5.2 / November 14, 2018
(4.2/5) (960)


Beautiful Castle Jigsaw Puzzles will take you into a magical fairytale! See the medieval castles, fortresses, palaces and marvelousluxury villas where kings and queens resided, and imagine yourselftaking a walk around the picturesque landscapes! Neuschwanstein inBavaria, Mont Saint Michel in France, Hohensalzburg Castle inVienna, Kilkenny Castle in Ireland, Prague Castle in Prague, BodiamCastle in England, Miranda Castle in Belgium and many other aregoing to make this game so challenging and amusing. Besides that,once you complete the puzzle picture, you'll get the option to savethe image and set it as a wallpaper – Embellish your home screenwith these breath-taking medieval castles and palaces and you won'tregret. Castles Jigsaw Puzzle is the best game for kids and adults,and the best collection of castle background images! ★ Twentybeautiful images of the most popular castles in the world aredivided into two free collections – more coming soon! ★ Ten images,unlock a new picture every day until you acquire all ten of them! ★You can save these free pictures of palaces and use them as phonebackground images; ★ Dimensions - 9 to 100 puzzle pieces. ★ Up to200 different combination of puzzles. ★ Every game is different:various piece shapes every time. ★ Move pieces in groups! ★ Saveall puzzles in progress – work on several of them at the same time.★ Use pause button if you want to see the whole picture or to saveyour progress. ★ No in-app purchases – all puzzles are completelyfree! ★ You can play these “puzzles without WiFi”! ★ Only the “bestjigsaw puzzles” are featured in this game! Famous castles includedin Castles Jigsaw Puzzle are: ➤ Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany ➤Miranda Castle, Belgium ➤ Bodiam Castle, England ➤ Eilean Donan,Scotland ➤ Chenonceau Castle, France ➤ Chambord Castle, France ➤Leeds Castle, Kent, England ➤ Alcázar de Segovia (Segovia Castle),Spain ➤ Gravensteen in Ghent, Belgium ➤ Bran Castle (Draculacastle), Transylvania, Romania ➤ Charlottenburg Castle, Berlin ➤Windsore Castle, England ➤ Images of fantasy castles and much moreThese free puzzles and brain teasers for adults inspired withbeautiful castles, villas, palaces and fortresses have beencollected just for you – get them straight away and start the fun!If you are fascinated by ancient kingdoms, you shouldn't miss thisfun game for kids and adults! Choose among various difficultylevels, and find the one that suits you. This game is so much morethan just an easy preschool game. Of course, kids can play it bychoosing easy jigsaw puzzles with 9 or 16 pieces – it issufficiently challenging for their age. On the other hand, adultscan choose difficult puzzles free games with 100 pieces, and enjoyplaying them offline. Obtain these logic puzzles for free bydownloading Castles Jigsaw Puzzle game and you'll get the bestpuzzle educational game for any age. Get free lectures from Historyand get wowed by the enchanting kings and queens' or princes andprincesses' residences all around the world! This 2014/2015 puzzlegame is absolutely fabulous. Try to match all the jigsaw puzzlepieces and become a real puzzle expert. Small children,preschoolers, teens and adults will all enjoy this game – playpuzzles with friends or family and spend some quality timetogether.

