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Car Racing game where you conquer the tracks and sky. Thiscarracing deserves best rating for it’s best performance cars onthehighway track. Car Racing & turbo all in one, this carracingis legendary. Car racing turbo tracks is the real deal. CarRacingis powered by top brands of racing sports vehicles. Catchthunderspeed to beat car racing rough opponents. Fastest vehiclesin CarRacing turbo tracks to induces star travel effect. Car Racingisfull of arcade style racing fun on the road. Driving skills amustin car racing, focus enough on the road to never hit thetrafficobstacles. Car Racing is full of obstructions and hurdlesthroughthe games. Challenging racing on snowy, island or deserthighwaytracks in the car racing turbo tracks. Car racingrealisticenvironment packed with 3D original models. Start the carand shootlike a ballistic cannon on the highway roads and racingtracks inthe Car Racing. Unbelievable stunt shows in the Car Racingwith thenitro and realistic drifting on turbo tracks. Show highspeeddriving command in the car racing turbo tracks. This carracing isfull of the traffic cars finding their way on the highway.CarRacing on the beach side adrenaline bumping fast game playprovesthe high value of Car Racing turbo tracks. Extremespeedingcompetition with nitro in the back of a car is therealisticadventure of car racing. Cut out the sharp turns, unveilthedriving secrets of the Car Racing with high performancemodifiedsports cars. Multiple laps, sprints and many more modes ofthe CarRacing include rival challenge. For skilled veteran streetracing& illegal racing champs, competing traffic vehicles iseasy.Keep the city roads busy with the city traffic and car racing.Putthe turbo mode on turbo tracks to crank it up a notch.Maximizeracing experience through drifting, sliding and bumpingintoopponent cars. Do some of the turbo drift for the mostadrenalinepumping car racing turbo tracks experience. Newestconcept in the2018 car racing with the car racing turbo tracks.Giant trackcollection in countryside for the Car Racing TurboTracks. Realgame experience of driving on mountains, and takingquick shortcutson the long paths of the car racing turbo tracks. Nospeed limitfor the racing experts. Legends of car driving withyears ofhighway & off road experience, these drivers don’tpanic on anysituation on road. Car Racing Turbo Tracks features: •Amazingselection of racing cars. • Breathtaking visuals and amazingtracks• Upgrade to the best sporting and racing vehicles with therewards• Modify the colors of the cars in every race • Select therivaland meet their every challenge. Car racing turbo tracks is afreeGoogle Play Store game, download right now. All the milestonesinthe car racing will be done in the car racing turbo tracks. -Takesharp turns over treacherous edges is real expert racingdrivers’deal.- Receive nitrous on the tracks and use it get aheadof therivals in the car racing turbo track.- Take your licensed carforthe impossible challenge.Car Racing Turbo TracksMaximumracingexperience, speedy cars on turbo tracks are real winners

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    Car Racing Turbo Tracks
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    June 9, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Super Soft Inc.
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    Super Soft IT Solutions Vally. 116 Gladstonos Street M. KYPRIANOU HOUSE, 13&14 floor, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus.
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Animal Transport Zoo Edition: Big City Animals 1.0 APK
Animal Transport Zoo Edition: Big City Animals!Animal zoo transportedition to rescue wild animal and save the wild life!From safarianimal ridden tropical islands to big city zoo. Animal transportzoo edition is with the purpose of saving animals from hard cruelwild lifestyle in the jungles. Evacuate disastrous jungleenvironment from innocent wild life and rare animals, deliver themto safe animal zoo environment. Animal Transport Zoo Edition: BigCity Animals has a lots of animal species, become savior of dozens.Animal transporter driving on hilly paths is perplexing &challenging. Don’t be a quitter and deliver animals to wild zoolife. No traffic lights, no traffic rules; just get into the mostfun jungle environment for perfect truck driving, cargo transportand animal delivery to the zoo administration. Play the freed Wildanimal Zoo Game.Animal Transport Zoo Edition: Big City Animals hasbest graphics and an amazing storyline. Aggressive driving whilethe time is short, is very useful in the transporter simulator. Zooanimals beyond farming land owner reach to hunt & capture haveother life threats like natural disasters and famines in jungle.Health environment & medical services like zoo authoritiescannot be delivered into jungles. Wild animal Zoo Game is classictransport game.Stop wondering and get into this amazing worldAnimal Transport Zoo Edition: Big City Animals. Take fun trips ondriving seat, multiple camera option is great to catch many animalsbefore they drown in the floods and get wasted. Wild animal ZooGame is full of missions.Animal transport has long distancetraveling on rough terrains, scanning and monitoring the jungle