/ March 23, 2015
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Cat Scram is a new endless running gamefromKuma the Bear. A dog chases after you, easily knockingobstaclesaside. To get away, use your physics-defying, felinedouble jump!If the dog catches up to you, just eat a fish for aspeed boost.

Tap the screen to jump. Tap again while in the air todoublejump. Jump off an obstacle to gain even more air! Put somedistancebetween you and the dog by eating fish, your favoritefood.

◆Simple controls: just tap the screen
◆The exhilarating feeling of getting in the groove ofavoidingobstacles
◆Inviting friends to compete over the best distance

-COLOPL, Inc.-

App Information Cat Scram

  • App Name
    Cat Scram
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 23, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    COLOPL, Inc.
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email kuma@colopl.jp
    東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-3 恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー11階
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The best-selling Quiz RPG finally in English!Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz is one of a kind new gamemixing Trivia and RPG! Answer questions while tackling quests andbattle with other wizards in online tournaments!Whether you are a RPG lover or just want to test your knowledge,this game will suit you, anywhere at anytime!Download it for free with no registration and start buildingyour team in no time!Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz is a quiz/trivia card battleRPG, where you will answer questions while taking on quests. Youassume the role of a wizard, completing tasks and investigatingincidents while competing with other wizards in a bid to become aMaster Wizard.★ Very easy gameplay: Just select from categories such asSports, Lifestyle, Science, or Geography, and if you answercorrectly, your spirits (cards) will come to life and attack yourenemies!★ Enhance and Evolve your spirits (cards)!
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白猫テニス 2.2.1 APK
白猫テニスはついにシーズン2へ! 新しくなったタワーで”もっと“本気で強くなろう!「白猫プロジェクト」に登場したキャラクターたちと一緒に 全国のプレイヤーとリアルタイム対戦を楽しもう!ダウンロードは無料、面倒な登録や難しい操作も不要! ■スマホでカンタン本格テニス■指1本で移動はもちろん、スマッシュやサーブも思いのまま! カンタン本格テニスを楽しもう! ■ライバルたちと共に上を目指す「タワー」■全国のプレイヤー同士でリアルタイム対戦が可能な「タワー」では「鍵」を集め、報酬をゲットしながら最上階を目指そう!ライバルたちとの激戦を制し、頂点に立つのは君だ! ■世界各地を巡り武者修行「ツアー」■ もちろん1人でプレイすることも可能!ストーリーを進めながら各地を巡ろう!強敵が君を待っている! ■友達とワイワイ「フレンドマッチ」■部屋番号を入力することで、2人対戦はもちろん、 最大4人でダブルスも!コートや試合形式も自由に選択可能! 盛り上がること間違いなし!■試合を決める必殺技「スーパーショット」■ ラリーを続けてゲージを溜めれば必殺ショットが打てる!キャラごとの様々な「スーパーショット」を使いこなし、勝利しよう! ■試合中に「キャラ入れ替え」が可能■試合にはお気に入りのキャラクター3体を連れていこう! 試合中、スタミナや戦況に応じてキャラクターを入れ替えよう!■「キャラクタータイプ」「コート属性」をうまく使い試合に挑もう■ ストローク、サーブ、テクニック、スピード、スタミナタイプの全5種!さらに「コート属性」との相性でキャラクターがパワーアップ! 自分に合ったキャラクターで試合に挑もう!■「ギア」でキャラクターをカスタマイズ■ キャラクターに「ギア」と呼ばれる「ラケット」「シューズ」を装備させることができる!組み合わせは無限大! ■みんなで作る「チームタウン」■ タワーを登っていくとチームタウン機能が解放される!最大20人が参加できるチームを結成し、タウンを強化しよう! さらにメンバーで力を合わせリーグで熱くなれ!■今後も続々登場「白猫キャラ」■ 「白猫プロジェクト」で登場したキャラクターたちが今後続々登場予定!もちろん「白猫テニス」オリジナルキャラクターも見逃せない! ■「白猫テニス」はこんな方へオススメ ・本格的なテニスゲームを楽しみたい。・無料で遊べるテニスゲームやスポーツゲームを探している。 ・登場キャラクターが豊富なテニスゲームで暇つぶしがしたい。・「白猫プロジェクト」をプレイしたことがある。 ・「白猫プロジェクト」のキャラクターでテニスゲームをしてみたい。・作戦を立てて対戦できるスポーツゲームが好き。 ・友達とオンラインで対戦できるスポーツゲームを探している。・手軽に楽しめるスポーツゲームがしたい。 ・無料でもやりこめるスポーツゲームを探している。・スポーツゲーム好きの友達と対戦を楽しみたい。 ・ゲームで友達と対戦することが好き。・オンラインで対戦できるスポーツゲームを探している。 ・全国の相手とオンライン対戦がしたい。 ・無料でできる対戦ゲームを探している。・スキマ時間に対戦ゲームを楽しみたい。 ・新しいソシャゲを探している。 ・ソシャゲで友達との交流を楽しみたい。・友達とスマホでバトルがしたい。 ・無料で気軽に遊べるバトルゲームが好き。 ・スキルを磨いてバトルで勝利したい。-株式会社コロプラ提供-
Battle Robots! 1.5.1 APK