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    Castles Jigsaw Puzzles
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    November 14, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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  • Castles Jigsaw Puzzles 2.3 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /2/10
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 13.5 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.1 (Lollipop, API: 22)
    File Sha1: 60d0fc9ccdaa5ba47c5fd40ec874ed6bc02a9ad2
    APK Signature: 66fce9883505f6aa336db91d647682680929c88d
  • Castles Jigsaw Puzzles 2.2 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /9/28
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 13.6 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.1 (Lollipop, API: 22)
    File Sha1: d7eb09a81f34497afadb63f346e99ed0b8fdcfb7
    APK Signature: 66fce9883505f6aa336db91d647682680929c88d

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God is among us! If you are searching for “religious games forkids” that are easy to play, download “God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle”and teach your children the story of Christianity and theimportance of our Lord and Savior through these interactive “JesusChrist puzzles”! Inspired by your favorite religious wallpapers,these “God games for kids” are suitable for toddlers and kids,preschoolers and elementary school children, even adults who knowhow important it is to praise the Lord all the time! Teach yourkids to love God by occupying them with these religious andeducational jigsaw puzzle games! There is no better way to learnabout “Jesus Christ” than by solving these Christian games forchildren and adults free of charge – get these “God games for kidsfree” and enjoy your favorite pictures of our Lord and Savior! ThisChristian game app for Android™ allows you to save the images youlike, after you complete the puzzles, and set them as "Jesus Christwallpapers". Download God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle, play a game thatmakes you smarter, improves your memory and stimulates logicalthinking! ✞✞✞ God is almighty! ✞✞✞ ❃ Twenty "free pictures of JesusChrist" divided into two packs – more puzzles coming soon! ❃ Ineach pack, you'll get five images, at first - unlock a new "Jesuspuzzle" picture every day. ❃ You can save these images of Jesus anduse these "Christian themes" as "God wallpapers and backgrounds"! ❃Puzzle dimensions – 9 to 100 puzzle pieces. ❃ Choose the level ofdifficulty. ❃ Up to 200 different combination of puzzles. ❃ Everyjigsaw game is different: various piece shapes every time. ❃ Movepieces in groups! ❃ Saves all puzzles in progress – work on severalof them at the same time. ❃ Use pause button if you want to see thewhole picture or to save your progress. ❃ No in app purchases – allof the beautiful jigsaws are completely free! ❃ You can play thesepuzzles without Internet! ❃ Only the best “Bible puzzle games free”are featured in this religious game for children and adults! If Godis everything to you, and you know how important it is to instillsome positive values in your kids, there is no better way to teachthem about the Christian religion and the Holy Bible than byoffering them God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle to solve! Kids canpractice Christianity and have fun at the same time! With appealinggraphics and easy tap controls, this free Jesus Christ game app isideal even for very young children! Combining the puzzle pieces ofthis Lord Jesus puzzle will entertain you and your family for along time! By solving the jigsaws, toddlers will develop theirobservation skills, learn about religion and “God and Jesus andMary”, while adults can sit back, relax and enjoy their favorite“God wallpaper”! Are you looking for some apps about God that arefun memory games to play and brain teasers? God and Jesus JigsawPuzzle offers you a collection of twenty religious puzzles withphotos of Jesus Christ – combine the pieces and watch how Godmiraculously appears in front of your eyes! Despite being fantasticjigsaw puzzles and everybody's favorite pastime, these religiouspuzzles for kids are great learning games as well. Have fun withthese 2015 educational jigsaw puzzle games! Find love, hope andbelief in these Jesus pictures! Remember that God is alwayswatching you – praise Him! These bible jigsaw puzzle games are thebest way to provoke kids and toddlers' interest about theChristianity, Christian religion, Moses, Jesus, Virgin Mary, HolyGhost, Bible etc. By solving these “God and Jesus games”, childrendevelop their consciousness about Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible andthe four fathers of Christianity. Try this entertaining and“learning religious game” and get a little jigty today by solvingthe most beautiful God wallpapers with these God and Jesus JigsawPuzzle games!