forthe possible. Park before an animal & let him walk on thetrailer truck ramp to get aboard. Realistic animal walkinganimations for the animal transport truck delivery is amazing. Nomore illegal hunting of wild animals. Let the tourist rickshawrides to animal zoo begin & witness them enjoying petting cuteanimals in zoo environments. Transporting animals in constructionworld full of transporter and truck driving legendary drivers isreally challenging job to get. Great number of animal transport zooedition truck driver have made the big city animal transportation acompetitive business. Fastest driving in Wild animal ZooGame.Classic adventure of animal transportation have spread aroundlots of wild animals of the safari jungles. From alligators to thebig entries of animal kingdoms like elephants and giraffes, allanimal have to be transported to zoo before they are captured andkilled by wild hunters and savage animals. Rescue truck of animaltransport zoo edition is crazy big and can fit the elephants andthe giraffes easily in it. Feature rich animal transport game isfilled with the powerful high horse powered giant trucks. Bigtrailers are second home to wild animals. Crank up the speed withthe best controls and authentic truck simulation controls. Best toget the game now, it is free and currently contains 20 missions ofimmense driving, extreme thrill and best fun. Trailer trucks areequipped with the powerful strong iron fences in the back of thetruck to make the safety of zoo animals sure. Wild animal Zoo Gameis for passionate racing lovers. Animal transport legends aremaster truck drivers. Transport racing with giant trucks is anadventurous journey. Off road driving, truck racing & on timeanimal transport to destination are vital skill required in “animaltransport zoo edition: big city animals”. Jungle life & drivingis far more than usual farming game. Realistic wild life exoticentrants are your passengers. Animal transport zoo edition lets youenjoy legendary drive on dream roads. Wild animal Zoo Game havecrazy tracks.High definition graphics & great gameplay is bestfor enjoying superior driving game of the whole lot. Download theanimal transport zoo edition for free, try to help us with yourfeedback through the ratings and reviews.
OffRoad 4x4 Prado Mud Racing 1.0 APK
OffRoad 4x4 Prado Mud RacingOffRoad 4x4 Prado Mud RacingOffRoad 4x4Prado Mud RacingOffRoad 4x4 Prado Mud RacingOffRoad 4x4 Prado MudRacing
City Construction Crane Simulation: Pro Builder 1.0 APK
City construction is classic building game. Heavy constructionmachinery operating is main task in the City construction game.Increased city population favors City construction. Sites like newschools & corporate offices need bigger space hence the Cityconstruction comes to aid.Excavators & forklifts are bearingheavy loads of the big construction sites, & salute to thoseexcavator operators and forklift drivers who make the Cityconstruction Happen.Hope on & take a Ride to the adventure landwith crane simulation & City construction. Heavy machinery likebig bulldozers & giant wrecking ball holding cranes are majorCity construction elements. Make the building happen beforedeadline in crane simulation. Stone crushing to cement formationand transportation of raw material to construction sites, everychore of the construction duty is presented in the game, “ cityconstruction crane simulation: pro builder”. Truck driving to theperfect parking spot so it can be loaded by city construction cranesimulation: pro builder with the raw materials.Lift up big shippingcontainers with excavators and giant cranes. City constructioncrane simulation has multiple missions of excavation, driving, loadtrucks and parking. A complete package to give you the wholeexperience of becoming a pro builder. Best of all simulators probuilder lets you control the world of crane simulation & Cityconstruction completely. Become capable of handling the Cityconstruction for a better future of city. From tunnels to bridges,City construction crane simulation offers all the features.Immensely effective controls to become the pro builder in the cranesimulation. City Construction Crane Simulation: pro builder specialfeatures.• Multiple control setting to calibrate better driving,handling and parking delivery • Various construction sites, buildplazas and shopping malls.• Realistic sound effects related toconstruction sites and crane engines. • Amazing animation ofdrivers and labors work on the site.City Construction CraneSimulation: pro builder is free to get from the Google play store.Crane simulation is most enjoyable with the stunning graphics whichis offered in the game. Most amazing experience as pro builder isguaranteed. City Construction Crane Simulation: pro builder is waymore engaging & user friendly than any other driving games.Bestexperience of the construction games is guaranteed in the CityConstruction Crane Simulation: pro builder. City construction isspread across multiple fields of construction which includes roadbuilding and skyscrapers planning. Take part in the Cityconstruction to be known as the ultimate pro builder of the city.Amazing Construction skills with modern vehicles and extremelyamazing machinery. Bridge builder pro competition is hectic so keepthe focus on the goal.
