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1.Three Card Poker
2.Crazy 4 Poker
3.Caribbean Stud
4.Black Jack
7.Let it Ride

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    Casino Games-All
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    April 9, 2017
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Özlem Baştuğ
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Translated EnglishFrançaisAllemandThe meaning of tarot is not atall straightforward. On its face a tarot deck is simply 78 cards,broken into two arcana - the major and the minor.  The majorarcana consists of 22 cards in a sequence; the minor arcana is morelike a traditional deck of playing cards (which tarot is closelyrelated to) with four suits of pips (number cards) and court cards.The suits of the minor arcana convey aspects of human liferepresented by swords: the ruling class, cups: the mythmakers -clergy and artists, coins: the merchants, and wands: the workingclass. The major arcana on the other hand conveys a tale of life\'sjourney through darkness and redemption. The mysteries andambiguities begin to emerge when one considers the meanings andpurpose of the cards. Many tarot readers place mysticalsignificance on the cards claiming that they are able to draw upona person\'s energy to reveal hidden aspects of their lives and orfuture. This school of thought places a lot of significance on thequestioner actively handling the cards either through shuffling,cutting the deck, or selecting the cards for the spread. Havingsuch a view it would be hard to conceive of an effective softwaretarot, at least until the advent of smartphones. With smartphonesyou have highly personal devices that are carried by the questionerthe majority of the day at least. It would follow that the samesort of energy exchange would occur under these conditions as withhandling cards, and perhaps even more so. The entire subject ofenergetic or subconscious transference is quite irrelevant however,because regardless of energy transfer spending time with tarot isbeneficial for cognition. Choosing a spread The first step in usingTarotBot is choosing a spread.The options are: The Arrow of TimeDialectic Pentagram Cat\'s Whiskers Chaos Star The Celtic CrossBOTA For all spreads except for BOTA, selection launches youdirectly into the spread. A useful spread when you need reallypractical advice and analysis about a situation. 1 - The past – theunderlying cause of this situation. 2 - What happened in the pastthat was negative. 3 - What happened in the past that was positive.4 - What you need to achieve – your aims. 5 - The future – what orwho will not be helpful, or what you should not do. 6 - The future– what or who will be helpful, or what you should do. 7 - Advice tohelp you achieve your aims. Chaos Star Select eight cards from yourshuffled pack. This is probably the most common spread. Ten cardsare used, with five arranged in a cross and four placed verticallybeside the cross. Another card is placed horizontally across thecentral cards of the cross to make a total of 10. The first centralcard of the cross is frequently the significator and the secondcard which is placed over the first represents the conditionssurrounding the question; or the crossing card often represents anobstacle they must face, an aspect of the question they have notyet considered. The third card which is placed above the firstrepresents what the person hopes for in relation to the questionbeing asked. The fourth card which is placed below the first iswhat the subject has already experienced in relation to the wholespread. The fifth card is placed to the left of the first card andshows what was in the past. The sixth card is placed to the rightof the first card and shows the influence that will come in thefuture. Then on the right of these cards are the remaining 4 cards,which are placed from bottom to top. So the seventh card representsthe attitude of the question being asked. The eighth card is howfamily or friends will influence the question. The ninth card showsthe hopes and fears in relation to the question and the final card,the tenth card, is the Culmination Card which shows the end resultof all of the previous nine cards.