3.0 / October 5, 2016
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Caller Talke Name (Speake SMS) the CallerNameand SMS sender Name. Now you can know who is Calling/messagingyouwithout looking at Phone Screen by using this app.the name oftheperson who is calling your number.Say Caller Name Announcerspeaksevery thing while some one is calling you or send you amessage,you will identify it with out looking to your smartphone.FreeCaller Name Announcer uses the built-in Androidtext-to-speechengine to speaks the incoming caller name or SMSsender name andcontents of the SMS.Phone call announcer can readcaller name foryou! You don't have to look on the phone. It alsoreads sms sendername and sms content! Now Caller Name Speaker allowyou to set theRing Volume and Speech Volume in this app given inSoundSettings.
*Minimizes ringtone volume and then speaks name of the caller
**Turn off caller name alert feature if Phone is insilentmode.
***Speaks out full content of SMS along with sender nameornumbers.
****Will re-announce the caller information, while not pickupincoming call
******Lots of customization option for different categoryforcalling, messaging & more!

=> Speaks/Announces caller name of all incoming calls
=>Caller Name Speaker ON/OFF.
=> Speaks/Announces sender name of SMS and read SMS Contentinlots of customized way.
=>Speech Rate Control
=> Calendar Notifications with Title, Time and Content
=> Speech Volume Control.
=> Speak/Announces Important Battery Alerts which you can setforvarious battery levels.
=> With caller name speaker hear it all for Free, withoutthenecessity of touching the phone.

=> Lots of customization option for differentcategorycalling,messaging,event and battery levels.

Caller Talke Name (Speake SMS) can also work in silent mode.Youcan hear announcements even if the phone is in silent modeDOWNLOADCaller Name Announcer NOW. Thankyou..

App Information Caller Talke Name (Speake SMS)

  • App Name
    Caller Talke Name (Speake SMS)
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  • Updated
    October 5, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Application password Aloeva or rather know apassword Aloeva gift for all types of router on the networkcommunication revealed:Do you want to penetrate Aloeva code currently give you wifi mapand has no program, if not non-existent say that this applicationwould Mtbak and change Frk about most of the intermittent wordsthat are running in your mind? . Here are this application revealsyour password Wi-Fi network wifi routeur and helps to detect codemaster key of recovery already key used Wi-Fi network near you andalso supports WiFi agent wifi kill that allows you the opportunityto enjoy the network of the spinal any on your own and spy on allthe links to Aloeva on the same local root .Of the characteristics that it works to detect Wi-Fi codephotochoup also reveals to you and Ivy networks without Aloeva codeis protected by a password for Loewe just anywhere.- Revealed Aloeva code and Acceleration Aloeva- Wifi password is encrypted and the application does not penetrateto Aloeva- On opening Aloeva***** Note: You need a phone that supports Root service.* The application does not work on Wi-Fi or a penetrating spy tomon Alwatsab and fiber, and returns the drink calls for a royalTarif networks decision* Easy to use application, we hope to obtain our admiration opiramini with the work to reveal Altanko talks and Alwatsab andFacebook enabled you and does not affects the batteryperformance.* Never supports loading with Aluotob Ka Tip adan lock Mcdermatt wecan not support tubmayt mp3 download songs and Thank light andultra-large easily first.* Do not forget to share the application with your friends and donot forget to put your comment Vtaliqk concerns us.
