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This Cardiac Arrhythmia disease app have complete informationofdisease. Improper beating of the heart, whether irregular,toofast, or too slow. This app have lot of information ofsymptoms,Management, Research & etc. Symptomatic tachycardiasandpremature beats may be treated with a variety ofantiarrhythmicdrugs. These may be given intravenously in anemergency situationor orally for long-term treatment. These drugseither suppress theabnormal firing of pacemaker tissue or depressthe transmission ofimpulses in tissues that either conduct toorapidly or participatein reentry. Heart arrhythmia, also known ascardiac dysrhythmia orirregular heartbeat, is a group of conditionsin which theheartbeat is irregular, too fast, or too slow. A heartrate that istoo fast – above 100 beats per minute in adults – iscalledtachycardia and a heart rate that is too slow – below 60beats perminute – is called bradycardia. Many types of arrhythmiahave nosymptoms. When symptoms are present these may includepalpitationsor feeling a pause between heartbeats. More seriouslythere may belightheadedness, passing out, shortness of breath, orchest pain.While most types of arrhythmia are not serious, somepredispose aperson to complications such as stroke or heartfailure. Others mayresult in cardiac arrest.

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