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set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone. downloadslivepoker wallpaper from our store page. we have the bestcollection oflive poker wallpaper. you can also download otherlive wallpaper incase you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, wehad a vast lwpcollection for your smart phone so, check thebreathtaking image foryour smartphone background, and you willfall in love with yourmobile phone again because of playing cardswallpaper. The wallpapercontain picture of beautiful girl in acasino table. a casino issimply a public place where a variety ofgames of chance like dicewallpapers can be played, and wheregambling is the primary activityengaged in by patrons. dicewallpapers. the typical casino adds ahost of luxuries to helpattract players, including restaurants,free drinks and stage showsand dramatic scenery, but there havecertainly been less lavishplaces that house gambling activities.these would stilltechnically be called casinos. a truly enormousamount of moneychanges hands at casinos every year. while there arecertainly bigwinners at the gaming tables every now and then, theonly surewinner in a casino is the owner. casinos make moneybecause everygame they offer has a built in statistical advantagefor thecasino. that edge can be very small (lower than twopercent), butover time and the millions of bets placed by casinopatrons, thatedge earns the casino enough money to build elaboratehotel vegas,fountains, towers and replicas of famous landmarks. thecasinoadvantage is known as the vig, depending on the game. theexactnumber can vary based on how the player plays the game andwhetherthe casino has set different payouts for video poker orslotmachines. feature: 📢 no ads 📢 1 amazing cinematographlivewallpaper for your phone! 📢 hd wallpapers compatible with99%mobile devices note: ❕ this live wallpaper has been testedonlatest devices ❕ bear in mind, this type animation in wallpaperiscalled cinematograph which may not appeal to everyone sodon'tblame the app. ❕ in case you don't like the effect andnotsatisfied please kindly uninstall the app within 2 hours andyourorder will be refunded automatically. ❕ we do not issuerefundoutside of playstore system

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woodenboxlwp.timnasu19.lwp 10.05 APK
Semangat garuda muda sedang berkobar dengan gigihnya, mari kitarayakan semangat kebersamaan Indonesia melalui kemenangan TimnasU19 sepakbola ini. Berikut sedikit info mengenai Timnas U19 2013.Skuat Timnas Indonesia U-19 yang baru saja memastikan diri lolos keputaran final Piala Asia U-19, dianggap sebagai generasi emas sepakbola Indonesia. Memang menarik mengupas hal tentang Timnas U19,semua hal dapat diolah dan diberitakan. Hal itu memang berbandinglurus dengan apa yang telah Evan Dimas dan kawan-kawan buktikandilapangan hijau. Orang-orang pun bertanya-tanya bagaimana latarbelakang perjalanan timnas Indonesia U-19 hingga sukses meraihprestasi fenomenal tersebut. Lalu, siapakah "sebenarnya" timnasIndonesia U-19? Timnas Indonesia U-19 merupakan timnas Indonesiajunior yang saat ini diarsiteki Indra Sjafri. Pelatih kelahiranPadang, 2 Februari 1963, itu sendiri merupakan pelatih yang senangmerangkak dari bawah dan tidak mau ujug-ujug menangani timnassenior. Di luar karier kepelatihannya, ia bisa disebut sebagaisalah seorang one-club man di Indonesia karena selalu bermain untukPSP Padang. Dalam perjalanannya, April 2013, Indra Sjafri sempatdicopot dari jabatannya sebagai pelatih timnas Indonesia U-19.Maklumlah, saat itu masih masa-masanya pemulihan gonjang-ganjingPSSI. PSSI "terpaksa" menurunkan pangkat Luis Manuel Blanco daritimnas Indonesia (senior) ke timnas Indonesia U-19 karena BTN(Badan Tim Nasional) PSSI pimpinan La Nyalla Mattalitti sudahmengangkat Jacksen Fereira Tiago sebagai pelatih timnas Indonesia(senior). Namun, tidak lama kemudian, akhirnya Indra didaulatkembali untuk menangani timnas Indonesia U-19 karena Blanco menolakdan pulang ke Argentina. Kala itu ia berdalih bahwa dirinyadikontrak selama dua tahun oleh BTN PSSI yang saat itu dipimpinIsran Noor untuk menangani timnas Indonesia (senior). Evan Dimas(lahir di Surabaya, 13 Maret 1995; umur 18 tahun) adalah pemainsepak bola berkebangsaan Indonesia yang bermain pada posisiGelandang.[1] Saat ini ia bergabung dengan klub Persebaya 1927 tapikarena statusnya masih sebagai pemain amatir, ia belum bisamemperkuat klubnya sebelum PSSI mengubah statusnya menjadi pemainprofesional.