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Playing candy sweet link deluxe game is so fun. Rush for candy inthis amazing match link as these candies , you would really likethis to be in your device.This is a very addictive and bestmatch-three casual in the google play!There are colorful , sweetand very lucrative candies and will make you happy with everylevel.In this free game each level has some target which has to beaccomplished in given number of moves.How to play:1. Connect threeor more same candies splash to score points.2. complete the targetpoints to level up.3. Eliminate the more candies line quickly canget extra scores.Game features:+ Totally free to download and play+Over 100 addictive levels, endless fun for all ages & manyprops.+ Different obstacles in the levels to make it hard to beat+Many powerful items to help you win levels+ Sweet and delicious UI& cool animation effects.Let’s download and enjoy this freeCandy Line and Have Fun!!!

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    Candy Sweet Link Deluxe
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    October 26, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    cool games
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Valentine Frames 2017 Love 2.0 APK
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♥♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day 2017 !♥♥♥"Valentine Frame 2017 " is acollection of over than 40 lovely photo frames to decorate yourphotos in this occasion.The most beautiful photo frames for yourValentine day 2017 This App Makes your love more lovely with morethan 40 beauty love and romance FramesHow to edit photo:-Select aphoto from the gallery or take photos using the phone’scamera-Rotate, scale, zoom, unzoom or drag photos to fit the picframes as you like!-Rotate,Photo size increase decrease withgestures-Wide range of styles and different frames for anypictureBest Features:-40+ Frames-HD quality frames- Share bestphotos with friends via Facebook, whatsapp, SMS, Mail... Moresocial networks and save to your gallery for later use.-Easy touse: Creation in 1 step only-No internet connection needed / Workswithout internet-Save photo on SD card or mobile phone-Very easyand attractive UI-Rate App-Supports all screen resolutions ofmobiles and tablets ♥♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day 2017 !♥♥♥
Jewels Gems Crush 2016 1.0 APK
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Jewels Gems Crush is a fantastic game in which you have to line upthree 3 or more items of the same color jewel.Creating thesematches will crush the jewels 2016. a combination of stunningvisuals and dazzling effects of Jewel Game.in this game weimplement 2 modes: arcade and classic.How to play:1: Match 3 ormore identical jewels.2: Match the jewels until the boardtransparency,the Jewels star will appear.3: Move the jewel star tothe bottom to pass the level.Tips: Eliminate the jewels quickly canget extra scores.Features:- More than 300 levels associated withbeautiful natural sceneries- Eliminate 4 jewels to earn one bombjewel, can eliminate the jewels around.- Eliminate 5 or more jewelsto earn one energy jewel, can eliminate to any other coloredjewel.- The Timing Jewel can extend the playing time.- The electricJewel can eliminate jewels in one row.- For the locked, frozen orpetrified jewels,- Several special jewels: time jewel, electricjewels, bomb jewels, etc.
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Are you ready for challenging? Downloadthistop new free game in Android today!The adventure is starting! Meet and play with oscar, a boywholoves to collect ancient artifacts.Get ready to face the unknown danger and fear!!!Super fun run with the train and will keep you entertainforhours!Explore the hidden temples and try your best to rush and dashoutof danger!Features:+ 3 Different free Game Modes+ Amazing colorful HD train and High qualitybackgroundgraphics+ Multiple Challenging Levels - 100+ Levels+ Rich background music and sound effects+ Easy and fun gameplay, suitable for kidsWhat are you waiting for? Download this best Game 2017 forFREE!!!!
