1.0.10 / January 1, 2016
(4.9/5) (8)


Cat Fails is fun and addictive infinite jumping game with cute andlovely animal. With simple controls you can perform amazing jumpand help your cute cat to pass over other animal: small animals,crab, fox,... How to play: - Tap to jump - Double tap to doublejump - Hit bomb to clear animals Features: - Too Cute & lovelyanimals - Infinite jumping game Let's see how your cat fails. Enjoyplaying!!

App Information Cat Fails: Cute Animal

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    Cat Fails: Cute Animal
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    January 1, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Nguyễn Bùi Quỳnh Mai, Số 3 đường Đồng Niên, phường Việt Hòa, Thành phố Hải Dương, Việt Nam
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Cat Fails: Cute Animal 1.0.10 APK
Cat Fails is fun and addictive infinite jumping game with cute andlovely animal. With simple controls you can perform amazing jumpand help your cute cat to pass over other animal: small animals,crab, fox,... How to play: - Tap to jump - Double tap to doublejump - Hit bomb to clear animals Features: - Too Cute & lovelyanimals - Infinite jumping game Let's see how your cat fails. Enjoyplaying!!
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