Abaraz Amarg Imurig izlan 2016 2.0.2 APK
application simple contient amarg amazightachlhit mptrwa ou mp3 dans un style de souss music et amazighmusic chleuh zik comme par example oudaden 2016 sans oblielahoucine amrrakchi salh lbacha tachtoukte rkiya dmsiriya imghraneon peut parler un peut sur la cultur amazigh exclusivement laculture amazigh chleuh souss et amazigh atlass izlanzikxtratachlhit amayno 2016,amzeri ne contient pas dans cetteperiodique outalb aitbaaamran style taznzart archache et autresgroupes amazigh est l'ancien style tachlhite chleuhs banat oudaden.caractéristique de cette appliation :- la mise ajour de l'application quotidien de nouvelle albumdans chaque style- légère a utiliser amozik tagroupit- aitlaman aitmatan toujour rachid itri lahcen anir agzoumpour plus d'informations contactez noussimple applicationcontains amarg Amazigh tachlhit mptrwa or mp3 in Souss music styleand Amazigh music chleuh zik as eg Oudaden 2016 without oblielahoucine amrrakchi SALH lbacha tachtoukte Rkiya dmsiriya Imghranecan talk a can on the Amazigh cultur exclusively Amazigh chleuhSouss Culture and Amazigh atlass izlanzik xtratachlhit Amayno 2016amzeri does not contain this periodic outalb aitbaaamran styletaznzart archache and other Amazigh groups is the old styletachlhite Chleuhs banat Oudaden.characteristic of this appliation:- The aperture setting of the new album of everyday applicationin each style- Mild to use amozik tagroupit- Aitlaman aitmatan toujour Rachid itri lahcen anir agzoumFor more information, contact us
أحلى انغام نجوم الشعبي mp3 0.0.1 APK
تطبيق أندرويد يحكي تفاصيل اغنية مغربيةبدونأنترنت و تتمثل في أغاني مغربية mp3 أو شعبي مغربي , أغانيالشعبيالمغربي يعتبر جزءا لا يتجزأ من الثقافة المغربية المليئة بنجوموألحان الشعبي ,كشكول اغاني الشعبي المغربية ك الستاتي و الداوديوالدودية 2016 في هذه السنة بالدات ظهر العديد من مثقنين لفنالعايطةأو العيطة و الركادة و نايضة أوركيسترا طهور و حميد المرضيالدين ضهروفي أواخر 2015 كقوة منافسة ل الستاتي و الصنهاجي و دنيابطمة و لاننسى أن من عمالقة سعد المجرد الكمنجة أيضا نجد أن عادلالميلودييعتبر صوت نبيلة 2016 ممتع بالنظر الى عذة إجراءات موسيقىشعبيةمغربية ثم بعد ذلك فتح جميع أغاني الشعبي بوابة جديد للجمهورالواسعبتحدي صعوبات سنهجية الحاج عبد المغيث في رقصة الحصان مرافقابالشيخاتالأطلس الكبير التي ثمثل جهة الكبيرة بمناطق الريف الى البحرمليكةالمراكشية الشابة سهام نجاة اعتابو التي ذكرت بعض المصادر أنهاحصلتعلى وسام ملكي يصل الى 5000 معجين لدراجات نارية للسباق نحوالتقدمالفوز بنجاة التازي و أولا حريز مع الإتصال بالمجان بجميعالمغنينالمغاربة والثنائي سعيدة شرف و مصطفي بوركون الدي أصله منصلاحالمزابي و ابتسام تسكت كما أن كمال العبدي رأئد الراي الشعبويوالغرباوي أو غرباوى النشاط الدائم .مميزات التطبيق :- سهل و خفيف التحميل- لا يوثر على الشهيوات المغربية إطلاقا مناسب لكل الأدواق- يحمل السرور للبنات مكياج جديد 2016- يفكرك في عبد الهادي بالخياط و العربي بطما نوسطالجياالمغاربةالمقيمين بالخارج شات مغربي للتعارف ممكن و مناسب- في الاخير cha3bi mp3 2016 أو كلمة chaabi mm3 لا تتوقع بل توقعكلأغاني الشعبي سهل جدا-نتمنى ينال إعجابكم بدون أنترنتللمزيد من المعلومات لا تتردد في الإتصال بنا .Android applicationtellsthe song Moroccan details without the Internet and is thesongsMoroccan mp3 or popular Moroccan, songs popular Moroccanisconsidered an integral part of Moroccan culture filled withmoviestars and popular tunes, Kashkool popular music of MoroccoasAllstate and Daoudi and worms in 2016 in this year Baldatafternoonmany Mthagnin Alaith or Aita art and Alrkadh and NaydhOrchestrapurification and Hamid patients religion Dahro in late2015 as acompetition for Allstate and Senhadji and minimum Botmeand do notforget that the giants Saad abstract cello also find thatjustmelody is the voice of a noble 2016 refreshingly