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Caller Name Announcer

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    Caller Name Announcer
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    April 26, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Super Fast App Zone
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Don't Touch My Phone 1.2 APK
This simple security app has saved my phone. Thieves hate thisalarm ringtone! Use this app, if you're afraid that someone usesyour stuff. Just leave the smartphone on your stuff eg. Laptopcover, if someone touches it, the alarm ringtone will warn you.Four-digit pin code required protecting your phone. This Alarmkeeps your phone save from curious people and burglars. Once youactivate the alarm, no one could touch it, because the alarm willbe triggered if any one tries to take the phone. Don't touch myphone alarm System is a new great anti-theft utility app. Cool andsimple phone Alarm security & find my phone. Here some of itsFeatures: => Triggers the Alarm => Smartphone motiondetection => Loud Alarm sound on touch => Phone Alarm &Alarm touch for security alarm => Motion alarm & alarmsecurity & anti theft alarm => Anti-Theft Runs in background=> Sound and vibration Alarm => Anti Theft Alarm => Launchin background! Alarm security and phone alarm won't shut down onbackground  => phone alarm when touched  =>Password LOCK security for theft Alarm => Protect your mobilesecurity => Background process will start immediately afterclicking active button Anti theft mobile tracker use it if yourfriends use your phone when you’re away. How to delete anti-theftapp:   In some cases you have to uninstall the app from leftmenu. This app uses the Device Administrator permission to monitorscreen unlock attempts. Without the permission, the app will notwork. The app detects motion when someone tries to touch ordisconnect the charger of your phone without your permission. Thisis the most reliable Mobile Safety Alarm for your device. Use theapp if: - You are afraid your phone will be stolen - Your friendsare snooping into your privet phone (texts, Facebook and privateemails etc.) without your permission - Afraid to leave it alone inpublic places like school or airport - Your kids, family members orcoworkers are using your phone when you’re not around Don't touchmy phone is PIN Protected app which means only you can deactivatethe alarm How To use: Place Your phone on a plane area, Activatethe alarm and you can do whatever you want like take a nap, put aphone on charging. Don't touch my phone will alert you if some onetouches your phone You can also set a PIN code from settings sothat no one can deactivate the alarm but you. Thank you
Clap Phone Finder 1.3 APK
Clap phone finder is a professional tool which helps you findinglost phone.It detects sound of clapping and run loud alarm. Thenyou will easily find mobile phone. It's the best and easiest way toquickly check where your phone is.Do you lose your phone regularlyat home/office?Do you waste a lot of time in finding it?If yes,Clap to Find is an app just for you. How does it work?==>it detects sounds of clapping hands==> it runs the alarm. Youcan choose the alarm sound and volume. You can choose if phone hasto vibrate, turns on flashlight or blinks by screen. Alarm is fullycustomization.Clap Phone Finder Features:==> Quickly clap toconfigure and get started==> Sound/Vibrate/Flash alertmodes==> Customization ringtone & volume==> Customizationtime for which the alert plays==> Auto start app when phone isput on silent==> Pause clap detection when not needed eg: inoffice hours==> Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Androiddevice==> Customization sensitivity==> Widget for easyenabling/disabling==> Low battery usageClap in your hands andalways find your lost device!If you like this app than don’t forgetto give rate & review also… Thanks for your support…
Lie Detector Simulator 1.1 APK
Lie Detector Simulator is a funny game which simulates to detectwhether you tell the truth or lie. You just need to press yourfinger on the fingerprint scanner and then the Lie detector appwill scan your finger and calculates the result, true or false. Youcan preset answers (truth or lie) in the settings screen and askthem questions. Record their voice while they answer the question.The application will act like analyzing their voice and display thepreset answer from settings. Of course it is a simulated app usedto prank your friends. It allows you to preset the result in asecret way. It is so interesting.Lie Detector Simulator Feature :☆Realistic and powerful Graphics and instruments including fingerscanner, display panel, indicator lights, and control buttons.☆Vivid finger print scan animation and electric signal diagram.☆Allow you to preset the result to prank your friends! Press thevolume key when scanning. (volume for truth, volume- for lie).Tryout this free and unique lie detector prank for checking if someoneis cheating and making you fool by just scanning his fingerprintson the lie detector machine.Disclaimer: This app is just a fungame, a prank, not a real life lie detector (polygraph) nor a realvoice scanner. only for fun and it's Prank app.Thanks for usingthis Lie Detector....
