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Become a camel - fantastic African animal escaped from the zoo androaming about the large modern city! Beware of different predators,because they are all ran away too and now they are ready to defeateverybody on their way! Walk down the city streets and try tosurvive through the incoming attacks in Camel City RampageSimulator!A camel is an even-toed ungulate, bearing distinctivefatty deposits known as "humps" on its back! Enjoy this feel ofbeing this interesting creature exploring the city streets! Beafraid of people; they may seem not so dangerous, but don’t letthem cheat on you: every human being wants to defeat you at thefirst moment of seeing! Fight for the death with different animalsand try to survive as long as it even possible!Earn points for eachsuccessfully done mission and power your camel’s characteristics upto become more dexterous and just stronger! Unlock new interestingskins for your exotic animal to customize it as you wish! Be wiseand think ahead checking your abilities! Choose the best ones tofight with wild predators and people and become the real king ofthe Camel City Rampage Simulator!Destroy everything on your waywith your mighty hoofs and powerful spits! Mind your health levelindicator, ‘cause if it drops – you are the dead! Summon your camelallies to defend the incoming attacks of your rivals successfullyand perform different tricks to survive as long as you can!CamelCity Rampage Simulator features:• Ultimate city camel survivalsimulator• Wide range of different incoming rivals • Unlockableskins for your city camel• Beautiful 3D graphicsRoam about thecity, fight with wild zoo animals and different people, repel everyoncoming attack and try to survive as long as you can in thisaggressive world of Camel City Rampage Simulator!Privacy policy:http://molgentech.wixsite.com/wildanimalsclan/single-post/2017/04/14/WILD-ANIMALS-CLAN-PRIVACY-POLICY

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    Camel City Rampage Simulator
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    April 17, 2017
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Wild Animals Clan
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Throw these human invaders out of yourSteppes!Use your monster power to find and chase human beings andreturn thepower of your pride with Centaur Horse Simulator3D!This place was your home, but some years ago these humanpeasantsand brigands came here, conquering your land! It’s time toshowthem what a mighty creature as you are! Become a realcentaur(female) – mighty and agile creature from old Greek legendsandfairy tales – half horse, half human!Survive as long as it even possible, because no one likes youinthis war-barred place! Watch your centaur’s health, energy andfoodindicators – if one of them drops, your chances to survivewilldrop too! Be ready to defend yourself any time – maybe there isnosuch terrifying predator beings like hippogriff, manticore,harpy,dragon or griffin, but here’s enough brave knights, who arereadyto kill you with their powerful weapon at the first momentofseeing!Complete different battling missions to earn points andcustomizeyour legendary monster to make it unique! Level up yourcentaurcharacteristics with each killing and buy power-ups to madeitstronger! Unlock new abilities, like a berserk rage orsteelskin!Enjoy this unusual combination of role-playing game andanimalsurvival simulator, feel like a mythical monster, spread yourreignacross these lands and have fun Centaur Horse Simulator3Dgame!Centaur Horse Simulator 3D features:Ultimate combination of role-playing game and animalsurvivalsimulatorReatistic atmosphere of Dark AgesFull customization of your centaurWide range of fighting and conquesting missionsInteractive 3D worldRun fast, restore the rule of your tribe over the world ofmagic,monsters, and swords as a mighty mythical beast with CentaurHorseSimulator 3D!Privacypolicy:http://molgentech.wixsite.com/wildanimalsclan/single-post/2017/04/14/WILD-ANIMALS-CLAN-PRIVACY-POLICY
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Experience this unusual and wonderful feeling of being theherbivorous kind of ape – chimpanzee! This is a miraculous chancefor all the passionate lovers of animal simulators! Fight for yourlife, complete missions and raise a family with Chimpanzee MonkeySimulator 3D!Discover this really wild jungle world! Enjoy thenatural innocence; make friends with the other chimpanzees or fightwith them – this choice is up to you! Your mission is to surviveamong such cruel and angry beasts as lions, gorillas, crocodilesand others! Every predator has an aim to attack you and eat, so becareful!Explore jungles, meet other monkeys, try to find your mateand create your little family of chimpanzees! Mind that the familyis the great responsibility! Search for food, quarry resources tomake your territory