Kuma the Bear has released its first fightinggame,“Battle Robots!” Lead your robot to victory by defeatingenemies and increasing your strength! This game features simplecontrols and no registration is required. Join the fun for free!In “Battle Robots!” you will control a cute but deadly robot ina quest to beat all 120 stages.The game is controlled horizontally, using an interface unique tothis smartphone-exclusive 3D fighting game.Defeat enemies and collect the parts they drop to customize yourBattle Robot, as you face stronger opposition!Playing the game is easy!Touch and swipe the screen to attack, defend, and use specialattacks!You pay 1 coin to play each stage. If you have less than 5 coins,you will earn 1 coin every 30 minutes, so don’t worry about runningout of coins.There are 120 stages, with each stage comprised of 3 intensebattles!If you win all 3 battles, you can advance to the next stage.You will encounter some powerful bosses!In order to defeat them, customize and strengthen your BattleRobot.Make sure to obtain parts that enemies drop after you defeatthem.If you lose a battle you will not obtain the parts!You can pay 1 coin to retry a battle you that you lost, so don’tgive up!There are 5 types of parts to collect: Head, Body, Arms, Legs,and Weapons.Each part will affect your offensive and defensive stats as well asyour appearance.The type of weapon you choose also affects your attack and specialattack animations.There are 6 types of weapons. You can focus on landing a criticalblow or overwhelming your enemy with a barrage of attacks.There are 429 parts to collect. Collect all of them andcustomize your Battle Robot as you attempt to finish all 120 stagesand build the ultimate Battle Robot!Simple controls make this game easy to learn, and the beautiful3D action depicts some truly epic fights! Everyone can enjoy thisfighting game.No need to pay or register! Download “Battle Robots!” today![Features]• The first fighting game from Kuma the Bear• The first horizontally controlled game from Kuma the Bear, aninterface exclusive to smartphones!• Simple controls involving touching and swiping the screen.• Gorgeous graphics for attacking, defending, and specialattacks![Controls]• High light attack: Touch the enemy’s upper body. Light damage,but you can land multiple blows.• Low light attack: Touch the enemy’s lower body. Light damage, butyou can land multiple blows.• High heavy attack: Swipe the enemy’s upper body. You will unleasha damaging blow.• Low heavy attack: Swipe the enemy’s lower body. You will unleasha damaging blow.• Blocking: Touch the guard button. As long as your guard meter(upper portion of the screen) isn’t empty, you will block anenemy’s attacks.• Back step: Touch the back step button. You will put some distancebetween the enemy and yourself, evading their attacks.• Special attack: When your special meter (upper left side of thescreen) is maxed, you can touch the meter to trigger a powerfulattack, complete with its own unique animations.[Stats]• HP: Your health. If this reaches 0, you lose the battle.• ATK: Your offense. The amount of damage you deal.• DEF: Your defense. The amount of damage you take.• BAR: Your blocking. This determines how large your guard meteris.[Weapons]• Swords: A basic weapon that will charge your special meterquickly.• Big Swords: Slows you down, but has the ability to unleash bigdamage.• Hammers: Similar to big swords in that they do great damage butslow you down. Useful in wearing down an enemy’s guard meter.• Clubs: A quick weapon similar to swords, allowing you to landmultiple blows.• Gloves: They do little damage, but are very fast. Use them tooverwhelm an enemy.• Two-handed: Powerful weapons that combine the damage of swordsand the quickness of gloves.
