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This app is being developed to assist the Farmers in selling theirproduce for most optimized price. Since decades, Cashew producershave been well exploited to the peak. Because, they have beenshielded from the actual market. In fact, they are not aware ofcurrent market demanded price of their produce (cashew). The moneylenders/Local Merchants/Local dealers have been attending tofarmers monetary (input) needs and acquiring their produce (rawcashew) as a substitute to debt. This is being sold to the marketat profitable price. So, money lenders/Local Merchants/Localdealers have been the beneficiaries and root level producer(farmer) incurs immense loss. Even farmer is unaware of thisscenario. It’s a pathetic note demanding Govt intervention to mendthe situation.To actively address the situational need and enablethe (producer) farmer as the ultimate beneficiary, SERP hasvoluntarily intervened with the Marketing process of Raw Cashew. Asmany apps we delivered, this also resembles a survey app (but notabsolutely.) This app is ought to capture the data in two phases.Pre procurement phase and On procurement phase.Pre procurementphase: Data to be collected in advance to aggregation/ procurement.Namely (2 months in advance).Pre procurement data: This includesdata collection over three aspects mentioned below.Farmer ProfileDetails of Last year Market Affinity to sell RCN via FPOOLAM, VLCare major RCN Buyers. They are commercially committed with SERP topurchase RCN directly from Farmers through FPOS. This is to elevateFarmer as a principal beneficiary. Yet, certain section of Farmersare still not aware of this scenario. So, SERP has to mobilizeFarmers to sell their RCN through FPOS. To obtain the extent offarmers still to be mobilized, this section Affinity to sell RCNvia FPO is included in app. Moreover, this questionnaire istargeted for Farmer. It’s Farmer specific data to be captured.Hence it should be included within pre procurement module.OnProcurement data: This includes data collection over three aspectsmentioned below.Price list offered by BuyersFarmer wise RCNuploadBuyer wise RCN received


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MangoBox 1.0 APK
Mango box is a place where you cangetinteresting challenges which can get you many things likeprizesand discount coupons instantly.What makes mango box different from others..It will give you instant prices and Exiting challenges which canbefor all age Groups
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The AP core Dashboard mobile application is used to evaluate theperformance of various departments in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
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Bluefrog’s Instant Application Builder is a friendly, elegant,consolidated user interface for creating rich web pages, forms andreports as well as data tables and queries. The application enablesusers to build and deploy Rich Applications in minutes. All ofwhich can be deployed cross-platform on the desktop, Mobile, PDA,Tablets or in the browser with a single click.
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Bluefrog’s Instant Application Builder isafriendly, elegant, consolidated user interface for creatingrichweb pages, forms and reports as well as data tables andqueries.The application enables users to build and deploy RichApplicationsin minutes. All of which can be deployed cross-platformon thedesktop, Mobile, PDA, Tablets or in the browser with asingleclick.
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Group communication refers to communication between 3 or moreindividuals.Small group communication includes numbers from 3 toabout 20 people, and large group communication includes numberslarger than that (i.e., a lecture hall of 300 students or atheatrical production with an audience of 3,000). For communicationbetween two individuals, see interpersonal communication.Communication is the activity of conveying informationObjectives:-*Better reach across the organization* Reaching a person or a groupis just a click away* Multiple communication modes such as SMS,Voice, Conference, Video, eMails etc.* Easy inter departmentaltasks allocation and monitoring* Creating a group employee wise,designation wise, location wise and department wiseBenefits:-*Feature rich platform* Anytime, anywhere communications* Alwaysstay in contact and thereby improve the productivity* Empowersremote staff/users* Reduce costs with converged communications*Reliable and supports localization* One solution for allindustries* Real-time MIS & Dash Boards
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Entering Data of persons who have undergone Training on MobileCashless Transactions
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Towards the end of the first decade of IKP in the year 2009, it wasobserve¬d that 20% of poor were still untouched, majority of whombelonged to socially vulnerable groups (SC/ST) and thus neededintensive handholding support. To address this critical gap, SERPevolved a more targeted and focused approach under IKP, to fightthe poverty of the poorest known as Unnathi.
This project is a designed for maintenance and tracking the statusof the Self Help Group (SHG) in a particular SLF and application isdealt with various modules of Loans give to SHG, loans given to themembers by SHG and repayments of loan EMIs, and maintaining eachand every transaction with members and Bank by SHG. This alsomaintains the member savings, insurances, and finally displays theentire SHG balance Sheet information in 3-different screens. Wesend the maintained information to Server from mobile application(WG MEPMA MBK).