[2] Evan Dimas juga sukses membawa Timnas IndonesiaU-19 menjuarai Kejuaraan Remaja U-19 AFF 2013 dengan mengalahkanVietnam di partai puncak. fitur: hd graphic 720p cool animation Thespirit of the young eagle is raging with persistent, let'scelebrate the spirit of togetherness Indonesia through soccer U19national team's victory. Here's a little info about the U19national team in 2013. Skuat Indonesia U-19 national team who hasjust qualified for the finals of the Asian Cup U-19, is regarded asthe golden generation of Indonesian football. Indeed attractivepeeling things about the U19 national team, all that can beprocessed and reported. It is directly proportional to what hasbeen Evan Dimas and his colleagues proved the green field. Peoplewondered how travel background Indonesia U-19 national team tosuccessfully achieve such a phenomenal achievement. Then, who isthe "real" Indonesia U-19 national team? Indonesia U-19 nationalteam is an Indonesian national who is currently a junior diarsitekiIndra Sjafri. Coach born in Padang, February 2nd, 1963, is itself acoach who likes to crawl from the bottom and do not wantthatsuddenly handle the senior national team. Outside of hiscoaching career, he could be called as a one-club man in Indonesiabecause it is always played on the PSP Padang. Along the way, April2013, Indra Sjafri was removed from his post as coach of IndonesiaU-19. It's known, when it was his time broke down PSSI recovery.PSSI "forced" demoted Luis Manuel Blanco of the Indonesian nationalteam (senior) to Indonesia U-19 national team for the BTN (NationalTeam Agency) PSSI leadership of La Nyalla Mattalitti Fereira hadalready raised Jacksen Tiago as coach of Indonesia (senior).However, not long after, finally Indra asked to return to deal withIndonesia U-19 national team for Blanco refused and returned toArgentina. At that time he argued that he was contracted for twoyears by the PSSI BTN was led Isran Noor to deal with theIndonesian national team (senior). Evan Dimas (born in Surabaya,March 13, 1995; age 18) is a football player Indonesian nationalswho played at the position Midfielder. [1] This time he joined theclub in 1927 but because of his status Persebaya still as anamateur player, he has not been able to strengthen his club beforethe PSSI changing its status to a professional player. [2] EvanDimas also successfully brought Indonesia U-19 national team wonthe 2013 AFF U-19 Youth Championship by defeating Vietnam in theparty. features: graphic hd 720p cool animation
woodenboxlwp.moonbeachnight.lwp 10.05 APK
feel and watch the calming scenery of beach at night with full moonon your android screen.moon beach at night is a scenery livewallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of beautiful and calmingscenery of cloudy beach at night with full moon, perfect to relaxyour thought. Get this starry night wallpaper and full moon now. ifyou've ever seen a huge harvest moon in the fall, hanging low onthe horizon and glowing a brilliant orange, you may have wonderedwhat causes that orange glow that can make the moon look almostlike the sun. although it seems to change colors, the moon itselfstays the same color year-round. the different colors we see fromtime to time are the result of our particular viewing angle, alongwith the composition of earth's atmosphere. reflection. it takesabout a month for the moon to travel all the way around earth. atthe same time the moon is moving around earth, earth is spinning onits axis and both earth and the moon are traveling around the sun.all this celestial movement accounts for the fact that the moontakes different paths through the sky each night. This is wolf moonand glow light picture. you may have noticed that you're mostlikely to see a brilliant orange moon when it's hanging low in thesky, close to the horizon. that's because you're seeing the moonthrough much more of earth's atmosphere than when you see it highin the sky. earth's atmosphere is like a sphere of gases thatsurround the planet. when you look straight up into the night skyat the moon, you're looking through a thin band of atmosphere thatonly extends a tiny fraction of the distance to the moon. when themoon hangs low in the sky near the horizon, though, you're seeingit through a much thicker layer of earth's atmosphere. the astralplane. why does this matter, earth's atmosphere is filled with allsorts of airborne particles that absorb and scatter light.reflection effects. these atmospheric particles tend to scattershorter wavelengths of light more than longer wavelengths. orangeand red light, which have longer wavelengths, tend to pass throughthe atmosphere, while shorter wavelengths of light, such as blue,get scattered. that's why the moon and the sun look orange or redwhen they're rising or setting. at those times, they're low in thesky close to the horizon and their light must travel through themaximum amount of atmosphere to reach your eyes. features: hdgraphic 720p cool animation
fireflies forest lwp 10.05 APK