Mobile Safety Alarm 1.0 APK
Mobile safety alarm is useful and must have app to help preventyourmobile from theft spying and unauthorized usage by triggeringthealarm (alert) at slightest motion of the mobile from theanyposition the user has kept the phone(horizontal,vertical).Moreover mobile safety alarm comes with theadded featureof safety and security that is “Charger alert” in thisfeature usercan set the alarm or alert during charging i.e.triggering thealarm on disconnection of the charger (itsoptional).Our app isdesigned to protect your mobile from theft andacts as an antitheft alarm. Once the Mobile Anti Theft alarm isinstalled on yourandroid mobile phone, there are very few chancesfor your mobiletheft due to the big alarm feature. You may consideryour mobile insafe hands. Whenever you arrive at a situation whereyou have tokeep your mobile phone idle for sometime, you mayimmediatelyactivate Mobile Phone Anti Theft Alarm, which is veryuserfriendly. Once it is activated, if someone tries to play prankwithyou and hide your mobile, they will get caught because as soonassomeone touches your android mobile phone, the mobilestartsproducing loud alarm siren sound. All you have to do is,justactivate the “Mobile Safety Alarm” and keep the mobile whereveryouwish to keep in your surrounding area. Please note thatwhileactivating the Alarm feature, you need to place your mobilefacethe ceiling and just leave it like that. Mobile SafetyAlarmwill keep your phone safe from nosy people and thieves.Someonemoves the phone or disconnects it from the charger? Thealarm willsound loudly and you will be immediately aware! And onlyyou canturn off the alarm using personal PIN-code.With MobileSafetyAlarm, your phone will not be stolen or used withoutyourpermission. If anyone dares to touch it you'll catch him orherred-handed!This Safety app can be used anywhere especiallyathostel. Hotels, during charging or during breaks.Very sensitivetothe motion ...slight change in the location or position theloudsound alarm blows out.Mobile safety alarm comes with the2different modes of Alarm (alert): 1) MOTION Alert.2)CHARGERAlert.Both modes can be used individually or inconjunction.--------------------------------------------------------MobileMotionMotionappMobile Securitymobile motion AlarmmotionalarmMotiondetectorSensor apptouch sensor appmotion detectorappmotion sensorappair touch sensor appphone motion alarmphonealarmphone safety andsecurityAnti-theftAnti theft alarmAntitheftsecurity appandroidmobile safety appandroid mobile safetyalarmmobile sensor alarm andsecuritymotion sensor mobiletouch security alarmmobile touchsafetyTouch safetysecurityAlarm security appAlarm mobilethief alarm securitymobiletheft safety alarmmobile theft safetyappsMobile SecurityappMotionapp--------------------------------------------------------Thisishelpful during nights when someone try to play mischief withyourmobile phone or steal valuable information from your mobileorsomeone spying on your mobile. You may get rid of mobilethievesduring shopping of in restaurants. It is very userfriendlyand easy to use. Very simple to switch ON/OFF this featureon yourmobile phone.
All HD Video Downloader 1.0 APK
All HD Video Downloader allows you to download a streamingvideofrom various websites for free. It’s the easiest and quickestwayto download your favorite videos!This Video Downloaderutilitydetects, downloads and save shared videos directly fromInternet toyour android device.This video downloader does notsupport YouTubedue to their terms of service.Best HD VideoDownloader help you todownload videos from the Internet. Best VideoDownloader is EasyVideo Download From Internet. Play, Resume,Pause, Playback thedownloads at any time. Save videos, which youwant to watch in yourphone fast.Downloader allows you to downloadstreaming video frommany websites for free.Best Video Downloader2018, Free VideoDownloader 2018.All HD Video Downloader is theeasiest phone videoplayer, has a powerful video decodingcapabilities to easilysupport you play almost all video filesstored on your phone.All HDVideo Downloader is All in One VideoDownloader For Android. Itsfree video downloader For Android. AllHD Video Downloader is BestApplication For Video Downloading. Allvideo downloader onlineSearch videos. All HD Video Downloaderdownload Videos of yourChoice. All Video Downloader is first videoDownloader that candownload video with 4X Ultra Fast Speed.How toDownload:1. Selectthe video you want to watch from your Internetbrowser2. Downloadvideo fast and free in your phone.3. Choose videoformat4. pressthe download button to download.5. save completed.6.you can Deletethe Downloaded File of video and movie.All HD VideoDownloaderFeatures: => 10,000 plus sites aresupported => FastestVideo Downloader Ever=> Supports allthe formats including MP4,Mp3 , VI, WMV, MPEG2, MPEG 1, , MOV,FVL=> Download video in anyquality HD 1080p, HD 720p or 480p ,380p , 240p or 144p=>Downloading continues in background=>Bookmark your favoritevideo linksAll HD Video Downloader Fast HDVideo downloader is thebest faster and easy HD Video Downloader toDownload HD video fromInternet. You can watch downloaded videooffline in HD videodownloader.
Search GirlFriend for Fun 1.1 APK
Search GirlFriend for FunNote :The Developer of thisapplicationwould take any responsibility for any illegal or misuseof thisandroid app.User have to take his own precautions when willsendmessages to strangers found using this app.The best app forSearchSearch GirlFriend for Fun by generate new contact forchat.This Appis for Fun And Entertainment Purpose only.Thank You
Call Forward to Other Phone 1.0 APK
Call Forwarding app is easy and simple application to useforforwarding your incoming call to another number.दोस्तों अब आपबहुतही आसानी से किसी और के फ़ोन पर आने वाले कॉल को डायरेक्ट आपने फ़ोनपरसुन सकते है | जी हा दोस्तो एक बार फिर से आप सभी का बहुत-बहुतस्वागतहै दोस्तों बहुत बार होता क्या है की हम चाहते है की हमारेफ्रेंडरिलेटिव आपने फ़ोन पर क्या बात कर रहे है वो जो है हम आपने फ़ोनपर सुनपाए | तो दोस्तों आज मैं आपको एक ऐसा तरीका बताऊंगा जिससे की आपजिसकेभी मोबाइल में आप वो सेटिंग करेंगे जिसके की उसके फ़ोन पर जो भीकॉलआएगी वो आपके फ़ोन पर फॉरवर्ड हो जायेंगे | मतलब की उसके फ़ोन परआनेवाली कॉल आपके फ़ोन पर आएगी | और डायरेक्ट जो है आप उसको रिसीव करकेआपउससे बात कर सकते है या क्या बात हो रही है वो सुन सकते है | तोचलिएदोस्तों मैं आपको वो तरीका बता देता हूँ |Features:❖ FirstEnterMobile Number to Whom you Redirect call in Active Service.❖Thanpress Set button and select your Sim to Forward call.❖ And thanSeein your notification to start your forwarding call.❖ To StopallForwarding call got to Stop Service and click Stop button tostopservice.Thanks for Using This app...