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Caribbean Pirates Navy Shoot WarLive the pirate age in this freepirates warship shooting war action gameGet ready to sail in yourvery own pirate warfare war ship & experience the true navalpirate warfare in this epic pirate adventure action filled weapons& gun shooting navy war game. Be the commander & captain ofyour pirate war ship & command your boat & crew to win thisthrilling battle against other pirates war ships & navy armyboth in this free to play navy shooting sea war game. Set sail onyou battle ship to solve the mystery of the mythical treasure &to win this shooting action filled war against the navy & otherpirates war ships. This free to play game is a true simulation ofthe pirate times & world full weapons, canons, guns, pirates,navy military army soldiers & battle ships. It’s the ultimatefrontline, the most dangerous frontier where navy military army whoconsider pirates terrorists & pirates on their warfare warships collide. So get ready for a crazy adventure in a vast seajust like the Caribbean.Just like captain jack sparrow otherpirates' ships are also heading for the mythical treasure that isfull of pearls & gold & the navy military army is trying tostop everyone which has turned the Caribbean like sea into a battlezone, a frontline, a frontier! It’s not just a treasure hunt questanymore, it’s a race & a quest of survival now. The onceCaribbean like beautiful sea is now filled with war ships &black smoke, navy army military commando soldiers equipped withmodern weapons & guns, pirates equipped swords & canons.It’s a treasure hunt as well as a combat. As you are the captain ofyour pirate war ship you need to perform like a hero in order winthis war & solve the mystery of the mythical treasure. Being ahero won’t be easy though as the military navy army has a largenumber of commando soldiers, rifleman & shooters at theirdisposal along with modern weapons, guns, swords & canons.You've your whole pirate crew at your disposal along with theirswords, canons, gun & arrow & bow to fight the enemy &navy military army. It’s not only a treasure hunt quest anymoreit’s a war for survival. You’ll have to defeat the military navyarmy and kill all the villain enemies to win this war like a truehero captain. Strategy, perfect aim & swift shooting is the keyto success. Winning & surviving this war where bombs reignwon’t be easy. War is no game so expect a lot gun & canonshooting from the enemy. Shoot back & strike hard to killeveryone who is trying to stop you from reaching your goal. Counterenemy attacks to increase your chance of survival & combat theenemy fearlessly. Sail the ocean & go around the city to findthe treasure map you’re looking for. It is a survival fight sosurvive & win this war to complete your quest like a true heropirate captain!

App Information Caribbean Pirates Navy Shoot War

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    Caribbean Pirates Navy Shoot War
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    June 27, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Tag Action Games
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    Yenidoğan Mah. Ordu Cad. No:160 ISTANBUL TURKIYE
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Gunners Battle CityThe famous Gunner is in the town to cheer thecitizensIt’s a free gunner game about criminal domination in thecity and reputation for lawlessness! Your duty will be to perform asecret operation and destroy their stronghold. It’s not a piece ofcandy; it’s not a war of small weapons anymore! Terrorist areequipped with the weapon of modern era and will be ready to you.They are roaming around in the Humvees, surveillance of theirstrong hold is on apache helicopters, Rpg , AK47 are the standardweapons they have and skilled in counter attacks.It’s a new +updated idea game. The gangsters are over the city and the law.They openly demonstrate their superiority over the law and theircriminal skills is way above anything it’s a wicked gangster gameand you need to show your anti criminal skills and prove that youare the boss of town. You will get the tanks to ride and will giveyou the chance to storm into the stronghold of criminals.Unlimitedcriminal tasks would keep you on your toes. Neutralize the no goareas and clear it for terrorized innocent public.Feature of GunnerBattle CityUnlimited challenging battle missionsReal Crime city 3denvironmentBest sound effectsSuperior Gunner gunDrive the battletankUse the RPG to shot down battle helicoptersCoolanimationsfacebook:https://www.facebook.com/topactiongames2015twitter:https://twitter.com/TAG2015_STUDIOSPS. We work hard to ensure thatour games run properly on every major android phone and tablet. Ifhowever you encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy ourgames, please report it to topactiongames2015@gmail.com
