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Keep track of your coin collection withease!Canada Coins is great if you have a large collection and areacollector on the go. Don't worry about buying a coin youalreadyhave in your collection ever again. Now you always have acoin listin the palm of your hand!

Canada Coins can also be used to simply check the number ofeachcoin minted or to identify a Canadian Coin.

No internet connection required! That means no waiting for alistthat never shows up if you have a crappy cell signal!

If you would like to make suggestions, or if you would liketohelp by including images. Feel free to email me atbjgappsgmail.com. I check the comments less frequently then email,sosuggestions/bugs are best sent via email, not via review.

I would like to give a special thanks to all my 5 starraters.It's people like you who make Canada Coins possible.

Please note that the price of Canada Coins is not fixed.Youshould know that Google takes 30%+ of the price that you arepayingfor the application. I periodically increase the price whichtendsto directly relate to how many hours I spend coding updates.Theprice will go up to $1.89 once all of the coins are added. Buynowto get Canada Coins for the cheapest possible price.

Not all coins are currently listed, but I add more all thetime.Here is a list of what is currently available.

Queen Victoria Cents
King Edward VII Cents
King George V Cents
King George VI Cents
Queen Elizabeth II Cents

Queen Victoria Nickels
King Edward VII Nickels
King George V Nickels
King George VI Nickels
Queen Elizabeth II Nickels

Queen Victoria Dimes
King Edward VII Dimes
King George V Dimes
King George VI Dimes
Queen Elizabeth II Dimes

Queen Victoria Quarters
King Edward VII Quarters
King George V Quarters
King George VI Quarters
Queen Elizabeth II Quarters

Queen Victoria Half Dollars
King Edward VII Half Dollars
King George V Half Dollars
King George VI Half Dollars
Queen Elizabeth II Half Dollars

King George V Loonies
King George VI Loonies


Coming Soon:
Coins: Loonies
Features: Coin Grading, Background Color Selection.

New Canadian coins are added all the time. Keep track of yourmoneynow! Who knows what is sitting in that pocket change? Are youacollector of United States coins too? Check out US Coins ontheAndroid Market.

App Information Canada Coins

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    Canada Coins
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    February 18, 2012
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    Android 2.0 and up
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    BJG Apps
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Email bjgapps@gmail.com
    61088 Indian Lake Rd. Niles, MI 49120
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