퀴즈RPG 위즈 1.9.9 APK
아직도 모르시나요?일본에서 3800만 다운로드를 돌파한 국민게임!![퀴즈 RPG 마법사와 검은 고양이 위즈]줄여서.. 퀴즈 RPG 위즈모두가 간단히 풀 수 있는 퀴즈로 상식도 얻고,좋아하는 RPG를 플레이 해가며 자신의 정령을 성장시켜보세요!★★진행중인 이벤트★★•신규유저 지원 캠페인 1 [스타트 대쉬 로그인 크리스탈]-신규 유저분들을 위한 스타트 대쉬 캠페인을 실시중입니다!•신규유저 지원 캠페인 2 [계정 생성기념 크리스탈 보너스]-계정 생성만으로 과금 아이템인 크리스탈을 15개 획득 가능합니다!•휴면유저 복귀 캠페인-31일 이상 접속이 없으신 유저분이 다시 접속을 시작하신 경우 비과금 유저는 소환티켓 5장, 과금유저는 소환티켓10장을 받으실 수 있습니다.■기본 규칙은 퀴즈 풀기![스포츠], [예능], [인문], [과학], [문화], [생활&상식] 등의 장르를 선택하여 출제되는 퀴즈에답하자!정답을 맞추면 카드의 정령들이 앞을 막아서는 마물들을 공격!! 참 쉽죠?■카드 합성으로 강화&진화!획득한 카드를 강화합성으로 계속 강화 시키면 강력한 덱(파티)을 구성하는 것도 가능합니다! 진화합성으로 정령이성장합니다. 1000종류 이상의 매력적인 카드가 당신을 기다리고 있어요!■전국규모의 퀴즈 배틀!온라인 퀴즈 대전을 즐길 수 있는 토너먼트기능이 적용되어 있습니다.전국의 플레이어와 대전하여 자신의 지식을 뽐낼수 있습니다.토너먼트에는 언제라도 참가할 수 있으며, 상위 입상자는 대량의 골드와경험치를 획득할 수 있으며 마도배 이벤트에 참가하여 상위에입상한다면 게임내 카드와 고가의 아이템을 얻을 수 있습니다!*마도배는 이벤트 실시 시, 게임 내 공지에서 확인 가능합니다.■친구와 함께 게임을 즐기자!게임 속에서 친구들과 서로 팔로우 할 수 있으며 응원을 하면 메이트를 받을 수 있습니다.메이트를 모아 카드를 소환해 보세요! 메이트로 진화 소재를 모으는 것도 가능합니다.Do you still notknow?It exceeded the 38 million games downloaded from the people ofJapan !![ Wiz Quiz RPG Wizard and black cat ]Wiz Quiz RPG for short.Gained as a quiz for everyone to simply full sense,Gamyeo to play your favorite RPG to try to grow theirspirits!★★ Ongoing Event ★★• New user support campaigns 1 - Start dash Sign Crystal]- The implementation of the start-dash campaign for new userswho!• New user support campaign 2 Account created commemorative crystalaward;- You can create a billing account item the crystal only obtained15!• Sleep seat back campaignIf you start more than one connection is -31 minutes a user accessagain you do not have a non-user charging is summoned five tickets,charging a user may receive a summons of 10 tickets.■ basic rules quiz![SPORTS], [entertainment], [Humanities], [science], [culture],answer the quiz questions by selecting the genre, such as [Life& knowledge]!Hit the cards are evil spirits that attack by blocking the front ofthe correct answer! Easy, indeed?■ Cards & reinforced composite evolve!When you continue to strengthen the acquired card to enhance thesynthesis it is also possible to configure a powerful deck (party)!This ordinance will grow evolutionary synthesis. More than 1,000kinds of attractive cards I'm waiting for you!■ quiz battles nationwide!The tournament features that allow you to enjoy online quizcharging is applied.You can play it with the national players show off theirknowledge.There are tournaments you can participate at any time, the topwinners of bulk goldYou can acquire the experience and the parent to participate in theevent bombard townIf the prize can get my card and expensive items Games!* Do not bombard You can check in during the event implementation,in-game announcements.■ Enjoy the game with your friends!And friends can follow each other in the game and can you get amate to cheer.Try to summon together the card mates! It is also possible tocollect the material evolved tomate.