feel and watch the flying fireflies in the forest during nightright on your android home screen. fireflies forest night is afirefly wallpaper live featuring an a charming flying fireflies inthe forest at night, ready to light up your night. it is logicalafter-all, fireflies are so lovely, that they had to be the symbolof some kind. well, their meaning if, of course, light,illumination and the like. but this creature stays prettymysterious. the reason is that it doesn’t look very attractive orvery different that any other insect. but it’s only during the day.because at night, it’s when all its symbolic meaning is evident.get this live background fireflies. the amazing thing about thissymbol is that the firefly can represent an exceptional humanbeing. why because the firefly is shining from the inside outespecially in summer glows, just like if it was liberating itsinterior beauty. same thing with human beings. external beauty isnothing without internal beauty that can make a person shine. italso has different meanings, for instance consider the concept ofinspiration. we sometimes say that a light bulb suddenly turned onwhen we have a brilliant idea. i believe fireflies symbolizeinspiration of the imagination. what about the symbol of hope. itis a beautiful symbol. hope is like a strand of light when someonefeels like there is no issue and feels in the complete darkness.then a strand of light appears, and we come back to life, and beginto hope again. guidance is also one of the symbols that fireflylive wallpaper represent. the natural instinct of a being is tofollow the light instead of getting lost in the night. and it’strue that when you’re walking in the night and you suddenly see afirefly, your natural reflex is to follow it, because it isfascinating, and because it looks like it’s guiding us towards theright path. last but not least, fairfly represent energy. naturalenergy, and economic energy. they are producing 100 % of energy, orlight, with their own body and no heat, as opposed to light bulbsthat are producing 10 % of light and 90 % of heat. but it also hasthe meaning of economy and efficiency because they use theirenvironment in order to be as effective as possible and in order togain their energy. retina wallpapers. fireflies are fascinatinglittle creatures. the firefly forest is in symbolism from aroundthe world & throughout the ages. we can find them everywhere welook throughout all parts of the world. features: hd graphic 720pcool animation
waterfall lwp 10.05 APK
watch the shooting nature waterfall at your android screen.waterfall lwp is a calming nature waterfall scenery featuringretina wallpapers of stream of waterfall in the forest duringautumn season perfect to calm your mind. a waterfall is a placewhere water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream orriver. get this live wallpapers of waterfalls and liquid livewallpapers now. waterfalls also occur where meltwater drops overthe edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf. waterfalls are commonlyformed when a river is young. at these times the channel is oftennarrow and deep. when the river courses over resistant bedrock,erosion happens slowly, while downstream the erosion occurs morerapidly. as the watercourse increases its velocity at the edge ofthe waterfall, it plucks material from the riverbed. whirlpoolscreated in the turbulence as well as sand and stones carried by thewatercourse increase the erosion capacity. this causes thewaterfall wallpapers to carve deeper into the bed and to recedeupstream. often over time, the waterfall will recede back to form acanyon or gorge downstream as it recedes upstream, and it willcarve deeper into the ridge above it. the rate of retreat for awaterfall can be as high as one and half meters per year. the webof majestic rushing waterways that cross the mitten state createsmore than 300 waterfalls in michigan. each season, the falls takeon distinctively different personalities. come autumn, they areframed by colorful foliage that accents photos and makes forgorgeous hikes down paths that lead to them. in winter, the fallsare frozen into ice sculptures as stunning as art—and great forrecreational climbing. spring brings the roar of winter's melt, andin summer, weather that's perfect for falls-focused picnics andmore. use this handy region-based guide to help you plan your nexttour of the wonderful waterfalls in michigan. the upper falls at 50feet tall and 200 feet wide stand alone as michigan's largestwaterfalls, the most interesting and and among the most accessible.the tahquamenon river flooding, which flows to the falls, was madefamous in the henry wadsworth longfellow poem hiawatha, and itsname said to originate from indian lore, too. the tahquamenon isspecial in other ways too. it's the second largest waterfall livewallpaper east of the mississippi, with niagara being the largest.during spring, more than peak flow of 50,000 gallons of water dropeach second via the upper falls; that translates to a low rumble inthe parking lot and thundering roar as you reach path's end. fourmiles downstream is the lower tahquamenon falls which is split intwo halves with each more than 100 feet wide and 22 feet tall.features: hd graphic 720p cool animation