Matching Game for Kids 2.1 APK
Hello children! Prepare to be amazed by the best matching game forkids and toddlers! Matching Game for Kids is a brand new memorymatch game – train your brain with this exciting memory tile game!Flip the cards, match all the pairs to complete the table, get thehighest score! Compete with your friends and family to be the bestin this cool “memory match shapes for toddlers”! Boost up yourbrain power by matching pairs of different shapes and patterns!Download one of the best 2014 “matching games for kids free” andprepare to have the time of your life!How to play:➤ Flip thepictures of colorful shapes and patterns.➤ Match the cards of thesame type.➤ Difficulty levels: from easy to hard.➤ Single playerand multiplayer mode.➤ Table sizes: 3x2, 4x3, 6x4, 7x4 and 8x4.➤Simple and intuitive interface.➤ Colorful HD graphics.➤ Fun for theentire family!At first, all cards will be turned face down. Flipone of the cards and remember the picture on it. With the next taptry to find and the card with the same shape as the previous one.If the pictures on the both memory cards are the same, they willstay open and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise bothcards will flip back over and you will get another try. Theobjective of this matching shapes game for toddlers is to find allof the pairs and to complete the entire table.Parents, if you aresearching for a perfect “memory pattern game” for your kids andtoddlers, download Matching Game for Kids, a combination ofeducational games, great brain teasers and amusing mind puzzles forchildren! Kids flip the cards, memorize the places of differentshapes and patterns and try to match all the pairs correctly. Thisfun mind training game enhances the cognitive capacity of kids,tests their short-term memorization, improves their recognition andteaches them about basic shapes, patterns and colors. The objectiveof the game is simple – children must find all the pairs as quicklyas possible to get the highest score. Hours of fun are guaranteedwith these “mind puzzle games free” of charge – download now andsee for yourself why this matching pairs for kids is so popularthese days! Enter our brain gym and start exercising your mindtoday! Download Matching Game for Kids today and start playing oneof the best “mind games for your brain”! Kindergarteners andpreschoolers, kids and toddlers, boys and girls, even adults canenjoy this entertaining “memory brain trainer and matchup”! Improveyour attention and focus by matching the pictures of colorfulshapes and patterns. If you are willing to put your capacity ofmemorization to a test, then this is the right matching game foryou! Standing alongside popular brain teasers, crossword puzzles,problem solving apps and concentration games for kids, MatchingGame for Kids proves to be one of the best learning tools forchildren. With its simple and stylish design, bright colors andlovely drawn shapes and symbols, this free mind game for Android™is a must-have this year! Hurry to the market and get your new,best matching cards game for kids!*Android is a trademark of GoogleInc.
Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game 5.3 APK
“Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game” is an amusing Islamic puzzle for kidsand adults who believe in Allah and know that Allah is one and onlyGod! This free 2015 app features the best religious backgroundswith Arabic photos, Allah pictures and "Islamic images" which areturned into very interesting and attention-holding jigsaw puzzlesfor Android™! Teach your kid how to re-make the symbol of yourreligion or to re-write the Allah name simply by matching thepuzzle pieces. Click on free download now, and try out thiseducational Islamic app free of charge! ❃ Twenty Islam imagesdivided into two free packs – more puzzles coming soon! ❃ In eachpack, you'll get five images, at first - unlock a new puzzlepicture every day. ❃ You can save these Islam images and use theseAllah themes as "Islamic wallpapers and backgrounds"! ❃ Puzzledimensions – 9 to 100 puzzle pieces. ❃ Choose the level ofdifficulty. ❃ Up to 200 different combination of puzzles. ❃ Everyjigsaw game is different: various piece shapes every time. ❃ Movepieces in groups! ❃ Saves all puzzles in progress – work on severalof them at the same time. ❃ Use pause button if you want to see thewhole picture or to save your progress. ❃ No in app purchases – allof the beautiful jigsaws are completely free! ❃ You can play thesepuzzles without Internet! ❃ Only the best “Allah puzzles” arefeatured in this free religious game! These “puzzle games – Arabicversion” are excellent brain training puzzles and brain teasinggames great for Islamic education for youths! - the intuitive menuis easy to use and control; - it helps you to improve skills inproblem solving, as well as concentration and memory; - it helpsthe development of logic; - it improves visual perception. ❃Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game proves that religion can be fun! Theselearning “Islamic games for