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Welcome again to ample games we have with Mega Game for you onstartof 2k19. Take challenges to complete concept codes and winlevels inthis modern game. Have you Ever wanted to try a sportscar simulatorby free downloading? So, here it is Car DrivingConcepts: CodeFinder Simulator which will give you a joyfulexperience of cardriving game Now you can drive ultimate cars,drift and feel aracing and science sports car. Car DrivingConcepts: Code FinderSimulator Features: - DYNAMIC TRAFFIC: Drivewith traffic & Dealwith Real Traffic AI INTUTIVE CONTROLS:Simple and Intuitivecontrols with steering wheel, accelerator andArrows GUIDENCE OFTASK: Easy guidance of each task mini maps andindicators are alsoavailable more than other driving games.
SCIENCE FICTIONENVIRONMENT: WE made a great environmentchallenged, you had neverseen before this great environment.
customization & upgradecars: Upgrade your cars with morepowerful Adventure asphalt speedpursuit free of cost with Improvedcar crash engine. Realistichighly detailed sports cars: Realistichighly detailed sports andscience fiction Cool Cars with detailedvehicle interiors. Advancereal physics: Real physics engine gamewith Realistic damage systemof cars also Realistic car drivingThis extreme car driving withgreat mechanic game will enhance yourexperience of car drivinggames. With these car driving conceptsyou will be able to find yourEnglish skills better, also yoursense of humour will lead to peakas its code finder car so, youwill have to be smart enough to findcodes by this code findersimulator. There is a science fiction Citywith illuminating heavylights all across the (Vegas and New Yorkcity) and smart realisticcars, science fiction cars with racingtracks in city and carparking simulation and driving simulator tosimulate our CarDriving Concepts: Code Finder Simulator game. CarDriving Concepts:Code Finder Simulator is the new best free mobilegame to FindSecret Codes while driving fast Code Finder cars in thestreets ofthe Vegas city. Drifting fast of your extreme car anddoingburnouts with advance real physics will be so fun for you.Let’sDrive the most furious sports cars of 2k19, drift aroundthetraffic of Vegas City at high speed with stunts, jumps ontheasphalt ramps. Car Driving Concepts: Code Finder Simulatorcombinesthe realism of Fiction Sports cars and fun driving physicstocreate the best Code Finder car driving simulation on mobileswithits advanced car driving physics engines. This ultimate carwillgive you Joy of Furious car driving with real car drivingconceptsin this code finder car.

App Information Car Driving Concepts: Code Finder Simulator

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    Car Driving Concepts: Code Finder Simulator
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    December 31, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Ample Games
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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF FARMING…. In Farm tractor machine simulator2016 Game you will be able to become a real farming hero as you arenow able to farm building. It’s not time by crafting wheat, barley,canola, corn potatoes sugar beet and all stuff like this as itstake you towards deadly journey as by hand farming and harvestingare difficult. Grow a variety of Dairy Farm crops on your farm townnear township: hay, corn, vegetables, fruits, FISH FARMING, andberries transporter truck In Farming simulation game. “Get ready tobecome a Virtual Farmer in Tractor Farmer Simulator 2017, withenjoyable Agricultural tasks.” Develop your farm paradise tocartoon village Farmhouse, cook dozens of dishes. Prepare yourWonderful farm Paradise: gather Harvester, Poultry, animals,livestock and Seeding Machineries, other resources and open upproduction to bring your farming Factory to prosperity. Craftvarious useful things and dozens farm craft items. Plant beautifulflowers and collect them in to bright bouquets Through TransportTruck. Repair Steamship Island and invite funny tourists to nearbycartoon city make them happy and enjoy the gifts from them.