woodenboxlwp.tribaltattooswars.lwp 10.05 APK
feel and watch 12 cool tribal tattoos wars right on your androidscreen. tribal tattoos wars is an abstract live wallpaper featuring12 cool rotating tribal tattoos that displayed on a tribal realm. asimple yet elegant tribal tattoos live wallpaper, perfect to boostup your mental energy. the aztec civilization was dominant incentral mexico from the 14th to 16th century. spanish colonizersare said to be the destroyers of this civilization. it is howeververy difficult to say whether today's mexicans derive theirancestry from the aztecs. aztecs have great mythology, which iswhere aztec tattoos and their meanings come from. in other words,the tattoo designs draw their inspiration from the differentaspects of the azteca culture. this also popular in other tribeacross the world. get this pattern wallpaper and tattoo backgroundnow. many early and primitive people incorporated tattoo art orspecial symbols into their societies. this is true of the nativeamericans as well as people from the polynesian and hawaiianislands. the native americans would use objects such as sharpenedbone or rock and carve the tattoo into the flesh. the nativeamerican tattoo would then be filled with soot or natural dyes tostain in the wound. after wars, many men from the winning tribeswould often receive a tattoo pictures free signifying theirconquest and victory. this is spinning circle and circle pin app.different tribes were known by their native american tattoos. therewere different markings to identify different tribes and theregions they were from. native american tattoos also held mysticalor spiritual meanings to those who wore them. mystery symbols. manyearly people believed that the pictures of tribal tattoo wouldendow them with supernatural powers or strength. many people tookthe tattoo of an animal whose strength they wanted to emulate. thestyle of tattooing commonly referred to as tribal tattoos has anincredibly long tradition reaching back over thousands of years.retina wallpapers. many of the tattoo styles we are familiar withtoday were rooted in tribal tattooing in one form or another.tribal tattooing began as a style of tattooing that is (or was, atleast) unique to a particular tattoo culture or sub-culture,typically as a means of differentiating themselves from other localtribes or cultural groups. features: hd graphic 720p cool animation
woodenboxlwp.steamclockstreet.lwp 10.05 APK
feel and watch steam clock at gastown tourist district on yourandroid screen. steam clock street is a scenery live wallpaperfeaturing a retina wallpapers of beautiful and calming scenery ofwet street during a rainy night in vancouver's touristy gastowndistrict at the steam clock, sparking yellowish glow and mistyatmosphere perfect to calm your mind. underneath vancouver, canada,there runs a series of steam pipes connected to a generating plantat georgia and beatty streets. get this live clock wallpaper andtimer wallpaper now. the system provides heat to most of thedowntown core, and provides the steam for the whistles of thegastown steam clock. despite seeming like a remnant of thevictorian era and being located in vancouver’s gastown (which wasthe original townsite from which vancouver grew in the 1870s), thesteam clock is actually from a hundred years later, built in 1977by horologist raymond saunders and metalwork specialist doug smith.saunders was hired by gastown’s local merchants to build the clockas a monument. it also had an alternative purpose placed over asteam grate above one of the aforementioned pipes, it kept localhomeless from sleeping on the warm spot. the analog clock wallpaperis likely only the second steam clock ever constructed, the firsthaving been built by englishman john inshaw in 1859, to drawcustomers to his tavern. because inshaw’s clock was small and veryinaccurate as a time keeper saunders had to reinvent the steamclock from scratch. the new vintage clock proved to be finicky andhard to keep running and required additional funds to get itworking properly. saying the clock is steam powered is a bit of amisnomer, as the clockworks itself is powered by descendingweights. the mini-steam engine at the base of the analog clock casetakes up the role of the human winder by raising a series of ballweights and delivering the weights to the clock live wallpaperdrive train. but the steam engine is connected by a rubber belt toan electric motor hidden from view much more reliable than steampower. but critics like vancouver comedian colin sharp say theretro clock is an icon they would prefer the city not be known for.it's presented in a way that makes countless tourists think thatit's some kind of ancient device, when it's actually from 1977.features: hd graphic 720p cool animation
