2018 1.0 APK
The player starts with only a simplehandgun;as the game progresses, the player may pick up new bullet.Thesoldier can only use one weapon at a time. Metal soldierclassic2018 demonstrate the legend game Metal Soldier - Ramboshootingfrom 1990s. All the graphic is kept with original 8 bitdesign.Metal Soldier will hit the boss after shoot down enemies.Controlbuttons is so simple and it 100% like real lifejoystick.Similarly, when ammunition runs out, the player reverts tousingthe handgun, which has unlimited ammunition. Blow up allenemies inClassic rambo! Kill them all in this amazing shootergame.What are you waiting for? Download Metal soldier 2018 now andletthe shooting begin!How to play game :- Jump and kill weapons.- Pass with Boos.- Hold do not die to end game.Features:- Classic characters to choose.- Lots of enemies to fight.- Classic weapon designs.- Classic gameplay.Return Childhood with another style of playing familiar game
Super Smeshariki Advanture 1.0 APK
Super Smeshariki Adventure ПриключенияСуперСмешарики is a platform game that combines classic old schoolgameplay with modern playback.Jump and run Super smeshariki Croche Adventure in thisplatformthrough 80 exciting levels.Collect all the Coins to get more points and buy additional itemsinthe store.this personage was taken from a very good animatedseries"smeshariki cartoon смешарики мультфильм" has fororiginrussian.Try to find all the blocks of hidden bonuses and items to makeascore as well as you can.Take power Fruits and Power Candies to become stronger anddefeatall the monsters.Super Smeshariki Adventure need your help to finish his journeyandpass all 80 levels in 4 worlds.Use on-screen virtual controller to control SuperSmesharikiAdventure World. You can run, jump and fight with lotsofenemies.Your task in this game is to control Super Adventure World,killenemies, avoid traps, kill boss enemies and others.There is a lot of enemies in this game: golem, bird, worm,hedgehog,spider, scorpion, ghost and lots more. There is more than20 enemiesin this game.Story starts in Jungle where you have to fight with junglemonsterslike monkeys, snakes and more. In jungle world there is 80levels,same in other worlds. Also you can find 3 other worlds likelavacave world, castle world.In every world you have to fight to 2 boos enemies. They canbeatyou but you must use your skills to win with them and getyoutprize.One of the greatest boss is in Super smeshariki Adventure golemonthe last world.You must finish your adventure and never give up when you loseallyour lives.This game has great features:- Great HD graphics- Nice music and effects- Store where you can buy additional items- 80 levels and 8 boss fight in 4 worlds- Hidden items- Game can bring back your memories when you were playingSupersmeshariki Adventure World game
Jungle Magic Adventure 1.0 APK
The fun game, full ofexcitingadventures!Aladin is the smart young boy the most known adventurer in theworldwith his girlfriend Jasmine.Everybody knows that Aladdin his unique wealth comes down tohislittle house and who considers her a castle.Aladino aspires deep inside him to become rich to be able toseducethe Princess Jasmine and so that Aladin to be rich, you musthelphim to sautet and to run to collect more corners.This famous character who was called Alladin to a goal, we musthelphim realize it to live with his love in a castle.This mysterious aladdin game comes to help you explode fromfatigueand travel with this genie character cast to a world fullofadventures to help him save Jasmine who is in the hands ofJafarthe Wizard.That's why you're going to travel with Aladim to Malbourne.You consider that:You are Aladin: run as far as possible, but be careful, youmustavoid all obstacles if not jafar will catch youimmediately.Do not forget to take the corners on your way, they will beusefuland you will earn points.Discover varied environments as you progress, and endless levelstoamuse yourself.Escape the crazy desert filled with enemies and obstacles!So much fun and so much action.Characteristics :* Quickly download the game Aladdim Genie now on yourAndroiddevices for free.* Crazy character, funny and magic.* Play with this adventurer.easy and free.* This genie character among the favorable cartoon games inthemajority.* Download this cartoon games fast it's free.* Free fun for the whole family.Game play addictive.* Full of jumps, nice graphics and sounds.* Funny characters.We want you to enjoy this game.
Ultimate Spider: Shattered Dimensions 3.0 APK
Ultimate spider shattered dimensions edgeoftime & total mayhem city battle ever. Play the fightingindifferent battles: ultimate spidermen shattered dimensionsthespidey guy, spider amazing battle fight, the amazing manbattlefighting of spider hero crime and the spider web of shadowsfightthe bringers friend or foe.Fights of battle for friend or foe:• Ultimate spider shattered dimensions the spidey guy actionmakethe superheroes very challenging to play the most wanted edgeoftime of the man friend or foe to fight the super-villains withthehero spider men battle for new york battles.• Spider amazing battle fight you have all the power of theamazingman battle fighting you have to fight doctor octopus and winthespider hero amazing battle to survive your spidey guy.• The amazing man battle fighting of spider hero crime thisfightsin battle for new york can be difficult without an friend orfoethat fight away venom and doctor octopus bit super-villainsoftotal mayhem the edge of time.• The last fights is the spider web of shadows fight here you’vethespidey guy now is time for an ultimate spidermenshattereddimensions hit, bit, and defeat venom and save superheroestounlock the web of shadows fight with your player the amazingmanbattle fighting.Highlights:• Ultimate spider shattered dimensions addictive 3d fights(totalmayhem, edge of time and friend or foe)• Creative spider battle fighting man, well-designed andchallenginglevels with increasing difficulty• Grand town and enemies (venom, doctor octopus andthesuper-villains) in different grand hero crime fights• Many power ups, bonus levels, the power of man spidey guy,hiddenextras and bonus items• High resolution graphics and a great 3D graphics• Battles game music no copyright sounds effects• Perfect game control through control pad like on console gamesforandroid• Try to unlock all achievements and unlock more characters andplaythe amazing man battle fightingInstructions:• You can easy control the ultimate spider shattered dimensionswiththe control pad fight and kill the villains over the whole webofshadows fight stages• Press B button to control weapons of player andwitchcharacters• Press A button & right or left to super special power• Collect superheroes to maximum your score andachievesecrets