4.0 / September 26, 2016
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Hey, do you want to find out who is calling and sending messageswith out looking at your smart phones. Its cool and nice to usesuch features in mobiles. This app will help you out to use amazingfeature free of charge as it just announces the name of the personwho is calling your number. Caller name announcer speaks everything while some one is calling you or send you a message, you willidentify it with out looking to your smart phone.Caller nameannouncer uses the built-in text-to-speech library engine to speaksthe incoming caller name and SMS sender name plus contents or textof your message. Speaks out the caller name clearly in between theringtone reducing its volume. This is highly applicable in asituation like if you are driving, eating, playing etc and thephone is in your pocket.Incoming caller name talker is fully testedapplication with all features and works with every android mobilesand versions. However application is initial state give yoursuggestions to make this awesome tool more useful for every androidmobile user. Characteristics of caller name announcer:===============================✔ Enable/disable speaking callername.✔ You can set pitch and speed of announcing voice.✔Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only.✔ Enable/disableincoming SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.✔ Change repeatmode announcements.✔ Caller name announcer is completely freedownload.Use and rate us if you like this application. Yourfeedback and suggestions are so important for us. So please giveyour suggestions and feedback for further improvement in thisapplication.

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    Caller Name Announcer
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    September 26, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Blood Pressure Checker Prank 3.0 APK
Normal resting blood pressure in an adult is approximately 120/80mm Hg. Blood pressure varies depending on situation, activity, anddisease states. Blood pressure is usually expressed in terms of thesystolic (maximum) pressure over diastolic (minimum) pressure andis measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Blood pressurechecker prank is new and completely free that is designed tocalculate and check blood pressure with fingerprint impression.This app is designed just for fun and entertainment. Pranksterswould love completely when they download and install fingerprintblood pressure as they have a real prank app to show of power ofandroid device. This app is its initial state and tested on everyandroid device such as mobiles and tablets. Finger blood pressureworks with almost every android version.Features:=======1. HDgraphical user interface.2. Smooth animation of scanner with bar.3.Show heart beat animation.4. Show blood pressure in digitalformat.5. Looks like a real fingerprint scanner with smoothvibration.6. Show systolic blood pressure.7. Show diastolic bloodpressure.8. Show heart beat or pulse value to make this app morereal.9. Completely free and do not require internet connection. 10.App for fun and entertainment purpose only.How to Use:=========*_Fingerprint blood pressure checker works quite easily andefficiently. Just run application and select gender. Place fingeror thumb on scanner and wait for scanning. Do not lift your fingeruntil scanning is complete. After some calculation blood pressurechecker will show you blood pressure on a monitor in a digitalformat.Note: Blood pressure checker prank is design just forentertainment and fun purpose only. It is not possible to calculateblood pressure with fingerprint impression or finger scanning.Values used in this app are fake and randomly generated. Pleasegive your precious feedback to make finger blood pressure more realfor every android user...!! Thanks..!!
Fingerprint Screen Lock Prank 4.0 APK
Fingerprint Screen Lock a FREE Screen Lock App..!!Hey guys, want tomake your smartphones screen more attractive and looking gorgeousthen use this real fingerprint screen lock with awesome andattractive HD wallpapers. This app shows up when you press yoursleep/wake (power) button if you enable lock option from setting.This free and real screen lock prank which will work as afingerprint screen locker. You can also customize lock scanner withyour selected theme. Your friends will never get to know the trickand will leave them wondering. You can change the number of beepsor counter value for unlock from the settings screen. Fingerprintlock screen is a prank app for fun and entertainment purpose.Prankster guys would definitely love this lock screen application.Looks more realistic than any other app in market. Prank youfriends and family member also give your precious feedback to makethis app more useful and entertaining for every android user.Howfingerprint screen lock works...!!===========================1)First of you just download and Install this free lock screenapplication and open it to set up the scanning count fromsettings.2) Now you can set lock themes or wallpapers, check andunchecked lock option and get more free apps also from settings.3)If you check lock option and when you quit or press back buttonyour screen will be locked with confirmation of alert dialog.4)Place your thumb or finger in center of scanning pad and scan for 3count( set by default), the fingerprint lock scanner will imitatethe animation as already recognize your fingerprint and your phonewill be unlock quickly. If you scan more or less than 3 timecounts, your phone will still be locked and you got message ofaccess denied.5) You can also access and change theme by pressingmenu button when screen lock page is open. More over for thoseusers who do not understand working of app properly we also giveoption to unlock by pressing home button from your smartphones.Characteristics for fingerprint lockscreen..!!=================================1). Supports android 2.3+ above android versions2). Contains sound at locking &unlocking time.3). Support customized theme by changing the lockscreen wallpapers.4). Realistic fingerprint scanner that simulatefingerprint reader to identify your identity and looks real.5).Display date and time in awesome I-phone screen lock style whenscreen is locked.Note:This app is intended to simulate afingerprint scanner and Android phone don't have this feature yet.This app is just for entertainment purpose only. This is not asecure replacement for a real lock screen and is not for securitypurposes. Its just a trick to make entertainment and fun.Thanks…!!