kids to play offline” is a perfectchoice if you want to entertain your children in a good way and tospend some quality time with them. Although it's true that many“Islamic apps for kids” can be found on the market, this one standsout with its appealing graphics, no in-app purchases and beautifulMuslim photos that will provoke interest in kids and adultsequally. Preschoolers, girls, boys, teens or adults will, by allmeans, enjoy matching these “Islam jigsaw puzzles” with pictures ofAllah. Show that you have faith, and use this amazing Islamic gamefor children and adults to instill the religious beliefs in thehearts of your little angels! “Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game” is anamazing “Islamic app for kids to learn” because, by playing games,kids successfully acquire many new things without even knowing. So,be a true Muslim and make your child learn about Islam religionwhile playing an enjoyable memory game! Similarly, you can usethese five “religion wallpapers” to test your own memory skills,and to check how long it will take you to get the identical“Islamic wallpaper” on screen! After you complete each puzzlepicture, you'll get awarded with the option to save the “Islamimage” to your gallery and use it as a wallpaper. The power ofAllah is in each and every of us – prove it by solving “Arabicpuzzles” with Muslim wallpapers. All of the "99 names of Allah" areunited in one beautiful Islamic symbol found on each of these Islamimages. Choose your favorite Allah photo and start having fun:Allah quotes, Islamic images, Allah and Muhammad images, Arabicpictures, Allah name etc. Choose the number of puzzle pieces (from9 up to 100) and you'll get a “puzzle game for kids” or a “puzzlegame for adults”. Download this amazing “2015 puzzle game” and tryto beat the clock while matching all of the pieces and solvingthese “free religious puzzles”! Get “Islamic puzzle game” and itwill grant you many hours of unlimited fun! Of course, IslamicJigsaw Puzzle Game is 100% free.
Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle 5.4 APK
Welcome, cat lovers and jigsaw puzzle games enthusiasts! Cute CatsJigsaw Puzzle brings you twenty beautiful pictures of cats andkittens turned into lovely “animal puzzles for kids free”! Playthese funny games with your kids – see whether they can match allthe puzzle pieces! Even you, as a parent, can enjoy these catpuzzle games, since the difficulty of the levels can go from easy(9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces)! Everybody loves to play jigsawpuzzle games, and these “kitten and cat games” are suitable for 3year old kids, toddlers, preschoolers, teens and adults! All animalpuzzles included in this fun 2014 puzzle game are 100% free – getthem and enjoy the best cat pictures and kitten images! Mainfeatures: ★ Twenty amazing animal images divided into two freepacks – more landscape puzzles coming soon! ★ Five images, unlock anew puzzle picture every day. ★ If you like some image, you cansave it in your phone gallery. ★ Puzzle dimensions – 9 to 100puzzle pieces. ★ Choose the level of difficulty. ★ Up to 200different combination of puzzles. ★ Every jigsaw game is different:various piece shapes every time. ★ Move pieces in groups! ★ Saveall puzzles in progress – work on several of them at the same time.★ Use PAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture or to saveyour progress. ★ No in app purchases – all of the beautiful jigsawsare completely FREE! Animal photos included in this Cute CatsJigsaw Puzzle game: * Cat puzzles for kids * Kitten jigsaw puzzles* Cute kitty puzzle games * Persian cat pictures * Siamese kittenimages * British shorthair kitty free jigsaw puzzles * Bengal catfree images * Ragdoll kitty puzzle for children and 12 more animaljigsaws! Check out all of the cool “animal jigsaw puzzles” whichthis free animal game for Android™ offers and find the cutest catpictures! Try to solve all of the puzzles, check various dimensionsand have a lot of fun playing Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle games forchildren and adults! These jigsaws are fantastic time killers butalso great educational games. With appealing HD graphics and easytap controls, this animal jigsaw puzzle game is ideal for children,since it will help them develop their observation skills andconcentration! Join the jigsaw world free of charge and enjoyplaying these memory games with your children! If you are searchingfor “puzzles for adults 100 pieces”, “kids puzzle games”, “puzzlesfor adults and kids” and “educational games for elementary school”,try this fun free game and solve some of the best cat jigsaws! ★ Anexcellent brain exercise for kids and adults. ★ Improve yourobservation and cognitive skills. ★ Develop visual perception. ★Enhance your capacity to concentrate. ★ Fun and entertainment areguaranteed. Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle is a collection of free animalimages and cat pictures. If you download this amazing cat game,you'll get some of the best real jigsaw puzzles free and jigtypuzzle games for kids and adults! Adorable cats and kittens on yourscreen will melt your heart every time you start solving one ofthis cute kitty pictures and photos! Check out the best cat puzzlesfor kids and adults and enjoy the wonderful pictures of differentbreeds of kittens! If you are a fan of matching games, brainteasers and other mind training apps, you will adore thiseducational and fun puzzler! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Cars Jigsaw Puzzle 5.4 APK