woodenboxlwp.underwaterbubble.lwp 10.05 APK
feel the shinning of underwater jellyfish creature in your androidscreen! underwater bubble jellyfish is a scenery live wallpaperfeaturing a gently rising bubble, deep down blue underwater full ofjellyfish. this is fish wallpapers. train your hand by tapping therising bubble and sea dust. a shinning underwater and deep sea,perfect for an instant stress relief. jellyfish, contrary to theirpopular common name, are not fish at all! as a matter of fact,neither are starfish. popular nicknames to avoid this misconceptioncan be to call them jellies or sea stars. jellies are basicallygiant plankton. plankton is anything (living) that isfree-floating. it can be a plant (known as phytoplankton) or ananimal (known as zooplankton). jellies are zooplankton. floating iseasy for them. they are over 90% percent water. people areapproximately 70% water. jellies are in the family cnidaria. alsoin this group are sea anemone and coral. jellyfishes are plankton(from the greek word planktos, meaning to wander or drift) and arenot strong swimmers, so they are at the mercy of the oceancurrents. blooms often form where two currents meet and if there isan onshore breeze thousands of jellyfish can be beached. like wasp,some jelly fish have millions of very small stinging cells in theirtentacles called nematocysts. these cells are used to capture foodby injecting toxin into the prey. when we are stung it hurtsbecause the toxin goes through our skin ouch, jellyfishes eat manydifferent types of things, such as small plants (phytoplankton),copepods (crustacean zooplankton), fish eggs and other small fishcalled larvae; they also eat the planktonic eggs and young stages(also called larvae) of many different kinds of marine animals.retina wallpapers. some jelly fish even eat other jelly fish, whenjellyflish form blooms they eat almost everything in the water andthis can cause problems for fisheries because there is no food leftfor the fish to eat. features: HD graphic 720p cool animation
wayang shadow puppet lwp 10.05 APK
feel and watch indonesian javanese wayang shadow puppet on yourandroid screen. wayang the shadow puppet is a cultural livewallpaper featuring wayang the famous indonesian javanese shadowpuppet or puppets show, consist of two different forces betweengood called pandawa and evil called kurawa, packed with 11 famousjavanese wayang character from both sides. wayang, also spelledwajang, in javanese mean shadow, classical javanese puppet dramathat uses the shadows thrown by puppets manipulated by rods againsta translucent screen lit from behind. developed before the 10thcentury, the form had origins in the thalubomalata, the leatherpuppets of southern india. the art of shadow puppetry probablyspread to java with the spread of hinduism. Get this dolls themes.the prototype of the wayang figures is the wayang kulit, or shadowpuppet made of perforated, elaborately painted leather. the playsutilizing wayang puppets are set in mythological times anddramatize episodes from the hindu epics ramayana or ramayan andmahabharata. some are of javanese creation, being furtherelaborations of the mahabharata legends of the five heroic pandavabrothers. these highly ritualized midnight-to-dawn performances maybe viewed from either side of the screen, some of the audiencesitting behind the dalang (puppeteer or master of puppets), butmost connoisseurs prefer to watch the figures as shadows cast orsilhouette on the screen. when the characters are introduced, thefigures representing the forces of good are on the right, the evilones on the left according to puppetry and puppet master. thestylized shapes and movements of the early wayang kulit puppetswere imitated by other forms of wayang, notably the wayang golek,or three-dimensional wooden figures manipulated by rods, the wayangwong, a pantomime by live actors and the wayang krunchil, woodenpuppets in low relief. retina wallpapers. wayang plays are usuallyviewed on such important occasions as birthdays and anniversaries.though they are also found in china and throughout southeast asia,they do not have the same mystical and religious connotations therethat they have in java. wayang influenced european puppetry throughthe work of the puppeteer richard teschner, who, in the early 20thcentury, fused the artistic quality and simplicity of wayang withgermanic technical excellence in his viennese pupped theater,figuren spiegel. features: HD graphic 720p cool animation