Flick Soccer Crazy shoots: Football Superstar Kick 1.1 APK
Flick Soccer Football superstars’ ultimate edition is in yourbeautiful hand to improve your soccer skills. The ultra fantasticgame control of flick soccer superstar will amaze you. Therealistic physics of football game will encourage you to play thisgame again and again. They swipe to shoot control, make this flickshoot game easy to play. Flick your beautiful finger to curve loband shoot the soccer ball from pitch. This is the game that willgive real results of your soccer skills. You can sweep your fingerto play this fantastic game. The game leader boards andachievements make this game wow!The soccer superstar has fivedifferent game modes. Including free kicks, Arcade, time attack,Practice mode to chase your target and final mode to yourincredible soccer skills. The important thing is game is offline.You can enjoy this game anytime and anywhere. The primary cause& object of the this type of sport is to score by getting theball into the opposing goal avoiding from goalkeeper. It is knownas different names IEEE Association football, Five-a-side football,Futsal, Indoor soccer, Paralympics Football, Beach soccer, Streetfootball, Rush goalie, Kepi yuppie, Football, Freestyle Football,Harrow football, Gaelic football, Penalty Kicks and shoots,Winchester College football, also known as Winkies, Beach soccer,Indoor soccer or Arena soccer, and football or soccer but commonlyit is known as Football or soccer game. The graphics of the gamemakes it incredible. Real environment of the soccer superstars makesoccer players happy. The graphics tell the whole story of the gamewith special effects. They are including different game playingtimes, millions of audience, weather conditions, rain, rainbow, andsnow. The soccer balls are also an amazing thing in the game. Theyconsist of new ultra super footballs, new uniforms of players andplayer animations. The flick shooter lovers are invited to playthis best flick soccer superstar’s game. This flick shooter gameincludes numerous game levels, multiple game modes, endless gametargets, easy to learn and hard to master game. A real-time killinggame that you will love to play again and again. School going andparents of school going will be in love this flick kick game.Because their memories will be recalled and they will feel amazing.Before this flick shooter game football game was not a big fun. Butby playing this flick shoot soccer game, you will realize that thisflick shoot is football game at its finest.You can Enjoy footballgoals, soccer goal, juegos de futbol and much more.Features ofFlick Soccer Superstars :• Realistic Soccer ball movement with realearth physics• Incredible game graphics• Free kicks are availableagainst defenders and goalkeeper• Practice mode to learn basics ofthis soccer game• Clock race football game• Fast target achievingpractice• Crazy football soccer stunts for extreme footballsupporters• Improved 3D graphics, physics, animations and flickshoot control• Stadium filled with fans• High detailed game scene•Fast and lightweight game with high processing speed• Dedicated andenjoyable sounds also music at every turning point with an awesomevirtual reality.• Frequent updatesHow to become Flick SoccerSuperstars:• Place your finger at soccer ball and drag to goalkeeper• After dragging finger make a angle to puzzle the goalkeeper• Using this method, you can make successful penalty andprove yourself a superstar• Also, you can purchase angles and areafor puzzling the goalkeeper.What we love?Install and play thissoccer football game. We love to hear from you, the amazing people!Your words are really important for us. Give us feedback of thegame. This will motivate us to improve our every skill to make thissoccer game.
Criminal Transport Military Truck 1.0 APK
Military truck for gritty criminals, transport the incredible giantmonster criminals to off road far away destinations. Arrested warcriminals from Assassin's den are realistic human weapons. Born tokill, psychotic and half baked war philosophers are the enemy.Highly dangerous targets include enemy sniper of high elitemilitary standards. Don’t lose them as they are the walking timebombs, ready to explode, make chaos and kill civilians to terrorizenation. Get on the case, teach criminals a lesson by transportingthem to the demon house which they deserve. Gangsta criminalsarrested after multiple counts of theft, robberies and murders aretoo violent to keep in normal prisons. Become a military leader inArmy base adventure truck transporter. Journey from one army checkpost to an other, this is the classic case of army drive in armyvehicles. Best of Cool army games, criminal transport militarytruck is packed with army careers like army truck driver jobs.Missile attack terrorists are on board, which makes this armyvehicle driver very dangerous. This army cargo is superiortransport simulator, unlike city driving or cab driving this one isactually really difficult. This one is a Military truck simulationon euro lanes with highest driving skill capacity. Like a flyingrobot army rescue, save civilian from heinous criminals reach,grand hero entry should start with a bang.Authentic drivingcontrols for smooth driving uphill and all the way up to the hillstations and much more. After enemy Army tank attacks failed,captured warrior enemy veterans are being transported to thejustice courts for the hearing. Furious Tank battle has not endedwell for enemy. Now handcuffed criminals should be taken to thespecially designed prisons for them. Criminal Transport MilitaryTruck is full of fast driving action on off road hillside roads,empty highways and edgy small town dirt tracks. You job isbasically a treasure transport as the criminals you’re transportingare off high value and interest to the national security. CriminalTransport Military Truck special Features. • Realistic Graphics andMultiple army vehicles are there to drive. • Heavy transport dutyon the go • Classic vehicle control in the army designed stiffconditions and rough environments. • Heavy transport of weapondelivery and arsenal shifting • War criminals capture and control •Clean driving and simulation game play, best driving skill test inthe game. • Best driving job for military prisoner’s service. • Putthe dangerous prisoners to the place they deserve. This is a timefor the central jail in the Criminal transport military truck,start moving with the extreme pace. Drive army truck like a bossand deliver the transport ship to the destination in time. Policeprisoner bus services will take the prisoners to the unspecifiedlocation after that. Santos Adventures of driving in furious warscenarios, while bomb & shelling are going on and soldiers aredyeing. Classic metal clinching & prisoner escaping stories,insane amount of action & thrilling game play to make you gaspwith excitement. Like a world war enemy conquering fortress afterforts to expand the territory, meanwhile commando covert &stealth missions will bring the justice & help your nationcatch the most dangerous spies and enemy war criminals.
