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Cars Coloring Book is the free painting and drawing game for anyage, kids and adults on Android. This free coloring book for kidscontains many pictures of cars, vehicles, sport cars, trucks,motorcycles, motorbikes, old-timer cars, police cars, emergencyambulance cars, firefighter cars, trucks and other technics. Everyboy, guy or men will love painting cars coloring pages of this coolcoloring book.Cars Coloring Book is the best coloring book game formens any age, from 3 to 100 years old! ;)Cars Coloring Book has 50+car coloring pages for kids and adults, especially for boys: sportscars, modern cars, motorcycles & motorbikes, vintage classicretro cars, police, ambulance, emergency, firefighter cars andvarious trucks coloring pages. Cars Coloring Book is absolutelyfree!Cars Coloring Book is very easy to use and even baby ortoddlers can color, paint and draw with Cars Coloring Book app!Cars Coloring Book best features: - Coloring book created for boys,guys and mens any age from 3 to 100 ;) - Cute & Cool design -Good for relaxing and crativity development - Contains more than 50coloring pages of auto, cars and other technics - Variousdifficulty levels, from the very simple pictures to quite detailedpages - Extremely easy-to-use for all, even for kids - Adapted forsmartphones and tablets, any screen resolution - Share results onFacebook, Instagram and other social apps - All coloring pages arefor free! - Awesome coloring book for any age. Cars Coloring Bookhas a wonderful gallery of cars and auto coloring pages:- Sportscars coloring book- Modern cars coloring book- Motorcycles &motorbikes coloring book- Vintage old-timers coloring book- Police,ambulance, firefighter & taxi cars coloring book- Truckscoloring bookCars Coloring Book app is very easy-to-use! - Select acoloring page for coloring- Select the color you like- Tap on thearea you like to draw- Save and share your car coloring pages viafacebook, twitter, instagram or other social media or send viaemail, whatsapp or other messenger.Enjoy and color with the bestCars Coloring Book for kids absolutely free!

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    Cars Coloring Book
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    May 22, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    630090, Zolotodolinskaya 31 - 20, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
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Welcome to the fantastic world of magic unicorns - Unicorn ColoringBook! 🦄💖 * Unicorn Coloring Book is a cool coloring book for kidsand adults. * Unicorn Coloring Book is the best coloring book foreveryone who love unicorns. * Unicorn Coloring Book has 30+beautiful unicorn coloring pages for everybody who want to relaxand have fun! The most amazing unicorns are waiting for you!Creative and color a wonderful unicorn with Unicorn Coloring Book!Color magic ruff, horn, body of unicorns. Unicorn Coloring Bookperfect for kids and adults imagination! Try Unicorn Coloring Bookcollection for absolutely FREE: * cartoon unicorn in UnicornColoring Book * realistic unicorn in Unicorn Coloring Book *unicorn with rainbow in Unicorn Coloring Book * anime style unicornin Unicorn Coloring Book * kawaii style unicorn in Unicorn ColoringBook * dreaming unicorn in Unicorn Coloring Book * hipster unicornin Unicorn Coloring Book * romantic unicorn in Unicorn ColoringBook * unicorns with rider-girl in Unicorn Coloring Book UnicornColoring Book is very easy to use: * download game Unicorn ColoringBook from Google Play * open and select a coloring page of UnicornColoring Book * color unicorn with 3 built-in palettes * zoom in,zoom out for coloring small details of unicorn * select another onepicture in Unicorn Coloring Book * сolor and recolor as many timeas you want * create your own color combinations in this awesomecoloring game * all colouring unicorn is saving in gallery ofUnicorn Coloring Book * share your coloring Unicorn with yourfriends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp andother social networks Unicorn Coloring Book is the game for thewhole family: adults can use it for relax and anti-stress coloring,kids for fun coloring unicorn game. It is a free and fun book forall ages. Everyone can select perfect unicorn for him and color itas he want. Also you can use Unicorn Coloring Book for drawingunicorn on the paper: Unicorn Coloring Book includes drawing forbeginners and experts. This coloring game works offline! No Wi-fineeded to relax and enjoy on the best coloring book. UnicornColoring Book is absolutely free: - no paid content - noregistration - no coins - all for FREE! Enjoy unicorns and coloringgame with Unicorn Coloring Book! We are waiting for your commentsand suggestions for our Unicorn Coloring Book. Believe in Unicorns!😉🦄💖
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This simple and attractive game helps you or your children to learnmultiplication table (times tables) and pass school exams. The apphas following modes: - Learn multiplication table - Test knowledgeof multiplication table Setup multiplication app and have a funtraining your brain for school math tests, surveys, exams. Playinggame is very easy, just follow our instruction: - RunMultiplication app - Select "Learn" or "Test" mode - If you play"Learn" * Select digit * Check the table for selected digit * Thenstep by step remember multiplication results * And click the rightanswer after every step - If you play "Test" * Check exercises *Click the right answer * Win if you passed 10 exercises Enjoyplaying Multiplication Tables game! Learn times tables and be readyfor school tests!