*****TIME TO USE MODERN MACHINES**** Its modern time now the worldhas super heroes. you can also be in super heroes by using modernmachines and done your work in no time. Kids and grandpa/granny canalso play this free game as well as adults. ***** YOU ARE NOW ASUPER FARMER**** You are a farm bureau as you can do farm building,farm crops transport, excavate machine driving and tractor drivingso it’s time to get up and start your career as super farmer. Youcan also take stuff to city by Farm city car and by money you earncan save you land by invasion and clash of land. FEATURES OF FARMTRACTOR MACHINE SIMULATOR 2016: • It’s time to live your dream tobuild your own farm by cultivation seeds of crops. • Best game inall agricultural games. • Smooth controls of all machines likeharvester, sprayer, seeds drill, tractor. • Easy game with tutorialwhich will help you build your farm. • Invite sheep, pig and kittyto your family farm. Almost Zoo with pet! • Grow trees and do applepie. All farmers like apple pie and fresh milk. • Experience thequiet charm of rural life and feel like a real businessman! •Amazing game with Farm frenzy tools like sprayer combine. •Realistic 3d natural farm environment. • Addictive Game play levelsare so, interesting as they growing up from easiest to hardest stepby step without fading fun. • Earn cash to buy or unlock newFarming machine and improving your yields. HOW TO PLAY….. FARMTRACTOR MACHINE SIMULATOR GAME 2016:- • Use Break button to stopvehicle. • Pause to stop game at any time. • Camera button totoggle camera. • Accelerator is to increase speed. • Left/ rightbuttons or steering wheel is to move left and right.
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WELCOME TO JAIL PRISONERS SURVIVAL BUS TRANSPORT SIMULATION GAME:Get ready to feel the throttle of a jail prisoner Bus while itsready to take off with jail criminals and prisoners. Becausecaptain you are the one in charge of Police BUS army prisonertransport. A free new game in which Prisoners with criminalbackground are going to transport to city jail By Police BusCriminal/JAIL PRISONERS SURVIVAL BUS Transport as under CriminalLaw act they have to transport in Cargo ship as they have criminalbosses which surely will attack on police to get them back togangsters way. ****JAIL PRISONERS SURVIVAL BUS GAME STORYLINE:-**** City police caught some criminals as they have criminalbackgrounds and some of them were suspects in murder case but dueto some hidden objects and clues case was pending but after findingclues, evidences of murders in Criminal investigation policeresolve case. Now by criminal major act they suggested to court andunder criminal law they are found Guilty .They are now transportingto city jail By different transport modes as first in police buscriminal transports and some police will also with them in policecars and after in transport cargo ships as they are part ofgangsters and fellow gangsters with criminal minds will surelyattack on them to get their fellows back to gangsters ways. Withyour experience of prisoner flight simulator game and other publictransport simulators being an army police BUs driver ,The airplanepilot, army helicopter pilot and army truck driver won’t be thatdifficult for you. Play one of the most exciting and challengingCargo transport simulator, army truck driver, transport tycoon andcriminal transport van game with state of the art army transportvehicles. Overcome every challenging obstacle of new police busCriminals Transport BUS that comes in the way of your army policeduty and make this jail criminals and prisoners army transport asuccess. HOW TO PLAY:- • Go to transport criminals. • You havelimited time to reach. • Go to destination by avoiding traffic andaccidents. GAME FEATURES: JAIL PRISONERS SURVIVAL BUS TRANSPORTSIMULATOR 2017 • Challenging missions to transport jail criminals.• Drive jail prisoners’ bus transportation. • Drive cargo ship totransport Prisoner. • A complete game to simulate prisonerstransport. • Smooth controls of ships and bus. • A real 3Denvironment with police, civilians, prisoners and traffic. •Challenging levels with increasing appetite for playing simulationgames. • Amazing Army Transport Vehicles like Army Helicopter &Army Truck • Multiple Army Prisoner Challenges to Complete PLEASENOTE – JAIL PRISONERS SURVIVAL BUS. Transport simulator Game iscompletely free to play, however some game items can also bepurchased for real money. If you don’t want to use them it’s all upto you as you can also play it free.
