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App Information Can Knockout

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    Can Knockout
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    September 25, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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    3D Game Zone
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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Yoga + 4D AR 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Yoga 4D+ is a best lightweight AR applearningyoga your self. You all might have faced the problem,whilelearning yoga from books, television or may be live fromyourgurus. The main problems is to have doubt, that what would betheexact position body part to have correct posture. Thisappscontains most of postures of yoga and full posturesofsuryanamskara.Due to lack of real guide in yoga and posture you might intendtoleave yoga. Don't do this. You would find a proper sources tolearnyoga. here you have extremely latest 4D technology to learnallyoga pose.It has proven that yoga plays an important role forallthe deaces. "DO YOGA - EXPERIENCE THE INNER JOY" We all wants tobefit and Health is most important part of life. One of the bestAR4D+ app which will provide full yoga learning to see theYogasanalike moving statue by just hold and moving the mobilearound.Best fitness app AR app 4D+ Yoga clears your all the doubts, tohavean exact body position in postures. Because it gives 360degreeouter movements. Using 4D+ Yoga app you can easily view theexactposition of correct position with exquisitely. 4D+ Yogabrings thenew way of learning yoga in Augmented Reality.It gives you an really good experience and will feel thecontenthave in yoga experience. Yoga 4D+ gives you both interestingandinformative facts about Suryanamaskara and allmost mostAsanas.Minimum Requirements to run this app:- Android 4.0.3 or above- Ram: 1 GB (least to get good result)- Camera: 5 MPXYoga 4D+ App Features Highlights:- Total 50+ asana and poses with 3d model.- Zoom, rotate and pause option at run-time.- Different selection menu for Full Suryanamaskara's postureandother Asanas- Specially designed for yoga educational purpose.- Various range of educational facts available.- Does not need extra download after installation.- Its totally free for now.Steps to Use this App :1. Download this App.2. Download the Marker from thelink(http://papp.tech/ARGames/yoga.html).3. Print the Marker. [Note : You can open this marker image inanyother smart device and use.But it may not perform as accurateasreal color print of marker image.4. Keep marker image at front of camera and EnjoyPatriotismperformance.5. Picture taken through this app, will be at this path:Android/file//files
Casino Coin 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Special Casino type game for entertainmentgamefor earn coin quickly.This game is only for entertainment.
Bottle Shooter Expert 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Most addictive and entertaining game. Ifyoulikes any shooter game, Its perfect choice for you.Play harder and be Bottle Shooter Master.An Expert Bottle Shooter is about to shoot bunch of bottles asyoucan in the limited slot of time.This is Level wise hardness incremental level wise game. Meansplaygame, get experience, access new harder level and also newassetsunlocked.Game is like an archery of bow and arrow, Here is gun andbullet.Bottles are set on rack. Fully bullet loaded couple ofgunsThrilling and realist sound effects on shooting bottles.Fullyrealistic physics base bottles blast effect. There are various3denvironments likearmy camp, cowboy farm, casino, public space, with chopper inair,in water pouring bottles, swing and hanging bottles onrope.Here improve skills of shooting and learning how to shootfeelslike. Aim the target for shooting the bottles. It also makestheharder to control shot. You can play the game usingadvancedshooting controls. To be the best inf bottle shooting youneedsfprecision, focus and determination in mind.Take accurate shots to blast all the bottles by shooting gun.Feellike an army forces, police sniper, commando on mission tofightterrorists and shoot bottle in one shot. this is not breakingthebottles with stone or arrow but this is for your shooting handtoblast the bottles. Bottles are settled in variousenvironmentpouring in water, hanging on drone, set on rack, hangedin swing,flying copters and many more attractive places. Theenvironment isfully 3d and settled with fantasy cartoon mode. butall the physicsused for real blast and scattering the pieces ofglass. Be ready toplay this adventurer game.Modern Bottle Shooter game for player show like a snipershootinggames. The best addictive game to smash the bottles.Play Bottle Shooter Expert just move the gun with screen touchthensee, if it seems targeted bottle is on cross-hair. Triggerthepistol, press trigger button to blast the targeted bottle.Bottle Shooter Expert 3D Game includes==Level wise increasing hardness.Smooth and accurate user interface.Real Physics base breaking and blast of glass pieces.HD-3D graphics used to set various environment.Beautiful animated furniture in game play design.Get ready for various intense challenging levels.For all the audience Bottle shooter expert game is forkids,youngsters and adults.thrilling action bottle blast gameTotally free to play.Not any time limited for playing turns and bullets load.
