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Car Racing Game 2018: City Highway Drift Simulator is anendlesscity highway car racing game. This is the most popular genreof carracing as the user will drive the cars on these roads andearn ingame cash. While in the city traffic driving, to get betterpoints,you either need to speed up or pass other traffic carsclosely. Theuser will start with the basic level sports car whichlater can beupgraded with new and expensive cars. Drive withhighest speed asfast as you can, drift racing on the city asphalt.real cars, realtracks, real time racing with epic drift stunts,climb up theleaderboard The user will compete in multiple races andunlock newtracks, the more user will earn in game the more userwill succeed.The user can buy new cars or modify his/her car as theuser canapply sports kit to the car, user can change rim and tires.CityCar Racing Game offers you many more possibilities to change uptheway you drive, so try them all out. Engine upgrades can enhancetheperformance of the cars, the user can win cars in one on onedragrace. No need to brake because of traffic or racing otherrivalvehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and runfullspeed without the police chasing you. The illegal street raceisthe underground race where famous riders compete againsttheseriders in order to make a name for him/herself. Tilt yourdevice todrag your car wherever you want, overtake traffic, earncoins andbuy new cars. This is city highway race as the user needstosurvive through highway tracks as the user would be driving thecaron one way and two way traffic roads as the user needs toavoidcrashes with Cars, Buses, Trucks, Vans and Bikes. Withrapidadvancement in technology, people have latest cars withgreatengine power. Let us explore few highlighting features ofthegame: ߏ️ Ultimate cut scenes and animations.ߏ️ 360 degreecargarage view.ߏ️ Dynamic car controls.ߏ️ Auto transmissionwithsmooth gear shift.ߏ️ Multiple camera views.ߏ️ Authorizedstreetracing tracks.ߏ️ Specialized night racing with LEDlighting.ߏ️Car racing sound effects (SFX).ߏ️ Specialized 3Dvisual effects(VFX).ߏ️ Speech bubbles, animations andguidelines.ߏ️ Smooth andeasy controls. ߏ️ Highly sensitive tiltcontrol with specializedtilt sensor.ߏ️ Supersonic Nitro and TurboBoost.ߏ️ Nitrous tank,sports kit with highly equipped sportscar.ߏ️ Specially designedcinematography for camera angles.ߏ️Shedder effect for racingtracks.

App Information Car Racing Game 2018: City Highway Drift Simulator

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    Car Racing Game 2018: City Highway Drift Simulator
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    June 7, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Tri Stick Games
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Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase Simulator 3D 1.5 APK
Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase Simulator 3D is an amazing copcar driving game. Fast cars and a loud police siren will make youfeel like a real cop on the streets. The user will join policeforce as latest recruit of the force whose responsibility is topatrol all over the city. You are an undercover police officer whocan bring peace back to the grand city.Watch out for any criminalactivity and if there is anything wrong going on user must takenotice and make sure that activity stops immediately. Exploreamazing locations around the open world city in a cop car and keepit free of crime. Patrol all over the city with your highspeed extreme cop car and take a closer eye at every suspiciousactivity. Robbers are looting the city, get hold of your police carand start chasing these criminals and don't let them escape. Showthe criminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grandrobbery mission at any cost. Go full throttle and catch them beforethey escape, criminals are smart creatures so stay on your toes andcrash in cop cars, maneuver through the street and counter thereevery move.Chase against the robbers car and control as a lawlesscar driving crime case. Hop on the highways of the city and crashin to the criminal cars. Use can perform illegal stunt actions andrun full speed with police cars. Customize your ride with variousmodifications. Become a policeman, hop into the car and chasecriminals with great fire power. Upgrade engine with turbo boostand nitro boost, enhance the functionality of the suspension. Youhave to be a great driver and shoot at criminals and destroy theircars. Change the exhaust of car and do the custom paint job on thecar. Save the city and put an end to bank robbery, reckless getawayand cops chasing gangster resulting in damage. Use multiple cop carresources like police lights and siren. Keep the city roads a safeplace by chasing down the most wanted criminals and streetrobbers.Following are some amazing features of the game: HighDefinition HD Display: High Speed Turbo Boosted Highly Equipped CopCars. Criminal Chase Hot Pursuit Missions. Career mode with variouscop cars to be unlocked. Action packed crime chase challenge.Strategical drive in the open world environment. Multiple Cameraangles. Various camera views. True to life sound effects (SFX).Variety of Visual Effects (VFX). Car Crash animations and otherrelated animations. Hit the criminal cars with extreme power andspeed to destroy their. Modify your car and customize the ride youwanted it to be.