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DRIVE TO SAVE THE RESIDENTS OF THE AMAZING ARMY AREA Become theambulance Rescue hero of the amazing 4x4 off-road ambulance game byplaying US ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE GAME in open world with Rescue:This simulation game is the best emergency ambulance simulationgame . You will not only drive the life saving Ambulance but alsorace like Crazy driver ambulance in the 2017 challenging mountainridge canyon roads! A lot of Crazy driving skills with Rescue Teamare necessary to complete all the timeless challenging missions ofthis life saving Rescue Army ambulance simulator! Go at ludicrousspeeds in health rescue ambulance and it is surely not an illusionthat the army patients are nearly dyeing. You have one Army job todo, so do it the best you can! As you provided with army ambulancesiren, become the best ambulance rescue missions parker you arerescue Hope that every life threatened dyeing persons wants. Racethrough the mountain ridge canyon roads and Drive ambulance car tosave missile attacked army and combat army commandos through thetops of the mountains! perform your duty as the ambulance driverand Drive the ambulance car in the Off-Road army area in emergencysituations also provide emergency treatment and operations in wayand take the patients to the Hospital in time through drive armychecks points. US ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE GAME FEATURES: • Full 3Dlarge environment • Smooth ambulance with stretcher Controls •Simulator driving smooth controls • Realistic off-Road graphics •Engaging ambulance missions • Drive the patients to the hospital •Many different routes across the off-Road • Different rescuemissions • Help the victims after a car accident • Winching up: useyour ambulance to rescue people
Super US Sniper Shooter 3D 1.3 APK
Ample Games
The-top sniper shooter in every sense, This Modern Sniper shootertakes you on a whirlwind fantasy tour of the criminals ofunderworld. You are a modern super us sniper shooter ready to playyour part in dangerous sniper attacks and silent assassin missions.So, Eliminate challenge death of combats enemies at street level orchallenge you to take out the single high-profile target. It’s abest Super US Sniper Assassin game in the world as Entire silentcity is in the air of diplomacy and crimes, and it sounds not good,as due to some powerful men, all Us Vegas and san Andréa’s city hasto suffer. It may cause of killer sniper shooter war and clashbetween civilians and police or US army. Now Police/army of gungames decides to overcome on these circumstances and build yourshooter career. So they call Super US sniper shooter assassin shootto kill 3d by sniper shooter which is a sniper commando assassinlike sniper civil and he have sniper camera, super US sniper shoot& combat, sniper yard, and also sniper Us elite with sniperhunting 3d tools. The modern Super US Sniper Assassin guard willkill the terrorist or criminals in time to full fill his snipermissions. Super US Sniper Shooter 3d Game Story Line: WithoutJustice Vegas City or country is like desert or jungle. But itsmodern time and modern city they are in fury because they are inclouds Guns & city crimes, which sound bad. And they havedecided to take revenge or to clean out the entire city from thesecriminals and killers. For the purpose US Army decide to call ofsniper shooter. A boss sniper silent assassin deals with USPolice/army to send most furious snipers to clean all cities likeVegas, San Andrea, and Florida etc. from political dirt and crimes.Now it’s US Sniper Gun’s Assassin's duty to keep his missioncontinues until he succeeds. Play Super US Sniper Shooter Assassinanywhere you want Sniper 3D does not require you to be alwaysonline in order to have fun for this new game. You can enjoy it inthe subway, while flying on a (real) plane, in the car on the roador traffic, during services in a temple (or maybe even on toilet!).It’s like a lone super sniper shooter From time to time; it willnot need to download additional (free) content from Internet. SuperUS Sniper Shooter & Assassin 3d will let you use Limited datausage Our modern game will not consume tons of data from yourmobile even you can use this data to surf the web, watch videos andlisten to free music How to Play: Super US Sniper Shooter &Assassin - Touch screen to aim on enemy. - Use zoom button if youcannot see clearly due to distance. - You have limited time toshoot the enemy. - If you lose your shot enemy will escape. - Usefire button to kill or shoot. - In some cases may enemy attack youback then you have to save yourself also to kill criminals. SuperUS Sniper Assassin 3d game has… - Visually Good Graphics - Modernand Easy controls. - Free unique weapons. - User can upgrade guns.