/ March 30, 2017
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The newest princess puzzle game of ourlovedJuliet is Candy Match and Blast. In this candy matchgamesyou
need help princess Juliet to candy match jelly and candy blast in12moves. These 12 moves are available in
all missions.

In each level of the candy puzzle game make sure you candymatchanother type of candy in order to finish the
level and start a new challenge.

You get to choose from 5 types of colorful candy that need tobematched in a single line. You can match
lines made out of 3 candies, lines of 4 or 5 candies. When youplacethem on the same line the candies will
explode and other candies will take their place creatingnewcombinations and possibilities.

It is very simple to continue the candy blast whenever you match3or more similar candies. Go ahead and enjoy
candy mania and have the best time.
Candy match and get a candy sugar rush whenever you seecandyswall
explode. Finish each mission and become best player of thiscandypuzzle game. You may not always get the chance to
match 5 candies but keep your eyes opened and match 3 or morecandyto get the ultimate candy blast. Princess
Juliet and her friends will keep you guided throughout theentirecandy mania. Do not waste any more time and
best candy puzzle game.
Don't forget that you need finish each mission in 12 moves souseyour skills to get best score.
Candy match , candy blast and have fun in our last princesspuzzlegame with Juliet and koobs !

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Princess Food Cooking v1.1.6 APK
Food games are a fun way to pass the time and Princess Food Cookingis one of them. All begins where you own a food shop and your jobis prepare fast food for your clients. They will tip you regardinghow perfect the food is and serve it in the available time !Thefirst level like in most of the food games , allows you to cookburgers , hot-dogs , fried eggs and serve juice ! Of course you canupgrade your plate , juice maker , pan and other cooking tools fromthe beginning.The second level , if you unlock it , you have tocook pasta and spaghetti with bacon , meatballs and parsley !Alsoyou have to be fast and cook the meat before the time runs out andalso serve it to your clients.The third level is more dedicated tomeat lovers so here you have to cook pork ribs , fries , rice ,salads and other steaks. All the tools upgraded in the previewlevels will also be available in higher levels so it helps you cookbetter and faster !The fourth level is a special one withtraditional burritos and other mexican food ! Princess Food CookingFEATURES:In this fun cooking restaurant game with princesses, youstart with a fast food shop. You are cooking burgers and cookinghotdogs and if you earn enough money you can buy a new restaurantand unlock new recipes. Make burger really fast you will get abigger tip. In our restaurant game, at the second level, you canstart to cooking italian pasta recipes and other types of pasta forthe hungry customers. Our food games is the same, cook fast andlearn pasta recipes so you can earn money for each dish youproperly cook, At level 3 you are ready to prepare all type ofsteaks. All the upgrades achieved in the previous levels, burgerrestaurant and pasta restaurant, are available in all levels. Thefinal level of this food games is the most difficult. The tacorestaurant is very popular in America and this is the reason whyyou will have a lot of clients. In order to cook taco and nachos,in this fun princess game, you need to move and cook fast so yourcustomers are happy.Some of our food game recipes include usualcooking dishes but also some international cooking disheslike:burger cooking , hotodog cooking , pasta , steak , italianfood or even mexican food cooking like tacos and burittos.Do youthink you are up to handle this restaurant cooking game and reachto level 4 ? Hope you enjoyed playing our food games and if youwant more features for Princess Food Cooking Shop game please leavea comment
Princess Juliet : Kids Escape Adventure 1.1 APK
Kids Escape Adventure with Princess Juliet is the newest brain gamefor kids with ages between 4 and 10 years old. Princess Juliet wasso scared that the Troll will follow her, that she run in theforest to make sure she escaped him for good. The good news is thatthe Troll does not follow her, but the bad news is that she islost. Help Juliet find her way to her castle in this kids escapeadventure.The magical forest is full of hidden signs and you needto discover all of them, in order to get Juliet out of there. Watchcarefully for each clue in this find objects game, complete eachtask and Juliet is almost home. Feed the bear with some sweethoney, water a thorny bush so Princess Juliet can cross it withoutgetting injured. Here nice voice will help you find items and solvethe kids game. Don't get fooled by the cute and fuzzy scenery, moreadventures are yet to come. Juliet reaches the river, but she findsa boat without the paddle. Help Juliet find the paddle so she cancross the river; find the golden coins for the Goblin in exchangefor the paddle. Watch carefully and search each rock, tree and bushto find the items that will lead you to the coins. Keep in mindthat you can always use the hints to ease your search in this Kidsescape adventure.Juliet is almost home, she has another tricky taskthat she needs to complete. She needs to go through a brain gamefor kids in order to reach her castle. Use the arrows to guideJuliet on the right path out of the great maze game.Complete thisadventure and there will be more to come! Enjoy playing this superKids escape adventure with Princess Juliet!
Girl escape games - fun girls 1.0 APK
Princess Juliet is in trouble and she needs your help in thischallenging sewer escape game! Her princess life isn't easy, thereare so many wicked characters that want to harm her, but you musttake care of her and rescue her every time she is in danger. Areyou ready for another fun princess escape game?This princess rescuegame is all about finding the right elements that will help youtake Juliet away from the dirty sewer, escape the germs whokidnapped her and take her to safety. For this sewer run game youwill need to be very focused and look carefully for the hiddenobjects. Find the right elements, solve fun puzzle games, look forthe secret code and escape the dirty room.Here you are face-to-facewith the nasty germs! You must eliminate all evil germs in order toget to the door and escape this sewer game. Find the right cleaningproducts very well hidden and destroy those germs!This is one ofthe most amazing and challenging adventure games of Princess Julietand you are able to be a part of it! Have fun playing this greatprincess escape game!
