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This word scramble app from Campbell SoupCompany lets you play with your food without getting messy. Usingthe letters in the soup, spell a word before the timer ends to earnpoints. The faster you spell, the higher you score. Play now.

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Meet the Mystery Squad! Finn & Friends area team of young detectives on the hunt for adventure in this seriesof exciting, interactive mystery story books for kids. Children andparents will love to read along, play games and search for clues,while helping to solve the latest caper with Finn, Brooke, Gilbertand Xtreme.*Discover new interactions on every page!*Choose narrated auto-play, read-to-me or read-to-myself mode –great for kids of all ages
Team Xtreme Play Picker APK
Get outside and get moving!TEAM XTREME is all about playing and the PlayPicker makes itsimple to find a game any where you are. Did we say game? More like140 games! Including classics like freeze tag and red rover, plus aton of games with a special twist.Got some beanbags and a plastic hoop? You can make a game withthat. A hockey stick and a tennis ball? You can make a game withthat, too.Create all kinds of games in three easy steps with stuff you havelying around.Or if you really want to shake things up use the randomizer.Earn badgesPlaying has its rewards! When you use the PlayPicker you will alsohave the chance to unlock and earn unique badges.
Gilbert's Hamster Dream 1.1 APK
Go Gilbert go!The hamster is loose and he’s right on Gilbert’s tail! Run, jump,slide, spring, and cannon blast past tons of obstacles to keep outof Fuzzy Face’s clutches. Collect coins to get helpful gear andunlock power-ups to beat your best runs. The chase is on and theaction is non-stop. How far will Gilbert go? Play now!Features*Collect coins to get cool gear and power-ups*Master 30 challenges*Earn tons of different game badges*Unlock Gilbert’s dream before it airs on TV
Campbell's Kitchen 2.0.0 APK
What are you hungry for? Get the family to thetable with recipes for everyone and every meal. Whether you’reready to get cooking now or you want to find ideas for later, theright recipe is just a few taps away.• Enjoy thousands of recipes, tested in our kitchen so they’reready for your table.• Browse by recommended collections and brands, or search forsomething special.• Bookmark your favorite recipes to save them for later.• Keep recipes on hand while you cook, without your phone going tosleep.• Use the in-app timer without losing your place.Plus for each recipe, you can:• Find out about how much it costs to make and how many itserves• See prep and total time• Get complete nutrition informationAt Campbell’s Kitchen®, we want you to spend more time with thepeople who matter, and less worrying, “what should I make.” Withflavors you love, brands you trust and the recipes you’re searchingfor right now, we’ve got the answer, and now you do too.
Planet hop across the universe withFinn!Grab your space suit and join Finn as he bounces from planet toplanet, collecting space crystals to power his ship. Dodgeasteroids, collect power-ups, defeat enemies, and discover themysteries of outer space. There’s much to do and see, but themission won’t be easy. Are you ready, astronaut?Features*Master 45 challenging levels*Discover Oinker—the rideable outer space battle hog*Collect stickers to keep Jubundees the Robot fromself-destructing*Replay levels to get a three-star rating*Earn all 20 game badges*Find hidden planets*Unlock Finn’s dream before it airs on TV*Look for an updated level pack soon
Campbell's Alphabet Soup 1.0.1b3 APK
This word scramble app from Campbell SoupCompany lets you play with your food without getting messy. Usingthe letters in the soup, spell a word before the timer ends to earnpoints. The faster you spell, the higher you score. Play now.
Plate of Mind 1.1 APK
“What do you feel like eating?”There’s a fun way to answer the question we ask each other (andourselves) every day! Introducing Plate of Mind, powered byCampbell’s Kitchen®.Just select your mood to start discovering great new recipeideas that will satisfy any appetite – no matter how you’refeeling!The more you interact with Plate of Mind, the better it becomesat feeding your mood. Plus, every dish served up comes from thethousands of delicious selections available onCampbellskitchen.com.
Goldfish Pinball Blast 1.7 APK
Full Tilt Pinball Fun! Brooke has really outdone herself thistime.With a little inspiration from Xtreme, and plenty of help fromtherest of her friends, she’s built a crazy pinball maze thatyou’lljust have to play to believe. Use the flippers to whack theball upramps, through tunnels and into the bumpers. Discover newareas bybreaking down barricades or uncovering secret entrances.Findpower-ups to help you as you encounter new levels andchallenges.Ready? Pull back the plunger, let go and have a blast!Features*Create your own custom levels *Master 50 challenginglevels*Complete tasks to find hidden passages *Discoverdifferentpower-ups *Replay levels to get a three-star rating *Earnbonuscoins every day