Vehicle puzzles for children are always a good choice if you wantto entertain your kid with a memory game – choose Cars JigsawPuzzle, a brand new “car game for little boys”, girls and toddlersthat will really hold their attention for a long time! Even parentscan have a lot of fun with these “jigsaw puzzles free games”,because you can always set the level of difficulty to hard (100pieces). Super cars that your child dreams about can now be ontheir phone screen, just get this “cars images free download” andlet them play with the most powerful motor vehicles! These “freepuzzles for kids” have pictures of luxurious cars which aresuitable for everyone, be it kindergarteners, preschoolers orelementary school children. Colorful graphics, easy to useinterface and intuitive tap controls are what make these jigsawsone of the best “car puzzle games for kids” and adults! The bestthing about these free puzzle games is that, when you solve apicture, you can save it to your gallery and use it later as thebest car wallpaper HD! Main features: Ⓒ Twenty HD car imagesdivided into two free packs – more pictures coming soon! Ⓐ Fiveimages, unlock a new one every day. Ⓡ If you like some image, youcan save it in your phone gallery and use it later as a carwallpaper for your desktop. ⓟ Dimensions – 9 to 100 puzzle pieces.Ⓤ Choose the level of difficulty. Ⓩ Up to 200 different combinationof puzzles. Ⓩ Every game is different: various piece shapes everytime. Ⓛ Move pieces in groups. Ⓔ Save all jigsaws in progress –work on several of them at the same time. Ⓢ Use PAUSE button if youwant to see the whole picture or to save your progress. ★ No in-apppurchases – all of the beautiful jigsaws are completely FREE! ★ Youcan play these fantastic “puzzle games without Internet”connection! Cars Jigsaw Puzzle game includes the following jigsaws:★ Cars puzzles for kids free ★ Racing cars pictures ★ Lamborghinipuzzles ★ Funny cars games for kids and adults ★ Ferrari pictures ★Luxury cars free jigsaw puzzles ★ Super cars jigsaws ★ Audi photopuzzles ★ Mercedes puzzles free ★ Vehicles puzzles for toddlers and10 more beautiful jigsaw games! Become a pro puzzle maker withthese cool and awesome Cars Jigsaw Puzzle! Cars games for kids area great entertainment always, especially for little boys and theirfathers! See whether your kid can match all the pieces of theseentertaining jigsaws to get the fantastic cars wallpapers andbackgrounds! By downloading this awesome “car puzzle for kids”, youwill occupy your little angels for hours! Besides being a funpastime, puzzle games are a great way to improveces and trying toreach the top speed in solving even the most difficult jigsaws!Play these puzzles with friends or alone, and have the time of yourlife combining the pieces of cool vehicle and car pictures! Race,drag, drift your way with these fantastic 2014 cars puzzles forkids and adults – best jigsaw for Android™ is here! ★ An excellentbrain exercise for kids and adults. ★ Improve your observation andcognitive skills. ★ Develop visual perception. ★ Enhance yourcapacity to concentrate. ★ Many hours of fun and entertainment areguaranteed. * Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle 5.3 APK
Beautiful fairies pictures are waiting for you – use them as “fairypuzzles for free” or save them to your gallery as wallpaper images– download Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle game and entertain yourself in agood way! Welcome to Wonderland! Enter the world of fairy tales andtravel back to your childhood with every “fairy jigsaw” you play!Pixies, butterflies, princesses, fireflies, elves, dwarfs and othercute creatures depicted in this fantasy puzzle pictures are goingto thrill you! The best part is that you can easily save everyfairy image you like to your gallery, and later use it as awallpaper. So, if you are looking for a “fairies puzzle game” andfairy wallpaper for girls, you should download this free app andbring the magic of a “fairy tale” to your desktop! Sprinkle yourscreen with fairy dust and dandelion seeds, and turn your displayinto the enchanted kingdom where these beauties sleep and play!Main features: ★ Twenty beautiful photos of fairies divided intotwo free collections – more fairy puzzles coming soon! ★ Fiveimages, unlock a new picture every day. ★ You can save the imagesyou like – use them as “fairy wallpapers and backgrounds”; ★ Puzzledimensions - 9 to 100 puzzle pieces. ★ Up to 200 differentcombination of puzzles. ★ Every puzzle game is different: variouspiece shapes every time. ★ Move pieces in