Pony game - Care games 0.9 APK
Today princess Juliet is in the mood for a ride with one of herbeloved pony. Join her in this adventure and you have a blast! Thisis a fun pony game and you enjoy every minute of our pony princessgame!In our pony game, first you will have to choose between fourbeautiful pony: Pony-Trixie, Pony-Daisy, POny-Spot, and Pony-Rosie.Then, you need to take good care of princess pony, clean the pony,feed and select a great equipment in order to take the pony out fora ride.Ohh, no! It seems that an evil wizard has stolen yourbeautiful pony! Must do all it takes to get him back. PrincessJuliet needs your help so that she can be reunited with her cutepony. You must overcome several obstacles that will reveal the pathto the place where the evil wizard is keeping your pony. So,complete the fun tasks of hidden objects, memory game, mix andmatch magic potions and escape adventure together with PrincessJuliet. After you find where the pony is held hostage by thewizard, you must find all the objects to build your way out of thewizard’s territory. You have to cross over on the other side whereyou will be safe and no one can harm Juliet neither her pony!Ineach level of our pony game you can find fun mini-games like : -puzzle minigames- care game- run game- logic minigamesHave funplaying this pony game! This amazing princess game will definetlyget you hooked like no other game!
Princess Juliet Rescue Game 0.9 APK
Join Princess Juliet in this new adventure game! She must save herbeloved friend, Koobs. He was kidnapped by the ugly Troll and youare the only one who can help Juliet to save Koobs.You have tocomplete 3 different levels, testing your memory skills, spot thehidden objects and adventure spirit. In this princess game you willhave to prove your skills and you will need to be very focused onyour mission of saving Koobs.First you will have to find severalhidden objects in order to move to the next stage. Then you willsolve a cute puzzle and you will get a magic key that will give youaccess to the next level.After that, you will have to find all theobjects hidden in the forest, so that you can create a way to geton the other side of the road, where Koobs is held hostage by theugly Troll. Things aren't that easy, so you will need to find a mapthat will show you the exact path to the place where you will findKoobs.The final stage is where you must overcome your fears anddemonstrate to all that you are brave and powerful! You will getinside the Troll's house and you will set Koobs free. You must movefast, you don't want to run into that ugly Troll!Have fun playingthis awesome adventure game and make sure you save your best friendlittle Koobs. He needs you more than ever, so don't let him down!
Piano for kids - girl games 0.7 APK
Join Princess Juliet at her first piano lesson and use the keyboardto practice some awesome songs in this free piano app. Practiceyour skills and at the end you will have the chance to record your3 best songs!This princess game is full of surprises and it willchallenge and entertain you like no other music game! This pianogame has 3 levels with 3 difficulty stages. You must choose wiselyyour level so that you can end your tasks!This princess piano gamehas all the characteristics of a great app, you get the chance toplay the piano, find hidden objects and record songs. Well done!You have found all the strings and now you will be able to playyour top 3 songs in this fun piano simulator game. Press the recordbuttons, one by one and at the end listen to your masterpiece! Thisis for sure one of the best piano app for little kids and willguarantee instant fun and an unforgettable experience! Enjoyplaying this princess piano lesson game and share the joy of goodmusic with your friends!
Juliet Island Adventure - princess game 0.7 APK
Welcome to most exciting and new adventure princess game of Julietand her dearest friend - Koobs!Get ready to be hoocked by thisamazing adventure princess game! It has all the elements of themost magical and beautiful princess game! You must challengeyourself to go on the secret island so that you can find elfstreasure that will change your destiny. You must help PrincessJuliet find the stolen elfs chest with gold! The ugly Troll managedto steal and hide the elfs treasure very well, but you must provethat you have what it takes to find it!Princess Juliet needs yourhelp : find clue in order and get to the place where our chest withgold is kept by the Troll. You won't be alone in this adventureprincess game, Koobs is there for you to help you when you are inneed.First, you have to discover a way to get on the secret islandwhere our treasure is. You are on a pirate ship and you have tofind clue and several hidden objects in order to escape from thepirate boat. Once you escape from pirate boat and get safe toisland, your mission is : find clue and put together the mappieces, map that will lead you straight to the place where you findthe precious chest with gold, so use your detective skills in thisfind the objects game. You have to face one more escape challengebefore you discover the chest treasure. You need to create a pathto cross on the other side where the chest treasure is and afterthat you will have to use your skills to find a way to get to thechest treasure!Have fun playing this adventure princess game anduse your skills to find clue and one of the most wanted andprecious chest treasure in the world!
Princess Juliet Castle Escape 1.4 APK
This game is one of the most amazing and fun adventures of PrincessJuliet! Juliet was a normal little girl, until she found a magicaltiara and her entire world changed! Now, she has to face someprincess challenges and this is the part where you have to help herfulfill her princess destiny.Join Princess Juliet in this cutejourney and help her escape the castle. You must get her out of thecastle, where she is a prisoner of the evil troll. Princess JulietCastle Escape is a find the object game, with an amazing twist,specially designed for little girls, so that they will adoreplaying this escape game. Think out of the box in order to find theexit from this princess escape game, collect and combine all hiddenitems and solve the puzzle. It has all the elements of a perfectprincess game: cute sounds, colorful graphics and an easy butchallenging gameplay.