Turbo Car Snow Racing Tunnels 1.0 APK
Frozen lakes in winter are best for the furious adventure of carracing. Turbo cars adventure on still water slide is amazing winteroffering.In turbo car snow racing tunnels, furious experience &invoking thrill of adventurous riding of selectable ice tracks isprestigious entertainment. Leave urban street driving adventurememories & set out to become snowstorm champion of car racing.Vehicular beasts like turbo cars are the marvelous strength onthese tracks of shrewd obstacles. Use turbo car strength to beatrivalling racing squads marginally & park the racing car atdestination with grace and content.Gritty attitude of racing cardriver helps in ways you cannot imagine. Outbreak of extreme paceand adrenaline pumping gameplay action will surely mold you into aracing car games lover. Astute driving skills & killingreflexes for better and calm racing & driving endeavors. Keepthe racing car engine well heated in the Freezing temperaturepushing harder accelerator. Racing tracks on your fingertips willhelp overcome all the difficulties, which are posed by theimmensely hard environment of snow racing. Turbo car snow racingtunnels is a detailed journey for the perfect training to becomebest at racing mantra. Multiple racing car classes to maximizeracing trend more immersive and relevant to the current scenariosof universe racing. Competition week has just arrived so enhanceyour amazing car collection. Pull up the socks & enter into thecrowd of thrill car racers only to be stand out as the solechampion of them. Little ramps, big ramps; everything about it isfull of excitement. Realistic environment featuring penguinswalking around and having fun. Inspect your car performance andthrive for the excellence in the turbo car snow racing tunnels.High end stylistic game design will help you conquer the snowracing world in no time. You’ve got license to wreck the roads,splashing snow behind and tricking opponents into smashing carsinto each other. This wreck party never stops in turbo car snowracing tunnels. Most high performance turbo cars are up the alley,ready for challenge and waiting for you to pound the gas pedals.Fresh racing track layouts, extensive details in the form of uniqueenvironmental geometry. Real time racing experience is onlyachieved with the immense focus on the track and by having bettersense of racing overall. Boosters enhance performance of the turbocars temporarily, take advantage and overtake all other racers inthat time. You will dominate the turf with auspicious visuals andgreat handling. Unique controls and handling for each car.Supercharge your turbo cars to have the upper hand over the enemy.Beating opponent is the only way of domination in the game. Turbocar snow racing tunnels is special the best around the deep tunnellike snow slides where the ramps tilt the cars whenever you areabout to get relax on the racing course. A millimeter movement gonewrong and you will wreck an expensive race car with turbo chargeron. Be desperate to win in the turbo car snow racing tunnels andunlock the locked vehicles and much more. Astounding revelationsabout rivals of snow car racing will teach you a lot about theenemy.
