1.0 / December 1, 2016
(4.9/5) (12)


Explore a sweet world of delicious candiesinCandy Smash Mania. Start out simple but things get more andmoreinteresting and challenging puzzles while playing this match3game. Collect any 3 or more sweet candies to blast them. Youwillsolve mega spectacular journey with exciting anddifficultobjectives like you have never seen before in any match 3game! Usepowerful power ups to break cookie blocks & jelly jam.

Play and share your score with your friends to challenge them!Download Candy Smash Mania today!

Candy Smash Mania Features :

1. Make unique combinations to get special cookiesandpower-ups.
2. Never ending fun of match-3 puzzle game.
3. Show off your gaming progress on leaderboard.
4. Over 200 unique and challenging levels.
5. Endless hours of exciting single-player gameplay.

App Information Candy Smash Mania

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