groups! ★ Saves allpuzzles in progress – work on several of them at the same time. ★Use PAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture or to saveyour progress. ★ No in app purchases – all of the beautiful jigsawsare completely FREE! These “fairy puzzle games” also bring manybenefits: ★ They are an excellent brain exercise for adults. ★These games improve your observation and cognitive skills; ★Develop visual perception; ★ Enhance your capacity to concentrate.You can choose different difficulty levels - solve puzzle picturesstarting with only 9 jigsaw pieces and going up to puzzles foradults with 100 pieces. All these puzzles for tablets and phonesare without in-app purchases and you can play them even when theInternet is not turned on your mobile device. All you have to do isto click on free download, install “Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle” on yourAndroid™ and enjoy. Beautiful pictures of cute fairies make thesepuzzle games interesting for adults. Whoever takes to play thisgame, it will take them into a world of dreams where all wondersare possible. At the same time, a fairy theme for mobile will alsomake any smartphone look fantastic. Get and other well-known fairyprincesses and show them to everyone! The appealing graphics andvivid colors of these fairy games will easily capture one'sattention. Finally, to sum up, if you download Fairy Jigsaw PuzzleGame you'll get very fun puzzles for adults + fairy wallpapers HD -free games and fairy images for mobile wallpapers can easily becomeyours with free download. Wait no more and install this appstraight away. The game play is easy, but still interesting enoughfor teens and adults. - Amazing “puzzles of fairies” are perfectfor all who look for “fairy tale games”! - You can play these“puzzles without WiFi”! - “Fairy tale princesses” in these “puzzleswith pictures” are waiting for you! Come and get your own fairyworld with this magic app for free.
Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle Game 5.3 APK
Welcome to the world of puzzles with dragons - the most amusingmythical creatures are here to entertain you! Dragon Jigsaw PuzzleGame is a brand new puzzle game that you can play on your mobilewithout internet. All you have to do is to download this puzzlegame and install it on your device. Once you've done this, you canplay it online or offline – however you choose. “Dragon jigsaw” isa very fun, highly addictive and totally free puzzle game for kidsand adults. Besides matching pieces, this dragon app offers you thepossibility to save the images of dragons that you like, and usethem as wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone. Main features: ★Twenty beautiful images of dragons divided into two freecollections – more puzzles coming soon! ★ Five images, unlock a newpicture every day. ★ You can save the images you like – use them as“dragon wallpapers and backgrounds”; ★ Puzzle dimensions - 9 to 100puzzle pieces. ★ Up to 200 different combination of puzzles. ★Every puzzle game is different: various piece shapes every time. ★Move pieces in groups! ★ Saves all puzzles in progress – work onseveral of them at the same time. ★ Use PAUSE button if you want tosee the whole picture or to save your progress. ★ No in apppurchases – all of the beautiful jigsaws are completely FREE! This“dragon puzzle game” also brings many benefits: ★ it is anexcellent brain exercise for kids and adults. ★ Improve yourobservation and cognitive skills. ★ Develop visual perception. ★Enhance your capacity to concentrate. You can choose differentdifficulty levels - solve puzzle pictures starting with only 9jigsaw pieces and going up to puzzles for adults with 100 pieces.“Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle Game” has 20 beautiful images of the largestlegendary animals that will amuse you and entertain you at the sametime. The appealing graphics and vivid colors of these dragon gamesfor kids and toddlers will easily capture one's attention so thatyour children will be fully entertained for many hours. Do nothesitate to download this “dragon puzzle box” for free – you willnot only obtain fabulous “dragon puzzle games” but also beautifuldragon themes for your phone or tablet. You will get ten freedragon pictures when you get this app, and then you'll be getting anew puzzle photo every day until you collect all twenty of them. Ifyou wish to use any of these images as your phone wallpaper, simplysave the dragon pic to your gallery and set it as phone background!You're going to love the new mythological and fantastic look ofyour device. So, to sum up, if you download Dragon Jigsaw PuzzleGame you'll get very fun puzzles for kids and adults + dragonwallpapers - free games and dragon images for mobile wallpapers caneasily become yours with free download. Wait no more and installthis app straight away. - Amazing “puzzles of dragons” are perfectfor all who look for animals puzzles! - You can play these “puzzleswithout WiFi”! - “Puzzles and dragons games” are waiting for youand your family!