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"Логические задачи" - это игра на сообразительность разного уровнясложности. Решение логических задачек помогает тренироватьлогическое мышление, дедукцию. Игра также развивает память,внимание к деталям. Некоторые задачи требуют отличного знанияматематики, некоторые - умения нестандартно мыслить. Игра подойдёткак взрослым, так и детям, школьникам, ученикам начальных, среднихи старших классов, студентам. Все логические задачки в игре разбитына 5 блоков по 20 задач. Чтобы получить доступ к каждому следующемублоку, нужно правильно решить хотя бы половину задач из предыдущегоблока. Создавая эту игру, мы постарались подобрать уникальныелогические и математические задачи из различных источников: отсборников олимпиадных задач по занимательной математике советскихлет до головоломок из народного фольклора. Тренируйте логическоемышление и получайте удовольствие вместе с игрой "Логическиезадачи"! Версия для iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1180480230"Logical task" - a game on the uptake of different levels ofcomplexity. The decision logic brainteasers helps train the logicalthinking, deduction. The game also develops memory and attention todetail. Some tasks require excellent knowledge of mathematics, some- the ability to think outside the box. The game is suitable forboth adults and children, schoolchildren, students of elementary,middle and high school students. All logical puzzles in the gameare divided into 5 blocks of 20 tasks. To get access to each nextblock, you need to correctly solve at least half the problems ofthe previous block. By creating this game, we tried to select aunique logical and mathematical problems from a variety of sources:from the collections of olympiad problems of entertainingmathematics Soviet years before the puzzles of folklore. Train yourlogical thinking and have fun with the game "Puzzle of theproblem!" Version for iOS:https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1180480230
com.infokombinat.testgirls 1.12.1 APK
"Тесты для девочек" - это сборник лучших психологических тестовспециально для девочек школьного возраста. Установи приложение иузнай: на сколько ты интересная личность, что тебя ждёт в будущем,как наладить отношения с подружками, как найти парня и многоедругое. Более 20 тестов специально для тебя, абсолютно БЕСПЛАТНО,не требует подключения к Интернету! Список всех тестов: -Оптимистка ты или пессимистка - Насколько ты в себе уверена -Насколько ты самостоятельна - Насколько ты любопытна - Насколько тывзрослая - Насколько у тебя развиты организаторские способности -Насколько ты смелая - Чего ты ждешь от жизни - Твоя самооценка -Твои склонности - Добрая ли ты - Болтлива ли ты - Спортивная ли ты- Модная ли ты - Хороший ли ты друг - Конфликтная ли ты - Лидер литы в компании - Как на тебя влияет чужое мнение - Твои отношения сродителями - Умеешь ли ты нравиться - Нравишься ли ты мальчику -Сколько мальчиков мечтают о тебе - Магнетическое притяжение -Сможешь ли ты сделать первый шаг Пользоваться приложением "Тестыдля девочек" проще простого: - Установи и запусти - Выберизаинтересовавший тебя тест - Читай вопросы и выбирай один извариантов ответа - Читай результат теста и узнавай много нового осебе ;-) - Не забывай регулярно обновлять приложение, чтобыполучать новые психологические тесты! Устанавливай "Тесты длядевочек" и познавай себя, удачи! "Tests for girls" - a collectionof the best psychological tests specifically for school-age girls.Install the application and find out: how much are you interestingperson that you'll get in the future, how to establishrelationships with her friends, like to find a guy and a lot more.More than 20 tests specifically for you, free of charge, does notrequire an internet connection! List of all tests:  - Optimistor a pessimist you  - Are you sure of himself  - Are youself-sufficient  - Are you curious  - Are you an adult - How have you developed organizational skills  - Areyou brave  - What do you expect from life  - Yourself-esteem  - Your addiction  - Do you Good  - Doyou gab  - Do you sport  - Are you fashionable  -Are you a good friend  - Do you Conflict  - Are you aleader in the company  - How do other people's opinions affectyou  - Your relationship with your parents  - Can youplease  - Do you like boys  - How many boys dream aboutyou  - Magnetic attraction  - Can you take the first stepTo use the app "Tests for girls" easier than ever:  - Installand run  - Choose the test you are interested in  - Readthe questions and choose one of the options you  - Read thetest results and learn a lot about yourself ;-)  - Do notforget to regularly update the app to receive new psychologicaltests! Sets "Tests for girls" and acknowledge yourself, good luck!