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Moto Racer 2017 HDReal life super fast moto bike racing experienceon the roads full on traffic & cars right in the palm of yourhand is out with this new 2017 super motor bikes racing actiongame!All the bikers and fast paced furious racers get ready to testyour driving, drag, drift, racing, fighting & stunts skillsagainst the most dangerous & brutal bike drivers & racersaround as here you would be on the highway, the most brutal roadwith heavy vehicle traffic & cars driving on really fast speed.Drive, race & fight around the city to prove that you are thebest driver & racer. The whole city & its roads are waitingfor you to prove that your are the only racing champion & thehero to all the fast racers. Be ready to take on you rival racers& opponent riders with weapons & guns like stick bats,chains, hand to hand combat & rockets because it’s not just arace it’s the survival of the fittest. Your furious driving skills& the urge to kill the rival bikers will drive you through thistraffic filled highway road and make you the hero & championwinner. You would bet in here and chase your dreams. You haveplenty of super fast modified heavy bikes to choose from and get onthe road to race through traffic, overtaking cars & performingstunts like a true champion hero. You have the nos boost installedon your customized super fast modified sports heavy motor bikes tocatch up with your opponents & then leave them behind. Use yourstick bat, chain or missile ot shoot down & kill your rivals orkick them to throw them off their bikes. It’s a hardcore race agame of life and death while you accelerate. This game is full ofthrill & action to satisfy you adrenaline.Win as many races asyou can to unlock & upgrade your moto bikes. Stunts are grandand thrilling & the whole city want to see them on the roads.Race & fly! Kill the enemy and win the bet. Be the herochampion, Good Luck!***Features***- Easy to Use- Multiple motorcycles.- Multiple environments. Locked and unlocked environments.-Flexible controls- Multiple game modes- one way and two waystraffic modes- flexible and comfortable usage and gears throughwhich you can control it easily- Nice and clear stylized graphics-Tilt/buttons control- Use Nitro to beat opponent- Real life trafficracer- Moving and static obstacles- Collect Cash- Store to buybikes- Endless Run (infinite run)Follow us at facebook to be awareof best android games:https://www.facebook.com/topactiongames2015Follow us at twitter:https://twitter.com/TAG2015_STUDIOSPS. We work hard to ensure thatour games run properly on every major android phone and tablet. Ifhowever you encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy ourgames, please report it to topactiongames2015@gmail.comRegardsTAG2015 TEAM
Road Riot Police Chase 1.3.4 APK
Road riot police chaseBe a super cop on the road while chasing thecriminalsRoad riot police chase is a real racing 3d game allows youto experience the most epic chase on the road. The criminals are onthe run and you need to catch or shoot them down. Proving you themost customized car, having machine gun and missile installed onit. The drug mafia, land mafia and the terrorists are out there onthe public places, disturbing the peace of the city. Your duty isto bring the peace back and crack down and enforce the law.You musthave played many racing games but the excitement of this freeracing game is that you get a chance of testing you’re driving andshooting skills all together. So let’s hit the road and drive likea pro and shoot like an American sniper. An exciting gameplay,shoot and earn the points. A lot of pickups on your way chasing theenemies. Beware!! It’s a public place, criminals will be drivingthrough the city, shopping malls, schoolyard, hospitals, publicparking, so make sure you don’t hit any innocent.This is one of thetop free games in racing.The mission is called “real racingchase”Top game features-Challenging tracks -Difficultmissions-Realistic city environment-Cool physics of cars-Machinegun and missile attacks-Optimized controls-Real sound effectsThisgame is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest Shooting,Racing, FPS, simulation games. Never before will you have foundyourself being a real racing shooterPS. We work hard to ensure thatour games run properly on every major android phone and tablet. Ifhowever you encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy ourgames, please report it to topactiongames@gmail.com