co.learn.grammatik.germany 1.2 APK
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تطبيق برنامج استعمال قواعد الألمانية للمبتدئين 2016للراغبين في تعلمقواعد اللغة الالمانية بسهولة نقدم لكم تطبيقنا المفيد جدا لتمكينكممن تعلم الالمانية دون الحاجة الى معلم.إذا كنت ترغب في تعلمالألمانية فأنت بحاجة إلى التعرف على المزيد من المعلومات والنصائحالتي تساعدك في دراستها، وفي هذا التطبيق سوف نساعدك في تعلم اللغةالألمانية من خلال عرض مجموعة من النصائح التي ستشعرك بالمتعة عندتعلم اللغة الألمانية بسرعة وبكفاءة .لأن التطبيق يضم جميع قواعداللغة الألمانية للمبتدئين 2016 بدون نت.تعليم اللغة الالمانية عنطريق دروس تعليمية للمبتدئين تساعدك على التحدث بالالمانية بطلاقة،فمن لم يتعلم من أخطائه لن ينجح في تعلم أي شيء، بل حاول واستمر فيالمحاولة التي ستقودك للنجاح في تعلم اللغة الالمانية، فالطريق الأصحلتعليم اللغة الالمانية هي ممارستها مراراً وتكراراً.و تطبيق استعمالقواعد الألمانية 2016 سيعودك على التحدث بها بطلاقة في جميع مواقفالحياة العامة.وتم اختيار الدروس بعناية بحيث تكون شاملة و وافية،ويبتدأ التطبيق بتعليمك الحروف الأبجدية، ثم الضمائر و الأفعالوالجملة في اللغة الألمانية.ويشتمل ايضا على دروس مفصلة في :+ الأزمنةالمختلفة + الأفعال+ احرف الجر + اداة الإستفهام والإشارة+ تركيبالكلمة والجملة + افعال الهيئات المساعدة+ الصفة والإشتقاق+ استعمالالأفعال الألمانية المنفصلة+ الأفعال الغير الإنفصالية+المضارع...أرجو من الله تعالى ان نكون قد وفقنا في تقديم الفائدةالمرجوة من هدا التطبيق ليكون عونا للطلاب ولكافة المهتمين باللغةالألمانية في وطننا الحبيب والله ولي التوفيق.للتذكير: البرنامج يعملبدون نت :)نتمنى ان يكون البرنامج الجديد في المستوى وسيتم تحديثالتطبيق باستمرار ان شاء الله.لا تبخلوا علينا بالتقييم الايجابيواعطاء 5 ***** شكراApplication use German bases for beginners 2016programFor those interested in learning the German language ruleseasily we offer you our application is very useful to enable you tolearn German without the need for a teacher.If you want to learnGerman, you need to learn more information and tips that will helpin the study,In this application we will help you to learn Germanthrough the presentation of a set of tips that Schark fun whenlearning the German language quickly and efficiently.Because theapplication includes all the rules of the German language forbeginners in 2016 without the Net.German language teaching througheducational lessons for beginners will help you speak Germanfluently, it did not learn from its mistakes will not succeed inlearning anything, but tried and continues to try that will leadyou to success in learning the German language, road rather toteach the German language is the practice over and over again.Andthe application of the rules of use of German in 2016 Saaudk tospeak it fluently in all positions of public life.Lessons werechosen carefully so that they are comprehensive and thorough, andbegins the application teach you the alphabet, then pronouns andverbs and sentence in German.It also includes detailed lessons:+Different times+ Acts+ Prepositions+ Interrogative tool andreference+ Floor installation and wholesale+ Actions help bodies+Adjective derivation+ Use of German verbs separate+ Non-separatistacts+ Present...I hope from God that we have been successful inproviding the desired application of Hedda interest to be helpfulto students and all those interested in the German language in ourbeloved homeland and God Crown success.Reminder: The program workswithout the Net :)We hope that the new program will be in the leveland the application will be constantly updated, God willing.Do notgive us a positive evaluation and give 5 *****Thank you
Car Racing 2016 Free Game 1.2 APK
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Car Racing Speed 2016 is an incredibly fast paced action packedracing game for the one who prefer something a little morerealistic.It features some pretty good graphics You can go aboutthings by challenging your driving skills.Love driving and actionpacked games? In this latest thrill driving game you will findboth!Now you can ride like flying at full speed and with the 3Dracing operation in the most exciting game of racing at full speed!You will experience the pleasure of life by dominating street.Thespeed of the car is running full speed and the foot is on thepedal, increase the speed of the car, and get unlimitedsensations.All you have to do is take control and drive your car onsome of the fastest race tracks in the world.increase youradrenaline racing with cars from the road, you get a real feelingof driving fast on the road and avoid the accident with anothercar.The Real Car Experience is a true-to-life automotive journeyfeaturing the most prestigious cars in the world!The best-sellingfranchise is back for free and it's designed to offer anunprecedented level of driving enjoyment.Try to go as far as youcan and reach the top of the hill. Drive and climb throughoutdifferent scenarios. Change your car and get a new gamingexperience. Download Cars racing 2016 and start racing now!GameFeatures:• Great 2d physics.• Acceleration• Designed for highspeeds like no other game• Premium Car Race• Driving a professionalrace car• Free game with no restrictions!tags:racing car gamesspeedcarsracing gamesdriving games
