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CatApplus is a smart app organizer that categorizes automaticallyall your apps.Smart folders categories are automatically createdfor you ! Shortcuts are available for each category.Hundred ofMillions of apps have been categorized so far with CatApplus !Justlaunch CatApplus and immediately browse your apps organized into 30categories from Games, games subcategories, productivity,education, entertainment, tools, media, social apps and morecategories ! Features:■ Automatic categorization■ AutomaticUpdate/reset categories■ Manually change categories■ 2 themes:classic list or folders for categories■ Custom color & freetextures background (folders theme)■ launch, share, bookmark, hide,uninstall apps, hide categories, hide apps■ launch a random appfrom a particular category■ desktop shortcuts■ import/export appscategoriesHappy time with your categorized apps !

App Information CatApplus - Smart Automatic Apps Folder Organizer

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    CatApplus - Smart Automatic Apps Folder Organizer
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    October 31, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    ErgSap Vision
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    39 Rue Buffon, 84000 AVIGNON, FRANCE
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Discover gorgeous astronomy pictures, space images in amazinggalleries from the deep space, galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets.Discover planets of the solar system, stars of the Milky Way,galaxies, galaxy clusters, nebulae, Hubble space images, curatedselections from several missions and observations. See greatastronomy images from Mars exploration robots, rovers and missionslike Voyager. See different faces of Jupiter moons, or Saturnrings.Just explore the sky, at a glance !See:√ Beautiful astronomypictures and space images√ Hubble telescope space images, famousspace missions with rovers on Mars, Curiosity, Opportunity,Voyager√ Suggestion engine : see similar astronomy pictures√ Setany space image as wallpaperPictures are mainly coming from publicrepositories of ESO, JPL or the Hubble Heritage archives. There isno No affiliation with these institutions.
Corlorsica - Colors and Sounds 1.0.4 APK
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Play with colors and mentally associate with sounds, hack yourbrain and hear colors !→ 86 colors : match colors and color names(Stroop effect)→ 4 levels : Easy and Medium with sound, Hard andInsane→ 2 modes : classic and color square→ Sound association withcolors for Easy and Medium levels (chromesthesia : sound to colorsynesthesia) !→ Timed sessions to evaluate yoursef and sessionswithout timer for training→ Statistics to see your progress with 60seconds sessions→ Visual list of all available colors combined withaudible list (easy and medium levels)
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Quickly discover key World statistics data and trends at a glancein one place !→Real time trends from estimated values→Seestatistics and trends for Now, Today, this Week, this Month, thisYear, since the app started in order to better consider the impactof these data reports and see this big picture→Offline &available database, sources→Details, sources used to compute theavailable data→Share these data→Preselected data fields such asWorld, Women, Men, Children or topics like demography, violence,health, poverty, injury→Include world statistics and trends aboutpopulation, birth, maternity, death, forced labour, violenceagainst women, children death, homicides, malnutrition, cancer, HIVAIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, road traffic accidents, mentaldisorders; carbon dioxyde emission, water, energy supply andconsumption→Bookmark selected statistics to filter the availabletrends→Search engine
To-do List: OneThing a day, your tasks list away 1.8.8_gotd_colors APK
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Drop your to-do list of several tasks and focus on just One Thingto-do at a time with the fastest, smart to-do list and remind youthat important thing until it is done ✔, directly from yournotification bar. √ Smart √ Simple, minimalist √ Fast √ Done Drop aquick note directly from your status bar or notification bar withthis free task management app to better organize your time,increase your productivity daily. Get also inspired withinspirational and motivational quotes, each time you drop a newthing to be done ! To-do list features: √ Smart completion of to-dotask or errand √ Quickly manage and drop a task directly in yourstatus bar and Get Things Done (GTD) √ Choose the colors of yourtasks √ Get inspired with motivational quotes √ Stats on how manytasks done with beautiful graphics √ One More Thing : add a taskthat will popup once the One Thing has been done Get One Thing donea day keeps your tasks list away !