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Easy Hairstyles step by step DIY - a collection of beautiful,fashionable, stylish, unusual and at the same time very easy tomake hairstyles for owners of long hair. Do not know what hairstyleto choose for today? Install our app for absolutely free and youwill definitely choose a cool hairstyle. Using our step by stepinstruction you will make it easy. Easy Hairstyles step by step DIYcontains dozens of hairstyles and instructions how to make them.All photos of hairstyles are made by professional photographers andpresented in excellent quality. All hairstyles and step by stepinstructions are free, does not require an internet connection!Dozens of hairstyles for all occasions: - Wedding Hairstyles - PromHairstyles - Hairstyles for birthday - Hairstyles for holiday -Hairstyles for sports - Office Hairstyles - Hairstyles for abusiness meeting - Hairstyles for School - Hairstyles for collegeand university - Hairstyles for every day and for any other eventsin your life with steps by step instructions! If you're a mom ofgirl, this app will solve your problem with a daily selection ofhairstyles for your child. Just download the app Easy Hairstylesstep by step DIY and your little princess will always be the mostbeautiful girl with her new and charming hairstyle that you madeyourself easily! Install the app Easy Hairstyles step by step DIYand enjoy how easy it is to braid the most fashionable hairstylesstep by step!
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Best Hairstyles step by step is a great and absolutely FREEcollection of beautiful hairstyles tutorials for women with longhair. Best Hairstyles step by step helps thousands of girls everyday. Do not know what hairstyle to make today and how? Install ourapp, choose the best hairstyle and do it yourself very easy! Theapp contains tens of the best hairstyles tutorials with the highquality photos, and everything for FREE! All step by step tutorialsof hairstyles are made by professional stylists and photographers.You will be excited of the quality of pics and how easy to make ourvery beautiful, fashionable, stylish & unusual hairstylesyourself! All hairstyles step by step instructions are FREE! Noregistration, no coins, no payment, no purchases are required. Justset it up and use! Dozens of hairstyles for all occasions: -Wedding Hairstyles - Prom Hairstyles - Hairstyles for birthday -Hairstyles for holiday - Hairstyles for sports - Office Hairstyles- Hairstyles for a business meeting - Hairstyles for School -Hairstyles for college and university - Hairstyles for every dayand for any other events in your life with steps by stepinstructions! You are a parent of girl? Try our app to hairdressyour little princess very beautiful and unusual. Best Hairstylesstep by step will definitely help you do this. Enjoy the BestHairstyles step by step tutorials! Do it yourself and be the bestevery day with the Best Hairstyles tutorial on Google Play! Versionfor iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1258695225
Times Tables and Division game 1.6 APK
Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 10 and practice Divisionplaying Times Tables game. This easy math game will help you oryour kinds learn times tables. Practice in multiplication anddivision. Prepare school homework and pass math tests and exams.Times Tables math app has two modes "Test" and "Learn". Passing"Test" you can fast and effectively check your knowledge ofmultiplication and division. There are 3 levels of difficulty formultiplication and 1 for division. Try all 4 levels of test toensure you can multiply perfectly! "Learn" contains 9 tables foreach digit from 2 to 10 and link to practice one digit math quiz.Enjoy learning multiplication table and division playing this coolmath game!
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If you like kawaii, but don't now how to draw in kawaii style –this app exactly for you! We chose and drew for you very cute andsimple kawaii drawings, so you can sketch kawaii step by step. Theapp is very easy to use: you need a pencil and a piece of paper,open the application, select the picture you like and learn how todraw animals, flowers, stars and others in kawaii style. Followingstep-by-step our drawing stages, reproduce on the paper what yousee, and later it will be easier for you to draw any own characterin kawaii style, as you like. In the app we included: - Kawaiifaces drawing tutorials - Kawaii animals drawing tutorials - Kawaiifood & sweets drawing tutorials - Other cutest kawaii heroesEnjoy drawing with the best How To Draw Kawaii app on Google Play!