Fast Battery Charger 4.0 APK
Hey are you bored and tired by smartphone charging time..? No needto worried more just download this new and free fast batterycharger for mobiles and tablets. Ultra fast charger just chargeyour mobile with single click. Very simple and easy to use touchcharger. This efficient battery charger just close your networkusage and stop all the background process automatically when youturn on fast charging mode. Are you ready to boost up charging andreduce charging time while you are using smartphones for internet,games or any other application. Then use super fast charge as thisapp will definitely help you with your battery charging problems.This instant battery charger works both on mobile and tablets. Alsofast charger works on all android versions. Awesomely designedcharging booster comparatively more efficient and easy to use onall battery charging apps that are available in market. Don't needto be fool with fake apps like fingerprint battery charger, solarbattery charger or WiFi battery charger. This is real charginghelper and ram cleaner when you plugged mobilecharger.Features:=======1. Free of use do not need internetconnection.2. Automatically awaken when you plugged charger.3.Automatically turn off Bluetooth.4. Reduce screen brightness tominimum while charging.5. Show alert to turn off mobile data if itis on.6. Show alert when your mobile is fully charged.7. Verysmooth battery animation while charging.8. Show battery percentageduring charging.How it works:==========1. Just download freecharging booster and ram optimizer.2. Connect your charger andclick button for fast charging mode.3. Your mobile fully chargedless than 20-30 minutes.4. Close and share app when mobile chargedfully.Note: Fast Battery Charger just kill background process andreduce charging time only when your GPS, data connection andBluetooth is on as this app automatically turn off all networkprocesses which consume battery. No need to turn off manually. Youonly feel difference in charging time when your using mobile withsuch processes. However if these processes are already close thenthere will be no difference between normal charging and chargingthrough this app. Please give your precious feedback about app sothat we further improve this app for every android user. Downloadand Enjoy Fast Battery Charger...!! Thanks..!!
Super Battery Charger 4.0 APK
Hey, are you bored and tired by smartphone charging time..? No needto worried more just download this new and free super batterycharger for mobiles and tablets. Super fast charger just chargeyour mobile with single click and help speed up charging. Verysimple and easy to use touch charger and battery booster. Thisefficient battery charger just close your network usage and stopall the background process automatically when you turn on fastcharging mode. Super battery charger act as battery saver andbattery doctor during charging. Are you ready to boost up chargingand reduce charging time while you are using smartphones forinternet, games and any other applications. Then use super fastcharge as this app will definitely help you with your batterycharging problems. This instant battery charger works both onmobile and tablets. Super fast charger also works on all androidversions. Awesomely designed charging booster comparatively moreefficient and easy to use on all battery charging apps that areavailable in market. Don't need to be fool with fake apps likefingerprint battery charger, solar battery charger or WiFi batterycharger. This is real charging helper and ram cleaner when youplugged mobile charger.Characteristics of super batterycharger:=============================1). Free of use do not needinternet connection.2). Automatically awaken when you pluggedcharger.3). Automatically turn off Bluetooth.4). Reduce screenbrightness to minimum while charging.5). Show alert to turn offmobile data connection if it is on.6). Show alert when your mobileis fully charged.7). Very smooth android logo animation whilecharging.8). Show battery percentage, battery voltage and batterytemperature during charging.How fast battery chargerworks:========================1. Just download free chargingbooster and ram optimizer.2. Connect your charger and click startbutton for fast charging mode.3. Your mobile fully charged lessthan 20-30 minutes.4. Close and share app when mobile chargedfully.Please give your precious feedback about app so that wefurther improve for every android user. Download and enjoy superbattery charger. Thanks..!!
Fast Charger 3x 4.0 APK
Fast Charger 3x: Free battery charger fast and efficient. If youreally want to get rid of charging time then download super batterycharging for mobiles and tablets. Ultra fast charger just chargeyour smartphones with single click three times faster than normalcharger. This super charger just close your network usage and stopall the background process automatically and manually duringcharging. Battery charger works on all android versions.Features:=======1. Free of use do not need internet connection.2.Automatically awaken when you plugged charger.3. Automaticallykills all background processes.4. Automatically reduce screenbrightness to minimum while charging.5. Automatically reduce screentimeout to minimum while charging.6. You can turn off all settingsmanually by using buttons in application.7. Show alert when yourmobile is fully charged.8. Show battery percentage, batterytemperature and battery voltage during charging.How itworks:==========1. Connect your charger and click on button forfast charging mode.2. Your smart phone will be charged less than20-30 minutes then before.3. Share battery charging booster whenmobile charged fully.Please give your precious feedback about fastcharger 3x so that we further improve battery optimizer for everyandroid user. Download and enjoy real battery charging booster...!!Thanks..!!