- Background sounds - Multiple targets and Scenarios! - Improveyour skills and accomplish extreme missions - Mini sniper puzzles
SuperHero Mega Ramp Stunts Bike Racing 1.3.3 APK
Ample Games
Download this Superhero Mega Ramp Stunts Bike Racing, Become astuntman and perform bike-racing stunts and have super fun! Welcometo the world of Stunt man bike racing 2018 Games: In Extreme Stuntman bike racing 2018 the most power full ATV Bikes and also racingon bikes free. SuperHero Mega Ramp Stunts Bike Racing is for loversof bike racing games, Perform extreme stunts with your bike andhave fun of stuntman bike rider. This awesome Extreme 4x4 ATVstuntman simulator game is the best ATV 4x4 Maximum speed game tohave real cool fun driving on off Road. Control the quad bike anddon't let the ATV quad bike be destroyed. Play this amazingrealistic ATV Extreme Car racing games and Equip your motorbikeCrush to the maximum to become real driving pro on ATV ExtremeWinter racing. Drive the bike on rough environment and movingplatform to performs massive jumps on a verity of tracks to doextreme stunts. Drive the Extreme ATV Bike and avoid trafficRivals, vehicles while increasing speed to the limits. Enjoy theseMoto racer bike attack and Extreme wheels quad bikes on a dustytrail racing through desert, beach, and mountain and into the snowby Drag racing bike. Are you a daredevil? Simple bike racing gameshas no match for this Superhero Mega Ramp Stunts Bike Racing game,its just like a mega ramp type bike stunts in which you have toavoid bouncing balls, moving platform, punches and speed pendulums.Undertake Different expeditions What's more ride your monstrousfour Real wheels insane ATV Quad bike with high-speed race throughdeath-defying obstacles. This addicting Extreme ATV Quad wheel bikestunt racing fever Game will be a wild ride about mountain Quadbike 3D! Now its time to Face stuntman bike racing challenges foruphill or steep downhill on maximum speed in this snow off-roadrally racing game with an active motorcycle Racer in Extremewinter. you just need to Control 4x4 bike in hill racing highwaystuntman bike racing game-play. Win this multi-level Superhero MegaRamp Stunts Bike Racing championship by driving Extreme ATV Quadmotorbike stunts. If you are bike racer and quad biking love youwill enjoy playing this Extreme endless ATV racing simulator bikeattack race for sure. No gas station to get fuel, furious citymotorbike like traffic rivals and other city racing 3d games youjust need to avoid get vertigo and racing Moto while drifting 4x4motorcycle on rocky tracks in racing 2018 game. Superhero Mega RampStunts Bike Racing 2018 Game features: • Amazing 3D Graphics •Multiple obstacles to make it challenging. • Stunning Gameplay. •4x4 off-Road dessert with ATV ross racing. • Awesome off-roadtracks in amazing hilly environment • Different kind of Quad tochoose from. • Simple controls and Smooth Game Play • Multiple quadbiking levels for driving ATV bike • 10 Challenging levels for bikeriders • Drive multiple super-bikes on Risky Mountains Off Roads •Realistic physics controls for stunt Driving & racing •Breathtaking hill racing missions for quad game • Intuitivecontrols for real 4x4 game experience • Mountain hill environmentfor treacherous off-road tracks • Tilt or Touch to steer
Off Road Army Tanks VS Robots. 1.1.5 APK
Ample Games