given toAzhpopular music procedures Moroccan and then open all thepopularsongs a new gateway to the wider public to challengedifficultiesNohjah Haji Abdul Almoghait in dance horse accompanistBaheikatHigh Atlas, which Tmthel hand large areas of thecountryside to thesea Malika Alemrakachih young Arrows NajatAatabou which somesources said they got the Order of the monarchyup to 5000 Mjeenmotorcycles for the race to progress to win thesurvival of Taziand first Hariz with contact free of charge to allMoroccans andbilateral singers happy honor and Mustafa Burkon myparentsoriginally from Salah Almzaba and smile silent as Kamal ElAbdileading opinion populist and Gharbaoui or GharbawiactivityPermanent.Application features:- Easy and light load- No affects on the Moroccan Alshahyoat absolutely suitable forallAlodoaq- Pleasure for Girls holds a new makeup 2016- Evkirk in Abdelhadi Belkhayat and Arab Btma NostalgiaMREsMoroccan chat for long as possible and appropriate- In the fourth cha3bi mp3 2016 chaabi mm3 or a word but donotexpect to sign all popular songs is very easy-ntmany Gain admiration without InternetFor further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
Mosalsalt Arabiya Turkiya 2016 2.0.0 APK
mosalsalt arabiya ou turkiya ou khalijiyaapplication android qui ne diffuse pas al halakat en ligne mais enseulement impossible de donnée la video de mosalsal de chaqueepisode ,on présent seulement des images de nojoum turc ou nojoumdrama al arabiya ou misriya (egypte) et aussi mosalsalat modablajabdarija al maghribiya ahla al mosalsalt attorkiya chahidha al anbidon 3ana2 izl un peux ihya est kholoud montasir samhini de 2m etn'est pas disponible ici car en dont seulement habibi da2iman et wamin alhob ma qatal on peut di aussi que il ya des example de laylatorqui sanawat ddaya3 non inclut dans cette période ou la serie desorya pas comparer entre les deux en arab (مسلسلات تركية أو تركيا)des informations sont pas correcte par fois entre (احلى واجملمسلسلات تركية و عربية) ci ca que ne pas consiste dans cetteapplications comme déjà dit c'est impossible de le trouve meme desinfos sont en format text n'est en video ou images que vouspensezj’espère que maintenant vous avez comprer harim sultane que votrebesoin de cette application est important dans chaque temps .- caractéristique de cette application* facile de telecharger taile petit* mosalsalat hindiya asyawiya bidon s’arrête*application qui est ajour toujour vous devez deouvert desnouveaute mosalsal turki hindi rattez* on oblie pas que vous pouvez chahide bidon tahmil mexiquiayabaniya share.*la possiblite de partage la serie en facebook twitter ou par sms avotre famillle ou vos amis etc..* si vous avez des problème n'hésitez pas a nous contactezmosalsalt arabiya orTurkiya or khalijiya android application that does not broadcast alhalakat online but only data impossible mosalsal video of eachepisode, we only present images of nojoum Turkish or nojoum dramaal arabiya or Misriyya (Egypt) and also mosalsalat modablajabdarija maghribiya ahla al al al mosalsalt attorkiya chahidha yearcan 3ana2 izl one can ihya is kholoud Montasir samhini 2m and isnot available because here in which only habibi da2iman and wa minalhob my Qatal can di also that there for example layla torquiSanawat ddaya3 not included in this period or series of Sorya notcompare between two arab (مسلسلات تركية أو تركيا) information isnot correct in time between (احلى واجمل مسلسلات تركية و عربية)below ca than is not in this application as I said it's impossibleto find the same information are in text format is in video orimages you thinkI hope now you have comprer harim Sultana your need thisapplication is important in each time.- Feature of this application* Easy to download small taile* Mosalsalat Hindiya asyawiya bottle stops* Application that is aperture toujour you deouvert of noveltymosalsal turki Hindi Rattez* Is not oblie you can chahide can tahmil mexiquia yabaniyashare.* Sharing the possiblity the series facebook twitter or SMS to yourfriends or famillle etc ..* If you have any problem do not hesitate to contact us