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Tank War RevolutionAnother exciting and thrilling FPS war game byTop Action Free Games.It’s the world war III and every country,city, street has become a battlefield. It’s a world of Tanks andthis machine is definitely dominating other modern warfareweapons.While protecting the city, take an offensive approach andstorm into enemies’ stronghold. You will see resistance in everymission. Foot soldiers, Tanks, Humvees, Apache helicopters willattack you but keep focused and neutralize the sensitive areas andpush the brutal army back.The city is bursting into flames. Thesound of RPG, Gun, Air strikes won’t let you settle down. The noiseof bullets hitting the metal is you are going to hear until it’sover. Protecting your homeland is all what required. Their Snipershooters are deployed on every building, these assassins arelooking for some high value targets. Kill them before they killyou. The powerful Tank you have got can be upgraded, you canpurchase a shield to protect you, a life kit to boost your energy,Air strikes can be called when you are surrounded, and missiles canbe purchased for an offensive strategy.Your country is looking atyou, make them proud!!!Top game features-Multiple weapons-Varietyof Armors to protect-Medical kit -Air strike-Enemies with Gunshiphelicopters, Humvees, Tanks-Challenging missions-Machine gun andupgraded RPG-Optimized controls-Amazing 3D environment-Real soundeffectsThis game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latestFPS, shooting and racing games. Never before will you have foundyourself shooting amidst intense enemy crossfire!PS. We work hardto ensure that our games run properly on every major android phoneand tablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't letyou enjoy our games, please report it to topactiongames@gmail.com
GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD 2016: SUPERHERO SHOOTERThe best gunner of thebattlefield; No Mercy! Go to Victory!You are a hero to the armymilitary because of your previous war & special ops missionrecord. You are the best sniper shooter military army has, a truewarrior a hero of every single shooting arena. Military army trustsyour war, combat fighting, survival & gun shooting skills &know that you are the best rifleman & marksman they have. Thisis why you’ve been chosen for a special operation by the militaryarmy. You will be working as a gunner & sniper shooter from themilitary & help to win the war against enemy forces &terrorists at the same time to save your city & country. Useyour modern military weapons & army guns to combat & killenemy terrorists. Along with your super weapons & modern gunsyou have navy & air force to help you. With navy war ships& air force’s fighter aircrafts & jet you can destroy &kill enemy terrorist more easily with bombs & air strikes. It’sa war for survival & only a true commando hero soldier like youcan help win it by destroying & killing enemy. Enemy hasdeployed all his force including sniper shooters in order to stop& kill you so use all your skills to strike as hard as you canin order to survive & win this war. Combat the enemyfearlessly. Shoot accurately because that’s the only way you aregoing to win this war. The only thing you can trust now are yourguns & your shooting skills.This free to play 3D action gunshooting war game has enough missions to keep you shooting forhours. Shoot like a true sniper shooter commando soldier & winthis war to save your city. Counter all the shooting from enemyside because it is the most important way of survival. Strike hard& continue gun shooting unless & until you kill all theenemy terrorists & win this war like a true military armycommando soldier hero for your city.Enjoy this amazing 3D shootergame GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD! And Please do not forget to leavecomments about this free shooter war game! Your comments are sovaluable to us!Features:- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter)scenario- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off the game-Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks- Airforcesupport- Well built storyline- Efficient weapon controls &movement- Excellent environment- Fabulous war sound effects- EasyGUI and controls- First person shooting- Real war battlefield-Enemy shooters- Best shooting game- Tanks, shooting gunmen,helicopters and aircrafts included in the gameHow to Play:- Touch& drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon- Tap thefire button on the right side of the screen to start shooting andyour assault- Use bazooka to destroy enemy tanks and helicopters.-Use aircraft support to destroy all enemy forces in clickFollow usat facebook to be aware of best android games:https://www.facebook.com/topactiongames2015RegardsFor any questionsand issues please contact us via e-mail. Top Action Games 2015Team!