Impossible Racing Car 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Impossible Racing CarThe Racing car drive band new game is available on playstorenow!!Here, you have to drive car on dangerous and tricky tracks. Itfullyextreme critical time that seems like impossible to reachatdestination by driving. But any how you have to finishthismission, Do your duty as best experenced driver forspeciallyimpossible tracks. You need to have bird eye view fordriving truckon dangerous offload turns. You cab change cameraview, Camera isfully movale in all the sides by touch. you caneasely estimate thefront wheel to be on the track. Don not be socrazy and fall downfrom the sky tracks.Drive the car in enough speed to reach at the destination.Driving racing on impossible tracks that are sky high isdangeroustask for this you need real driving skills. This is forall agefolks who love the driving sport car games and likes to playhardand addictive game, This car racing simulator game isreallyadvanturle and action performance.Racing car is fun to play, here control your speed and enjoythesmooth controls with stunning graphics.be a part of this epic.WeEnsure you that you will this action game of impossibleracingcar.Enjoy dangurase ride while climbing curvy and hard ramps.Tightthe seat belt and do extream hard stunt. Impossible racing cargameis like edge of death. Be the bravo, make work hight stunt.Rideturbo like cars in full speed and do the dangerous stunt.Drive a racing car in sky. Perform Deadly Stunt!!!Drive On Extremely Dead Tracks Key Features-Stunning 3D graphics.-Seletion ofvarious racing cars.-Extremely addictive game play of impossible track.-Incremented difficulty level.-360 degree movable camera view.-Carefully to road barricade.-Wooden amaizing 3d road enviroment.-Entusiastic sound for car.-Game is free to play.
Skateboard Stunt Surfer 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Skateboard Stunt RunnerPlay best sketboard action game on android.There are lots of hoverboard, skets and rolling craftgamesavailable, but its a brand new 3d game on Playsore. We alllikestoperform stunt with skate, its fantasy surrounding game. Slideandstunt with skateboard.All skater loves to play. Skateboarding, sliding with stuntwithcrazy speed.Its game with smart boy performing skating and getsachocolate and toffies. But we ensure that, all age person likestopaly this game. Because its not just nooby. in starting easyandlearning, but by experience you will have challenging speed uptoget crazy and thrilling feel. Get best score in thisaddictivegame.Its extreme crazy speed skating game. Go left and right usingslideon screen. Slide up to jump.Be aware of obstacle. get power to pull up all chocolates.Features:- Fantacy 3D graphics environment .- Smooth and realtime controlling.- Realistic physics skateboarding control.- Real character and animation of jump, run and duck.- Easy sliding finger input.- User challenges- Beautiful street based game scenes.- Best sketing stunts animation.
Roll Ball Balance 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Gameplay will drive crazy rolling ballevenmost experienced gamer. Hurry up to download and become one ofthefirst ball balance rolling effect players!Rolling Ball Balance,Google Play Best Game of 2017,which is agamethat pushes the boundaries of your speed and reaction. Thesplendid3D effect scene enables you to experience the imaginarytraps andbarriers. Now, let's control the ball and conquer theworld byovercoming challenges.Classic Games Ball is a games collection app that containsmanyaddictive games. Its remember like Pool Ball Classic gameinandroid, Experience the fun to be a Master in Flappy Ball! Bestofall, it’s totally FREE! Realistic 3D ball animation. Enjoywith"Balance Classic Ball" game.Rolling classic ball with bestfootgear. Color line classic ball,Football or basket ball viewer on 3D graphics. Rapid speedballbalance on classic player.Features:!) Free 3D Flappy Ball Classic.!) Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.!) Easy to move each other.!) You need to maintain the speed and movement.!) All direction you can move for reach to the target.!) Total many Levels available for your challenge.!) Exciting and Fun levels.!) Move left, right, top, bottom by key.!) No need for internet connection.
Crazy Ball Blance 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Fancy Ball balance for make me crazy,realisticgame graphics with 3d simulator for 3d ball.
Highway Racer 1.0 APK
3D Game Zone
Highway racer Truck park(3d Game Zone)Do showoff your truck parking skill. Drive the truck inhighway.Various trucks available here, Drive what you like. Highwayracertruck park game is with realistic vehicle physics control.youcanuse this ultimate parking truck. You enjoy the experienceoff-roadbig wheel truck parking. To make game more realistic andfeasiblewe have set 3d graphics and different parkingenvironment.Heavy loader truck and trailer available to drive in city,highwayand at offroad area. Be the best trailer driver. Unlikecargotransporter and backyard parking games. This game is adifferent inconcept to combine containers with lorry vehicle. Drivelimousineand prado cars multi level truck in 3d real industrialenvironmentand highway environment.Follow arrow reach final parking place. Touch the magic ring togetnew arrow. Be aware of hurdles and traffic barriers. Alsokeepdistance from other already parked vehicles and othercontainers.Park your truck in limited time slot. you will have todrivereverse to the parking place instead of forwardfor complete parking.Drive carefulli on the open parking area and nerrow road. Youshouldcarefully drive the truck on up hill and racing roads. Avoidtocollide with already parked vehicles. In highway ruck racergamerugged roads may give you some hard time but you have tobeprepared for road block without dropping your luggagebeingtransported. Smooth drive with brake and be the road kingdriver.Each achievement of parking vehicle spot will open a newexcitinglevel.This game with mania feeling, Dont damage your vehicle and parkit.Best addictive game is here. Think like You are on duty of bitruckcontaner driverm, and park motorway across different cities.Weensure you about, that you will get enterrtain by playingthisgame.- Realistic 3D environment in industrial open world.- Verities of Multiple loader and containers to connecttruckengine.- set the cargo container on heavy trucks.- water and milk tanker to supply in metro city.- Option for steering and senser controling to drive trick.- Various garages and industries 3D environments.- Multiple Camera Angles with top view to ease of control- Realistic physics and realistic sound effect.- Game is totally free to download and play.- Unlimited turns to play.