Amarg n Souss Tachlhite chleuh 0.0.1 APK
application amarg n souss nighd imurig nsousscontient des articles sur la culture chleuhs de souss et ismontogtinouzar ghobaraz libahra itosanin kon yan ngad yan mnawdiasqueikaygat yan ne sont pas mp3 ou video non disponible surcetteapplication qui contientamrrakchi di tihihite de rkia talbensirt d wiyad dar adourbahramqorn zod oudaden zod salh lbacha da fatima tachtoukte ighornaisrakn t3jab tatbik ad achko gis imghrane d laryache d tanddamtdohwach nojmaa d ozolid gh des autres pages contenant suivantinsertbaqchich nighd ba9chich ayour ,aznkd,lala tabaamrant dtachnouite,hanane d hicham ola omar d bahija iradawn nini isragistafm htaamntag asmghour amayno rayss larbi ihihi lfnan mqorn hmadihihitanirt izenzarn de chamkh qui peut pas izenzaren igout laculturede sur de maroc des articles écrite sur hassan ayissar bnatoutalboudade.les caractéristiques de cette application est :* artfto bla internet souad tounarouz zi inerzaf beznkaddhamid* trkha orgis tu n'a pas besoin de amrg fusion agadir etsesrégions* taousse yadli d aitbaamran labda nes ils sont important*tislatin ounzar archache a ne pas oublie aussi* en fin aratmna brahim assli d ait laati d rachid itri akni3jbcette application svp contacte nousApplication amarg nnsouss souss nighd imurig contains articles on the Krautsandculture Souss Ismon Togt inouzar ghobaraz libahra itosanin konyanyan ngad mnaw diasque ikaygat yan are not mp3 or videonotavailable on this application that containsamrrakchi di tihihite of Rkia talbensirt of wiyad dar l'adourBahramqorn zod Oudaden zod SALH lbacha da Fatima tachtoukte Ighornaisrakn t3jab tatbik ad achko gis Imghrane of laryache oftanddamtof ohwach nojmaa of ozolid gh other pages following insertbaqchichnighd ba9chich ayour, aznkd, lala Tabaamrant of tachnouite,hananeof hicham ola omar d bahija iradawn nini isragis tafm htaamntagasmghour Amayno Rayss larbi ihihi lfnan mqorn hmad ihihitanirtIzenzarn of chamkh can not Izenzaren Igout culture onMoroccoarticles written on hassan ayissar bnat outalb oudade.the features of this application is:* Artfto bla internet souad tounarouz zi inerzaf beznkadofhamid* Trkha orgis you need not amrg fusion Agadir and its regions* Taousse yadli of aitbaamran labda ties are significant* Tislatin ounzar archache has not also forget* At the end of Assli aratmna Brahim has laati of Rachid itriakni3jb this application please contact us
Rai mp3 2016 jadid alg & maroc 3.0.0 APK
application très simple pour voire desimagesnaturel de chaque artiste aghani cheb belal wa chab khaleddenationalité marocain (جميع اغاني راي) en arab des evenementquipeut passe des festival lhbitri halala oblie pas cheb adel danslarégion de cheba warda qui transforme récemment a jami3 entysaadlamjarred ft dj van aghani cheb 3a9il ou aakil est toujour delamusic de rai qui présente Way Way Halwa Halwa Cheba warda ,hichamsmati, la brune , Cheb morad 2016 nouveau album limage dechaquepays(الشاب مامي Cheb Mami) de nord Afrique mimoun 2016 c'estl'aimede hamid bouchnak et leur Sa3a Sa3ida meilleur collèguemimoun eloujdi cheb ghani ce la signifie (الشاب نصرو - Cheb Nasro)que danschaque culture dans le monde il ya musique ray danschaqueimagination de chacun de cheb najib et reda talyani 2016 enenglisharabic music downloader de tout simplement .dans cetteperiodiqueen va chawki kayna wla makaynach parler sur tout notreamis douzi2016 qui est l'un de plut fort ray ou rai (cheb azzedine)de laregion reggada pour connaitre sont contacte .important (الشاب حسني الشاب خالد ,الشاب عز الدينالشابه زهوانيه-Cheba Zahouania),c'est a dire que rien a dire pour cettemeilleurapplication.Caractéristique de cette application :* saad lamjarred lmaallem abdelali anwar 3atchana bien.