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Calligraphy name

Some calligraphy design names can be found here

A. According to Shaykh Shamsuddin Al-Ahfani: The meaning ofkhath(calligraphy) is: "The study of the various forms ofsingleletters, separations and layouts and methods how to arrangetheminto the composition of the word or way of writing on paper andsoforth" (Al-akfani -Irsyadul Qasid).

B. According to Yaqut Al-Musta'shimy: "Calligraphy is the artofarchitecture that is extracted through a skill tool".

C. Demands Ubaid bin Ibad: "Khat is an envoy / messenger ofthehand, while the pen is his dutanya"

Types of Khat:
In its development there are many kinds of calligraphy style,notall khath survive until today. There are 8 (eight) types ofpopularcalligraphy style known by the lovers of calligraphy artinIndonesia, namely;

1. Khat Naskhi
Naskhi Style - Naskhi style calligraphy is most commonly usedbyMuslims, both for writing religious scripts and dailywriting.Naskhi style includes the oldest calligraphy style ofwriting.Since the rules of writing were formulated systematicallyby IbnMuqlah in the 10th century, this style of calligraphy isverypopularly used to write the Qur'anic manuscripts until now.Thecharacter of the letter is simple, almost withoutadditionaldecoration, so easy to write and read.

2. Kite Tsuluts
Style Tsuluts - This calligraphy is an Arabic languageminister(wazir) during the Abbasid Caliphate. The calligraphy styleofTsuluts is very ornamental, with many additional ornamentsandeasily formed in certain compositions to fill the availablewritingspace. Calligraphic works that use the style of Tsuluts canbewritten in the form of curves, with the head tapered andsometimeswritten with a strong connection and intersection. Becauseof itsbeauty and flexibility, the style of Tsuluts is widely usedas amosque architecture ornament, book cover, and interiordecoration,and so on.

Calligraphy this name is the development of the arabic writingdcreated by the creator to make his own name using arabicwriting.Calligraphy art and name calligraphy is a unity that isadmiringthe beauty of Arabic writing. Calligraphy design name orideacalligraphy name has its own beauty for the lovers.

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