more comfortable for your descendants and havefun with Chimpanzee Monkey Simulator 3D!Challenge yourself withthis eternal fight between herbivores and carnivores! Be a calm andpeaceful monkey or become a ringleader, cruel and ruthless! Earnpoints to unlock new chimpanzee’s skins and abilities for yourmonkey!Check two game modes – survival mode, where you can see yourgrowing progress, create a family with another chimpanzee monkeyand do everything you want; and mission mode, where you can performdifferent interesting and dangerous challenges!Chimpanzee MonkeySimulator 3D features:• Realistic chimpanzee monkey survival game•Different missions for more fun• Full customization of yourchimpanzee• Picturesque surroundings• Outstanding 3D graphicsSplashout your primal fury! Live the life of a real chimpanzee monkey,raise your own family and try to survive in Chimpanzee MonkeySimulator 3D!Privacy Policy:http://molgentech.wixsite.com/wildanimalsclan/single-post/2017/04/14/WILD-ANIMALS-CLAN-PRIVACY-POLICY
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Fantasy world has never been so exciting! Let your dreams come truewith our new Dragon Fantasy War Survival 3D game, where your maingoal is to raise up your own mighty dragon and live its interestingand exciting life! Explore wonderfully colored world and just havefun!Fly above the fantastic views of plains, forests, meadows,glades and just trees! Watch your beautiful little dragon growingin these fantastically realistic surroundings! Fight with differentpredators as hippogriff and manticore to power your flying beast upand become really strong! Hunt human beings and ordinary animalsand build your own dragon nest to live long and prosper in thiswonderful world!Mind such personal indicators of your dragon ashealth, energy, hunger and water level, and remember: if one ofthem drops, the life of your dragon would be endangered! Just findenough food and try not to get into trouble with more powerfulrivals, whose aim is nothing but your death! Enjoy Dragon FantasyWar Survival 3D and become really mighty creature from the fantasyworld!Earn points for successfully completed quests and missionsand customize your powerful dragon as you wish! Power itscharacteristics up to become faster, stronger and healthier or justunlock new ages! Find your mate and raise a family of your ownlittle dragons, protect them from wild predators’ attacks and havefun!Dragon Fantasy War Survival 3D features:• Fantasticallycolorful and realistic dragon simulator• Interesting fantasy worldmissions and quests• Chance to customize your flying beast• Awesome3D graphicsBecome a mighty colorful dragon, explore fantastic landsof fantasy world, fly through really picturesque views, hunt,gather, fight and just enjoy Dragon Fantasy War Survival 3D!Privacypolicy:http://molgentech.wixsite.com/wildanimalsclan/single-post/2017/04/14/WILD-ANIMALS-CLAN-PRIVACY-POLICY
Lizard Reptile Simulator 3D 1.0.0 APK
Be a crafty lizard survived in the cruel world filled withaggressive predators, cold nights and devastating storms! Find yourpath through this harsh environment, protect your family fromdangers and enjoy all-new Lizard Reptile Simulator in 3D!You’rejust a little lizard, but your spirit is strong! Explore theforests and plains for food like insects (like flies and bugs), butbe careful! Avoid meeting predators like wild cats, red foxes,scorpions, tarantulas and poison snakes, or your lizard’s lifewould end right here!Search for a mate to create a nest, lay eggsand raise up your progeny – don’t let your species disappear inthis never-ending fight for survival! Feed your little nestlingsproperly with little insects and mice! Patrol lands around yournest to scare and fight against predators! Feel like a true leaderof lizard’s pack with Lizard Reptile Simulator 3D!Earn points forsuccessfully completed missions and unlock absolutely new skins foryour lizard! Customize it to look like dwarf sungazer, Knightanole, southern knob-tailed gecko, red-headed rock agama leopardgecko, Indonesian blue-tongued skink and many others! Level yourlizard’s characteristics up to gain more power, dexterity, andspeed and survive successfully!If you like amazing lizards withtheir colorful skin and dexterous little bodies, this awesomesimulator is made exactly for you!Lizard Reptile Simulator 3Dfeatures:Ultimate Lizard simulator – feel like a small animal inthe cruel tropical forestDifferent missions - Search for food, mateand raise nestlingsVaries ways to customize your lizard as youwishDangerous opponents - predators would hunt you from theshadows!Intuitive and simple controlsAmazing 3D graphicsSearch forfood, run over plains and forests, hunt insects and arthropods,struggle other lizards, and be the real lizard with Lizard ReptileSimulator 3D!Privacypolicy:http://molgentech.wixsite.com/wildanimalsclan/single-post/2017/04/14/WILD-ANIMALS-CLAN-PRIVACY-POLICY