* Il permet d'enregistrer des sons*aminux ana wiyakasmaa lamnawar safi safi*أغاني حاتم عموربدون 2016*Nous souhaitons obtenir l'admirationNous avons fait cette application seulement en tant que FANAPP,seulement pour ceux qui veulent sait plus sur la culturemusicaldans cette region.Dans le cas où vous faites face à aucune difficulté ne hésitez pasànous contactervery simple applicationtoeven natural images of each artist aghani Cheb belal wa chabkhaledMoroccan nationality (جميع اغاني راي) in arab of event thatcan passthe festival halala oblie not Cheb Adel lhbitri in chebaWardaregion that recently transformed a jami3 enty saad lamjarredft djvan aghani Cheb 3a9il or aakil is toujour of rai music thatthis WayWay Halwa Halwa Cheba Warda, hicham smati, brown, Chebmorad 2016new album image of each country (الشاب مامي Cheb Mami)of northAfrica mimoun 2016 is like hamid bouchnak and Sa3a Sa3idabestcolleague mimoun el oujdi Cheb ghani that the means (الشابنصرو -Cheb Nasro) that in every culture in the world there ismusic inevery ray imagination of everyone cheb reda najib andTalyani 2016English Arabic music downloader to simply .in thisperiodical goeschawki kayna wla makaynach talk about all ourfriends douzi 2016 isa rather strong ray or rai (Cheb azzedine) ofthe region reggada toknow are contacted.large (الشاب حسني الشاب خالد, الشاب عز الدينالشابه زهوانيه -ChebaZahouania), that is to say, nothing to say for thebestapplication.Features of this application:* Saad lamjarred lmaallem abdelali Anwar 3atchana well.* It allows you to record sounds* Ana aminux wiyak asmaa lamnawar Safi Safi* أغاني حاتم عموربدون 2016 *We are seeking the admirationWe made this application only as a FAN APP, only for those whowantto know more about the musical culture in this region.In case you face any problems do not hesitate to contact us
العلاج بالأعشاب الطب النبوي 0.0.1 APK
العلاج بالأعشاب الطب النبوي تطبيق جديد علىسوقالأندريد للعلاج بالأعشاب بالطبية على الطريقة النبوية و كما جاءفيالحديث و السنة عن الرسول (صلعم)التطبيق سهل الإستعمال و خفيف يعمل بدون أنترنت* مراحل العلاج بالطب النبوي بإستعمال الأعشاب والوصفاتالطبية* التداوي بالاعشاب الطبيعية* نبدة موجزة من العلاج و الشفاء بالأعشاب قديما* بحث حول التداوي بالاعشاب* الريحان و العسل الحر و فوائده*الطب البديل الطب النفسي*تطبيق علاج طبي بالاعشاب :بدون نت 2016 مجاني يحتوي على مجموعة منوصفات التداوى بالاعشاب الطبيعية على خطى الحبيب المصطفى صلى اللهعليهوسلم*الطب البديل والعلاج بالاعشابنتمى أن ينال إعجابكمHerbal Medicine oftheProphet a new application on Anhydride market for herbalremedySemi-Medical on the way in the prophetic and treatment, asstatedin the hadeeth and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)Easy to use and lightweight application runs withoutInternet* Stages prophetic medicine treatment using herbsandprescriptions* Natural herbal medication* Brief Nbdh of therapy and healing herbs old* Research on herbal medicine* Basil, honey and free benefits* Alternative Medicine Psychiatry* Apply a medical herbal remedy: Without Net Free 2016 containsacollection of recipes and natural herbal medication inthefootsteps of beloved Prophet, peace be upon him* Alternative medicine and herbal treatmentSensitive except diminish Ajabkm