co.learn.germany.fast 1.3 APK
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أضع بين أيديكم تطبيق تعلم اللغة الألمانية للمبتدئين 2016 مع كيفيةالنطق من الصفر حتى الاحتراف ان شاء الله تعلُّم وتدريس الألمانية معدورات تعلم اللغة الألمانية المجانية، يمكنك تعلم اللغة الألمانيةبسرعة و بسهولة خلال هذه الدروس لأننا نعلمك فقط ما تحتاج تعلمه منالمفردات المهمة و التعابير المشهورةيضم جميع الجمل الأكتر تداولاً فيجميع المجالات كالمطار وتاكسي والبريد إضافةً أنه يضم جميع ماتحتاجهلتعلم اللغة الألمانية بدون حاجة إلى معلم أو انترنتحيث يبدأ بتعليمكالأحرف باللغة الالمانية بسهولة ومن ثم كلمات باللغة الالمانية بعدذلك ينتقل الى تعليمك قواعد اللغة الالمانية في اقل من شهر وغيرها منضرورات تعلم الالمانية ومن نصائح في الجانب الكتابي و الشفهيوسوف يكونالطريق والسبيل لجميع متعلمي اللغة عموما والدراسين في ألمانياخصوصا.الذي يضم جميع المفردات و الجمل الأكتر تداولاً في شتى المجالات:المستوى A1المستوى A2المستوى B1المستوى B2 حروف الهجاءالاوقاتوالازمنةالاعدادالصفات وعكسهاالالواناعضاء الجسمالاهل والاقاربايامالاسبوع و الاشهر والفصولالحيوانات والطيورخضار وفواكهمحادتات قصيرةفيمحطة القطارفي المطارفي الفندقفي التاكسيفي المصرف (البنك)في المطعمفيقسم الشرطةفي السينمافي المطبخفي الصيدلية عند الطبيب ...... الخ.نسعدبأرائكم واقتراحاتكم لتطوير تطبيق تعلم اللغة الألمانية 2016 بدون نتفي كومنتلاتبخلوا بتقييم ايجابي للتطبيقللعثور بسرعة على تطبيق يمكنكماستخدام ما يلي:Taalom al2almania 2016apprendre l'allemandTa3alomlogha lalmaniaTa3lim logha almanyalearn germanyDeutsch lernenI putin your hands the application of learning the German language forbeginners in 2016 with how the pronunciation from scratch evenprofessionalism, God willingLearn German and teach courses withfree German language, you can learn German quickly and easilythrough these lessons because we just let you know what you need tolearn the vocabulary and idioms famous missionFeaturing all camelAlokatr traded in all areas such as an airport and a taxi and mailin addition it includes all Matanajh to learn the German languagewithout the need for a teacher or InternetWhere the characterbegins to teach you in German easily and then words in German, thenmoving to teach you the rules of the German language in less than amonth and the other necessities of learning German and tips in thewritten and oral sideThe road will be the way for all learners ofthe language in general and of student in Germany inparticular.Which includes all the vocabulary and phrases Alokatrtraded in various fields:Level A1Level A2Level B1Level B2Letters ofthe alphabetThe times and seasonspreparationQualities andreversibleColorsMembers of the bodyKith and kinDays of the week andthe months and the seasonsAnimals and birdsfruits andvegetablesMhadtat shortAt the train stationat the Air portin thehotelIn taxiIn the bank (Bank)In the restaurantIn the policedepartmentIn the cinemaIn the kitchenAt the pharmacyAt the doctor...... etc.Pleased with your comments and suggestions to develop anapplication to learn German in 2016 without the Net inCaumontAtboukloa to assess the positive applicationTo quickly findthe application you can use the following:Taalom al2almania2016apprendre l'allemandTa3alom logha lalmaniaTa3lim loghaalmanyalearn germanyDeutsch lernen
Alarm Security System 3.0 APK
cool games
With Alarm Security System you will not be afraid about your phonesecurity (alarm clock), and you will be able to protect your phonefrom the curious person and theft : + First install the app andstart it , + Second click the play button to activate the alarmdont worry if you lock your phone the application keeps working.+And finally if someone touch your smartphone it will ring.if youliked the app dont forget to rate it.Tags :Anti theft alarmSecurityalarm systemsAlarm don't touch my phone
Farm Fruit Crush Games 1.1 APK
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Farm Fruit Crush Games is a best addictive splash and mostinteresting match 3 casual game.match three or more same identicalfruits to make them crush and enjoy fruit cut!Fruit CrushFeatures:• Two game modes: Arcade, Classic.• More than 300challenging levels.• Clean graphics and cool animation effects.•Timing fruit can extend the playing time.• Bomb fruit can eliminatethe fruits around.How to play:• Tap three or more fruits of thesame type.• Try to Eliminate all the fruits, like a ninja, you'llwin the big bonus.• Match the fruits until the boardtransparency,the fruits star will appear.• Final, let the star downto last line in the screen to pass the level.Download, Play the newgame and Have Fun!!!