Sparkle Drop! [Free Coin game] APK
Coin Dozer game! Drop coins and collect gems! Become the JewelryPrincess! "Sparkle Drop!" is a free and simple coin dozer game.Collect gems by pushing coins into the target area. Use your gemsto create beautiful jewelry! ** How to play ** - Drop coins bytapping or swiping the screen! - Catch the falling gems! - Createjewelry with gems you've collected! - Enjoy the jewelry collectionand become the Jewelry Princess! Twelve kinds of gems can becollected; e.g. diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, etc. Use your gemsto create your own jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces andtiaras! Enjoy your jewelry collection by rotating your pieces indifferent angles. To complete your jewelry collection, try tocreate every type of accessory. Unlock all the secrets and receivethe Grand Tiara! Create the Tiara and become the JewelryPrincess!!! ** Sparkle Drop! Features ** - Free to play - Easy gameplay - Even if you run out of coins, you can wait for more (up to50) - Special coins help you collect coins faster - For example: +2coins, +5 coins, +? coins, Squeeze bonus, Metamorphosis coins, etc.- Dazzling 3D jewelry! - Beautifully designed Sparkling gems[How-to guide for Sparkle Drop!] How do I create every piece ofjewelry!? Some jewelry requires that you create two or more ofanother type of jewelry first. Here's a hint: if the silhouette ofdesired jewelry is the same shape as another piece you've created,try creating another one! ・For example: Here's how you get the RoseEarrings (Gold) First, create two sets of Heart Earrings(Platinum), and then you will be able to create the Rose Earrings(Gold) Other kinds of jewelry have prerequisites, i.e. you mustcreate a other jewelry first. ・For example: Here's how you get theAntique Necklace First, create the Ribbon Ring, Pink Diamond Ring,Aquamarine & Sapphire Ring and Open-heart Necklace, and thenyou will be able to create the Antique Necklace.
colopad APK
The VR controller app colopad from COLOPL ishere!・What is colopad?It turns your smartphone or tablet into a game controller designedspecifically for Oculus Rift games.・Compatible Games- Shironeko VR Project https://share.oculus.com/app/shironeko-vr-project--vr・Features- Even when your view is blocked while using the Oculus Rift, youcan still intuitively control your character with just onehand.- As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, there is no need for anycables.- Connecting colopad to your game is simple. As long as they areboth connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it only takes onetap.
Jリーグ プニコンサッカー 1.3.10 APK
すべてのサッカーフリークに。本格アクションサッカー『プニサカ』登場!●ぷにコン搭載! 簡単操作で誰でもスーパープレー!!● 指1本で自在にドリブル、パス、シュート! スライドでドリブル、フリックでパス! 誰でも感覚的に、自由に楽しめる! タイミングを合わせてボレーシュートやヘディング等、 スーパープレーを華麗に決めよう!●オートプレイ搭載!●試合中、左上に表示される「オートプレイ」ボタンでオートプレイが可能!最初から「オートプレイ」をONにして白熱した試合を観戦しても良し、ゴール手前にきたときだけ「オートプレイ」をOFFにしてシュートは自ら決めるなど、楽しみ方は自由自在!●お気に入りの選手で最強クラブチームを目指せ!● Jリーグの選手※が実名で登場! あの選手も、この選手も自分で操作して遊べるぞ! フォーメーションを組んだり戦術を駆使して 自分なりのスタイルで勝利をつかめ!●Jチャンピオンツアーで強豪クラブと勝負!● 全国各地を巡るJチャンピオンツアーで、 試合に必要なテクニックをトレーニングで磨いたり、 選手育成やホームタウン発展に必要な素材を集めよう! 各エリアの最後には強豪クラブが待っている!●選手を育てて、チームを強化!● ツアーで集めた報酬で選手を育成! 選手の能力を成長させたり、アビリティを習得させたり、 さらには限界突破で選手がどんどん強くなる! お気に入りの選手を自分好みに育てあげよう!●自分だけのホームタウンを作ろう!!● 獲得した報酬で、ホームタウンを発展させよう! 選手やマスコットが歩き、どんどん賑やかな街並みに。 施設を発展させれば、選手の能力もアップするぞ! 君だけのホームタウンを盛り上げよう!●目指せ!Jグランプリ制覇!全国のライバルたちと勝負だ!● ポイントでランキングを競うJグランプリを開催! 他のユーザーが育てたクラブチームと対戦できるぞ! 自慢のクラブチームでJグランプリ制覇を目指そう!!LICENSED BY J.LEAGUEStats Stadiumadidas, the 3-Bars logo and ERREJOTA are trademarks of the adidasGroup, used with permission.※本ゲームに登場するJリーグ選手は、2016年12月2日時点のものです。※本ゲームに使用するパラメータは、データスタジアム株式会社が作成・分析したJリーグのデータをもとに作成しております。-株式会社 コロプラ提供-