Write Text on Pictures 2.6 APK
Welcome to your personal font studio, photography lovers! WriteText on Pictures is a brand new free "text photo editor" which letsyou write on pictures of your cherished moments, add cute quotes,love messages and watermarks! If you are a fan of apps that let you"write words on pics", picture decorators, editors with stickersand stamps, you are going to adore this “text on pictures” photoediting software! Hurry to the market and be the first one who willdownload this free photo decorator – photofunia starts rightnow!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Edit the textgramon your cute pics with this instawords photo editingapp!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Mainfeatures:---> Select a photo from your phone gallery or take anew one and add your own cute text on pics – write on photos withthis fantastic picture editor with text for Android™!---> 30beautiful picture templates!---> Choose font, add watermarks ordate and time, write words on pictures!---> Choose from a greatvariety of stylish fonts and type text over photos!---> Preserveyour memories forever with this text picture editor app!--->Easy to use interface – vibrant and colorful – "write text on picsall different ways"!---> Share your funny images, cute photos orlove pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!---> Downloadthis picture editor with text fonts completely FREE – more text onimage photo frames coming soon – keep your memories safe!--->“Write Text on Pictures” is waiting for you!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ The best insta text photo decorating app foryour cute pictures and funny images!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ The new and best photobooth for cute girlpictures and love images is here! Take a selfie with this beautycamera app and write "text on your pictures" completely free! Tryout various stylish fonts, pick your favorite color from our hugecolor palette, add watermarks and "date and time stamps" topreserve all of your favorite moments! Never again will you missyour anniversary with this cute “text on photo app”! "Photomanipulation" is so popular these days, so why wouldn't youdownload this free instatext app and create the most beautifulphoto montage! Make all of the images from your gallery lookglamorous and luxurious with candy camera effects, picture framesand grids! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Choose yourfavorite phonto and add beautiful quotes and sayings to your campics!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Download WriteText on Pictures and enter the magical realm of “text on picturespicture enhancers”! Make a real photowonder out of all of yourbeauty cam selfies and Insta photos! A wide choice of text fontsand all the colors of the rainbow awaits you with this “text onpictures app for Android™”! Show your creative side – write cutequotes, love messages and adorable sayings and have a lot of funwhile “photo editing” all of your favorite pic collages and framedpictures! This fun text on pics app will teach you how to add textto pictures or how to watermark photos. Photomania is a click awayfrom you!Image editing and writing on pictures have never beeneasier! With Write Text on Pictures you can experiment with a widevariety of cute fonts, or add borders, shading, fill, adjustopacity and add date and timestamps free of charge! If you havealready made your favorite collage picture, applied photo effectsand filters and added image frames, the next thing to do isdownload this picsay app and add a spark of your personal touch toyour cymera shots! Enrich your luxury photos with some cool quotesand messages and have fun using this cute photo booth app. Enhancelove couple pictures and funny images by using this 2014 photoeditor pro! Watermark photo apps and text editors are the newphotolab fad – get yours today!*Android is a trademark of GoogleInc.