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Candy Corn Jump is a simple jumper game where you play as a CandyCorn and your sole mission is to jump aroundin this free endlessjumper game. Get the HIGHEST SCORE EVER...!!!Watch out for thoseSPIKES. Don't fall, keep jumping and beat your friends!Log in withfacebook and challenge your friends.

App Information Candy Corn Jump No Ads

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    Candy Corn Jump No Ads
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    April 8, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    affiBox Dev
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    St. Antonio Egipciaco JA12 Levittown PR
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you looking for an endless jump kind of game? Well Candy Corn Jumpis for you.We all love Candy, right?Candy Corn Jump is a simpleendless jumping game where you play as a Candy Corn and your solemission is to jump around in this free endless jumper game.Get theHIGHEST SCORE EVER...!!!Watch out for those SPIKES. Don't fall,keep jumping and beat your friends!Log in with facebook andchallenge your friends.When it comes to jumping games, Candy CornJump is the most simple yet addictive game ever.
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Candy Corn Jump is a simple jumper game where you play as a CandyCorn and your sole mission is to jump aroundin this free endlessjumper game. Get the HIGHEST SCORE EVER...!!!Watch out for thoseSPIKES. Don't fall, keep jumping and beat your friends!Log in withfacebook and challenge your friends.
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