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On the day of his coronation the King got framed by the evil Vizierand is locked down in the dark and deepest dungeons of his owncastle. The ruthless vizier wants to take hold over the vastEmpire. The king however, was lucky enough to break the prison cellbut dangerous hurdles lies ahead in this castle.The Kind has tostop his rebellious Vizier from taking control of his Empire butfirst he has to fight hard to destroy his evil enemies. There arearmored Castle guards, big deadly Monster, fire breathing Dragons,moving Spikes, burning passages and many other hurdles on hisway.The hostile swordsmen are high alert and well trained. Killthem with your sword. The powerful monster won’t let you escape thecastle easily. He is very strong and its really tough killing him.Be aware of the moving spikes and fire breathing dragons for if youget caught these will lower down your energy. Move swiftly andcarefully through the traps. Help the king breakout from thiscastle in time. Explore the rooms. Use your intelligence and energyin the right way.You got limited for this Castle Escape Mission.Grab the hints and follow the directions. Reach the escape point toend each level. Are your capable enough to get the throne back fromthe cruel Vizier? If yes then then get ready for an amazingadventure in the castle where you are all alone to fight for yourfreedom. Features:• Challenging Castle Escape Missions!• AmazingSound Effects!• Stunning 3D Graphics!• Variety of Enemies!•Outstanding Castle Environment!

App Information Castle Escape Mission 2016

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    Castle Escape Mission 2016
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    January 3, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    GENtertainment Studios
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    7900 E. Princess Dr. 1240 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 United States
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