201805300 / May 29, 2018
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- Rotate camera front and back when touching screen- Displayedcurrent time and battery remain indicator

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APN List 201805290 APK
After selecting the Use country of APN, please copy and paste intoyour APN settings screen.
Emoticon Pack with Cute Emoji 202003120 APK
[Features] - This app is a collection of popular emoticons andemojis to use at your convenience. - Emoticons and emojis aredistinct categories. - If you turn on automatic update, theemoticon and emoji collections will be refreshed automatically. -Update will start from the least used ones. - If you hold down on aemoticon you like, there will be many options using that emoticon.- Launch from either the Home Button or the Notification Bar. - Youcan also directly input these emoticons from the Mushroom or ATOKDirect keyboard add-on. - Used emoticons and emojis will be savedinto "History." Hold down on them to erase. [How to Use] 1. Tap theemoticon or emoji, and it will copy to your clipboard. 2. When youwant to use it in another app, just hold down your finger andpaste. [Medium] Android app on AppBrainhttp://www.appbrain.com/app/emoticon-pack-with-emoji/com.benigumo.kaomojiApp Anniehttps://www.appannie.com/en/apps/google-play/app/com.benigumo.kaomoji/Appliv http://android.app-liv.jp/000976364/ meetroid (meat Lloyd)http://www.meetroid.com/?p=169538 d Market app & Reviewshttp://app.dcm-gate.com/app_review/0013sgo/ Smartphone girlhttp://spgirl.jp/android/2014110617-kaomojipac Review site"Apuripia" http://applipia.com/communication/mail/kaomojipack/
Text Palette for Emoticons and Emojis 202006180 APK
This app stores frequently used text, emoticons, and emojis. Saveyour favorite phrases from text and SNS services, and emoticon andemoji apps and keyboards. By tapping your favorite registeredcharacters, you can copy it to the clipboard and paste it directly.When using together with the "Emoticons Pack", you can collect yourfavorite popular emoticons and emojis. 🚀 Starting method - Launchfrom icon - Launch from keyboard switching dialog - launch fromnotification bar 🚀 Input method - paste after tap (copy) - Directinput 🚀 Sorting - From long press, edit / delete - Move charactersto the top by using - Tab of used character moves leftmost 🚀 Search- Search by tab - Search by upper character input 🚀 Others - Sendand receive of data with messaging application - Backup / restoreto/from cloud storage
Emoji Pack 201903260 APK
Easy to use: 1. Start this app. 2. Copy to clipboard by tapping thefavorite emoji. ( * Switch app quickly !! → see movie and linkdescription.) 3. and then paste the long press in the input fieldof other apps. * Edit, delete or add it to history after long tapon the item.
Simple Flashcards 201410040 APK
You can make deck easily.Those who have no voice files, which canbe uttered words and sentences by using TTS of Android built (TextTo Speech). - Input text to card - Copy and paste text from the website - Import CSV file which you created or download web site- Setyour image file to card, and you can take a picture on this app andset it card smoothly.- Set your mp3 file to front/back side of thecard- You can set the photos to card which you have stored in yourdevice or Google Doc Please use as flash cards, such as theacquisition of terminology and language learning English etc...
Emoji Deco 201505230 APK
This app is to make texts-image, 8x8 with using Unicode Emoji.💞🌹🌹💞💞🌹🌹💞🌹🍑🍑🌹🌹🍑🍑🌹🌹🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🌹🌹🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🌹💞🌹🍑🍑🍑🍑🌹💞💞🌹🍑🍑🍑🍑🌹💞💞💞🌹🍑🍑🌹💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹💞💞💞Towhat make it is up to your imagination.
かおもじこ 201407290 APK
このアプリは顔文字アプリです。顔文字を探したり集めたり保存したり編集などできます。かおもじこの使い方http://goo.gl/H7Y7Nd対応OSバージョン: Android OS 4.2+This app isemoticons app.You can edit and or save collected or looking for aface character.Using Kaomojikohttp://goo.gl/H7Y7NdSupported OSversion: Android OS 4.2 +
Quickly Notepad 201504211 APK
It can be- Note of save / edit / delete- Phone number / URL / e-mail address of the automatic link- Quickly start to put more than one note in the notificationbar- Share of the memo content to other apps- Editing of text files in the SD card(From, such as a file manager app)* Notes are saved file automatically./sdcard/Memo/*.txt* In some models may not be available.