Flash Alerts On Call & SMS 4.0 APK
Hey, you want to make your smartphone more useful and helpful..??Then just use and download this helpful flash alerts tool with insecond. Flash alerts on call start blinking camera flash lightwhile some one is calling and on every incoming call more overcamera flash light also give you notification with a quick blink offlash light on every incoming SMS / MMS (messages). This is reallyuseful tool for every android user and totally free to use. One ofthe cool flashlight alert or flash alert application in the playstore. Very useful in the dark or at night when you do not want tohear ringtones. Have a habit of keeping your phone in silent modeor vibrate mode? Flash On Call & SMS alert allows you to setyour smartphone as a LED Flash notify! on every incoming calls& sms by flashing your device camera's Light(LED).Feature ofFlash Alerts on Call & SMS:============================✔ Blinkled flash alerts on Call, ringing flashlight.✔ Blink led flashalerts on SMS & MMS.✔ Flash on call help you do not miss anycall and SMS.✔ Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call andincoming SMS/MMS.✔ You can enable/disable flashlight notificationfrom settings. Feedback:========If you really like this usefulflash light tool then please rate 5 start for us and give yourprecious comments. If you find any problems with Flash Alerts onCall & SMS please E-mail us.Thanks..!!
Finger Battery Charger Prank 4.0 APK
Hey pranksters, do you want to play pranks with friends andfamily..? Now download free entertaining fingerprint batterycharger prank to show the power of your smartphones to your friendsand family. Fingerprint battery charger is designed in such a waythat one who is not know about touch mobile or android devicesbecome fool easily. This is really a fast charger with your fingerscanner. Charging level show when you place finger on scanner andincrease continuously to show you real charging. This fingerbattery charger is in initial state. Super touch charger work onalmost every android device like mobiles and tablets as well as oneach android version too. Fingerprint battery charger is a supercharger with your finger impression. Designed just for the sake ofentertainment purpose only.Features:=======*_ Best HD qualitygraphics used in super fast charger prank.*_ Animation is smooth sothat no one tell weather its a prank or real.*_ Shows battery levelin percentage when application start.*_ You can share this withyour friends and family.*_ Scanning process look real with scannerand bar animation.*_ You can get more free apps inside anapplication.How Its Works:============* You have just download realfingerprint battery charger prank and start it. You can see thebattery percentage when application start. Place your finger onscanner and wait to scan your thumb or finger impression. Charginglevel increase continuously while scanning continue. When you takeoff your finger and if battery is not full then you got an alertmessage. If battery is full again application show you alertbattery is full.Note: Finger batter charger prank is not a realcharging application. As it is not possible to charger smartphoneswith fingerprint impression. This app is produce just forentertainment purpose only. This app is free for fun. Battery levelincrease randomly inside an application. Please give your feedbackso that we improve this app further to make more efficient batterycharger and to make look like a real battery charger...!!Thanks..!!
Blood Sugar Checker Prank 3.0 APK
The blood sugar concentration or blood glucose level is the amountof glucose (sugar) present in the blood of a human or animal. Thebody naturally tightly regulates blood glucose levels as a part ofmetabolic homeostasis. The normal blood glucose level (tested whilefasting) for non-diabetics, should be between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol/L(70 to 100 mg/dL). The mean normal blood glucose level in humans isabout 5.5 mmol/L (100 mg/dL) however, this level fluctuatesthroughout the day. Blood sugar testing is an important part ofdiabetes care. Blood sugar checker prank is free applicationdesigned just for entertainment purpose only. Prankster woulddefinitely love this application as they find new prank to makefool and have fun with diabetes patients. This is tested completedon every device such as mobile and tablets. Application workstotally fine on each android version too. Blood sugar test prank isin its initial state please give us your feedback so that wefurther improve this application.How to Use:=========*_ Fingerprintblood sugar checker works quite easily and efficiently. Just runapplication. Place finger or thumb on scanner and wait forscanning. Do not lift your finger until scanning is complete. Aftersome calculation blood sugar checker will show you blood sugar teston a monitor with glucose level graph.Features:=======1. HDgraphical user interface.2. Smooth animation of scanner with bar.3.Looks like a real fingerprint scanner with smooth vibration.4.Completely free and do not require internet connection. 5. Bloodsugar checker prank app is for fun and entertainment purposeonly.Note: Blood sugar checker prank is design just forentertainment and fun purpose only. It is not possible to calculateand test blood sugar with fingerprint impression. Values used inthis app are fake and randomly generated. Please give your preciousfeedback to make this finger blood sugar more real for everyandroid user...!! Thanks..!!