New York Crazy Taxi Rider 3D 1.0 APK
New York traffic hassles never end, taxi riding is far betterchoice of transportation. Crazy cabbies know their way around thestreet jammed traffic. Traffic blocked on the main boulevardscreating crazy chaos on the roads. Special missions and challengesof driving taxi in New York. Huge expanding city environment is forthe best of the best taxi drivers who are willing to take thechallenge to a whole new level.New York, the best city in theworld, despite having huge mass transit systems needs the taxidriver services. Drive the craziest for the more awards andunlocking the achievements. Passenger pick and drop from uptown,downtown and the beach is the main goal of the new York crazy taxirider. Beat the clock and reach down the destination in time. NewYork crazy taxi rider 3D is the ultimate fun and a thrillingexperience which will leave its marks on your mind for a long time.Get involved in the crazy world of the mass traffic jams and hustlebustle of the New York City. Claim the best rewards for a cabdriver after each delivery. Make your passengers happy with bestdriving skills and chilling attitude at the cab driver job.it isthe high time you become the master of the map, and memorize everystreet and corner of the New York city and become the best sourceof conveyance for the passengers. Follow traffic lights in the NewYork crazy taxi rider 3D and win the best and responsible driverawards. New York Crazy Taxi Rider 3D is offered some specialfeatures as well • Classic driving and simulation of modernvehicles, drive medallion like a king of the streets. • Hundreds ofpassengers to pick, great character animation for each passenger •Clam and soothing environment of a city • Time for you to show themad driving skills of taking the vehicle out of the troubledtraffic jamsNew York Crazy Taxi Driver 3D is free to get from theGoogle Play store, get your free copy right now and give us yourvaluable feedback on the game through the reviews and ratings.Intense city rush driving adventure for New York City Cabbies is onthe way. This one’s an Extreme taxi sim on the market.Mad taxirush, among all taxi simulation, however has the best responsivecontrols, which have both tilt and screen button options. Crazydriving skills on top speed and effective parking techniques willhelp you find a place in the jungle of Prado in the parking lots.Face the challenges of the Immense car parking, turn on the rearview camera to have the better visuals of the mega city. Likedriving school champion, show the modern car driving skills on theNew York city roads. Take the driving test like a pro, get the taxidriving license from the district administration. Ultimate cabdriving experience with this game.
Classic Police Car Parking 1.0 APK
In this police chase game, as a police driver of highway police,chasing criminals & racing after them to catch is the mostamazing thing. Police Car Parking is an Ultimate drivingcompetition between cops and drifters. No speed limit forexperience cop drivers in Police Car Parking. Driving a police carexceeds excitement as compared to other racing vehicles, like a madracing driver, put pressure on accelerator & catch the trafficruler breakers. In 2018, crazy stunt show in the Police Car Parkingwill impress you. Best cop car to feel the adrenaline, & forultimate thief catching on the highway. High end expensive policecars needs delicate drivers. In Police Car Parking there arevarious street racers making it difficult for the public to drive.Drive around in the giant parking lots to find the best place forparking in the Police Car Parking. Criminal figures and outlawsmust be punished, only fast speed racing cars can help you catchthem. Give the citizens some relief by catching them. Specialparking zones for veteran cops are allocated. Police Car Parking isfull of 3D amazing graphics. All policemen park their chasingvehicles there. Criminals are smashing cars, before they ruin itfor every highway traffic vehicle, catch them. Class police carparking is best simulation of police chase and highway policedriver and cops drivers parking in the precinct garages and parkinglots. In classic police car parking, car selection ranges fromsmall and compact racing cars to the big giant trucks for chasingthe criminals outside the city boundaries. Multi story parking lotsand garages in the game make the classic police car parking morefun. Heavy trucks and smart cars, all are the options for the copdriver to try out. Park it back into the place if you don’t likethe driving vehicle. All the glory and rewards for doing the bestjob in Police Car Parking. Plenty of time to select a car. Bestpolice car parking with furious enemies throughout the game. Takethe police parking challenges to a whole new level with the perfectdriving skills, best use of rear view mirror and control over thesteering wheel. Classic police car parking is cop favoritesimulator. Shift up and shift down, catch the gangsters withminimal effort by using police sports car. Hard driving skills indifficult most environments. Sharp turns and top speed racing carsare most challenging combination. Dangerous stopping points andchallenges for the classic police car parking cop driver all overthe track. Like superhero destroying helicopters and planes,highway tracks are your playground like that. Catch them beforethey think of evading. Start hunting for the criminal thugs on thehighway roads. Drive so good that criminal & street brawlersare afraid of you like they are under helicopter strike by alienforces. Classic police car parking features. • Realistic and supercool car design • Wide selection of police cars • Become the superpolice office in brand new police car. • Make the law work in thenew city of criminals and thugs. • Drive on the edgy and mostdifficult paths. • 3D police car models, perfect physics andamazing controls. Classic Police Car Parking is the revolution insimulation games. Real car police prisoner transport medium haveall the adventurous missions to keep you busy. Police Car Parkingis free to get at the play store. Get your free copy right now.Give us your feedback through the comments and reviews.