off road Army Tanks Vs Robots Is a free Game with 3D real missionsits time of War with modern Robots, as modern robots attack on ArmyBase to Occupy Army base and on the other side army rangers, armyjeeps, army officers, army launchers, army commando, army tanks areready to start Army fight and they are determinant with their armymission. So be a part of their mission you all can play game asarmy men. Army tanks can fight with modern robots that are why inour Game we Use Army tanks it’s like world of 6x6 tanks ready tokilling robots. You can also consider it like simulation game thathow army men behave in army wars and you can clear an armyinterview and find some army job.**** Futuristic Army Tanks VsRobots Game story line: *****Futuristic off-road army tanks Vsrobots is army 3d real mission free of army fighting with terroristrobots. A Robot somehow steals army ID card and enters in range ofarmy with all of his force they take it as robot evolution andstart battle because Futuristic X-ray Robots wants to occupy allregions of army. Futuristic X-ray Modern robots have all theweapons for robot defence. On the other side Army Fighters areready to start proxy war as they have army commando, army 4x4tanks, army snipers, army officers, army shooter, army job and armyknife but now for this version we will use only Army tanks as it’sa world of tanks and they have to stop all enemy robots fromtanks.so its can also a tank battle or tank war against robotattack or robot warfare.so, get into the war and win the game bykill, shot and be a bravo man.How to Play: Futuristic X-ray offroad Army 6x6 Tanks Vs Robots1. Touch screen to aim on enemy.2. Usezoom button if you cannot see clearly due to distance.3. You havelimited time to shoot the enemy.4. If you lose your shot enemy willescape.5. Use fire button to kill or shoot.6. In some cases mayenemy attack you back then you have to save yourself also to killrobots.7. Aim for the head; shoot once and accurately, to stay awayfrom their onslaught.8. It will reward more if you have headshots.Futuristic X-ray off road Army Tanks Vs Robots 3d gamehave……. • Visually Good Graphics • Modern and Easy controls.• Freeunique weapons.• Smooth touch-pad.• Background sounds• Battle tanksover for levels• A unique environment.• Modern tank to fightagainst robot killing.• Support for HD devices and tablets• Smalldownload size• Playable off-line
Underwater Shark Hunting Simulator 1.0.6 APK
Ample Games
Play your part to hunt the sharks in our underwater shark huntingsimulator, you have minimum time given to hunt sharks, but bewareyou have minimum time as shark can hit you back if they reached youthey will kill you. This Underwater Shark Hunting Simulator willlet you know about the underwater sharks and fish’s attacks on you,it will also simulate you to hunt the underwater animals from yourfps. So, Be ready to become a great hunter of the arena and showothers that you are not the loser who cannot hunt. But you are themaster of hunting. Underwater Shark Hunting Simulator Story: -Back-story of Game is: There was a Tourist Ship once Going In Asea. The tourist were want to experience Sea swim, they want tobuild underwater buildings to make underground living city, toenjoy underwater life, But in sea there are some big whales andsharks appear they are so… angry and sharks attacked on people.Sharks starting to eat people some of them had survival skills& some have swimming skills so they escape by surviving. Somepeople commit suicide, as they don’t have any swimming skillsothers dead because of sharks and big fishes catch them and killthem. People who survive from that sharks and big whales hunts callthe police and told about al attacks of sharks and also aboutpeople who commit suicide. Now police of the city send some army toattack on sharks and for shark hunting that is serious killer forpeople. They can kill all sharks, the whales or just angry ones.They are hunting now and this game become now Underwater SharkHunting Simulator they will hunt all sharks from their guns andmake environment peacefully. Underwater Shark Hunting SimulatorFeatures: - Carrier modes. - Easy gun controls. - MinimalistDesign. -Realistic character animation! - High quality Sharksgraphics. - Realistic Pool designs. -An innovative Shooting system!- Adjustable game cameras. - Realistic Guns Shooting To killsharks. -Absolutely different Shooting levels of architecture! -Theunderwater living world is full of diverse Shark.