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Catch Pigs (抓豬)簡單好玩有趣的抓豬遊戲~(Funny and InterestingGame!!)這個遊戲考驗玩家的智慧與反應!This game tests your wisdom andresponse.這個遊戲為初級版(簡單版),玩家可繼續玩進階版的過河逃生 CROSSING RIVER -ESCAPING玩遊戲請記得保護眼睛健康,這款遊戲沒有Replay按鈕,要重玩遊戲的話,請關掉後重新開啟遊戲....This gameis a basic edition, the player can keep playing Advance edition"Power Piggy Crosses River".For keep your eyes healthy, take a restafter playing a long time. This game has no Replay button.Pleaseclose the game and Restart it after you take a rest.Game ideareference: http://www.su-hon.com.tw/Game design: Elvira, Schtmid1.Move the finger to control the car.2. Touch screen to shoot thepigs, you can also control the direction of car and net.3. The carmust avoid obstacles. If the car collide obstacles 5 times , GameOver!4. Catch the yellow pig, Game Over! 5. Catch 100 pigs tocomplete pigs feast! 6. Touch X button to quit the game.1.手指左右移動可以控制主角方向。2. 點擊螢幕可以發射繩網捕捉小豬C發射繩網同時也可以左右移動來控制繩網方向。3.主角同時必須躲避障礙物,碰到障礙物會失血,5次失血Game Over!4. 捕捉到黃金豬,則Game Over! 5.捕捉100隻豬,即可完成100豬全席! 6. 點擊X則離開遊戲。Story:Chao boss manages a porkstore, and he also has good cooking. Since the economy depressed,the business of pork store is not good, and the store is on theverge of bankruptcy!Someday, a rich man who getting married willentertain his relatives and friends at a big feast. He finds Chaoboss and reserves 100 pigs feast at the pork store. However, theshortage of pig market supply makes Chao anxious.Currently, onlyChen boss has available and enough pigs for sale.But Mr. Chen setsa rule: Catch the pigs, and then you can buy them!!In order to savethe business of pork store, Chao boss decides to go catch thepigs!!Can Chao Boss catch 100 pigs to complete 100 pig feast?!Or adeclaration of bankruptcy?!100 pigs 1 golden pig (Pass)200 pigs 2golden pig (Good)300 pigs 3 golden pig (Excellent)400 pigs 4 goldenpig (Perfect)500 pigs 5 golden pig(Champion)故事:廚藝精湛的趙老闆遭逢經濟不景氣影響,生意一落千丈,瀕臨破產邊緣!一天,富甲一方的有錢人準備結婚宴請親朋好友與賓客,來到趙老闆的豬仔店向他訂下100豬盛宴。趙老闆欣喜之餘卻得知市場豬隻貨源短缺?!當下只有陳老闆的豬圈養殖場有足夠的肉豬可供販賣,但是陳老闆定下一項規矩:能夠抓到多少豬就賣多少豬!!為了挽救豬仔店的生意,趙老闆決定親自去豬圈養殖場抓豬~他能成功的抓到100隻豬完成100豬盛宴嗎?!或是一厥不振宣告破產呢?!100豬1金豬 (過關)200豬 2金豬 (很好)300豬 3金豬 (厲害)400豬 4金豬 (完美)500豬 5金豬 (冠軍)CatchPigs (catch swine)Simple fun and interesting game to catch the pig~ (Funny and Interesting Game!!)This game tests the player'sintelligence and reaction!This game tests your wisdom andresponse.This game is the primary version (simple version), playerscan continue to play the advanced version of the river to escapeCROSSING RIVER - ESCAPINGPlease remember to play the game toprotect eye health, the game does not Replay button to replay thegame, then re-open after the game, please turn off ....This game isa basic edition, the player can keep playing Advance edition "PowerPiggy Crosses River".For keep your eyes healthy, take a rest afterplaying a long time. This game has no Replay button.Please closethe game and Restart it after you take a rest.Game idea reference:http://www.su-hon.com.tw/Game design: Elvira, Schtmid1. Move thefinger to control the car.2. Touch screen to shoot the pigs, youcan also control the direction of car and net.3. The car must avoidobstacles. If the car collide obstacles 5 times, Game Over!4. Catchthe yellow pig, Game Over!5. Catch 100 pigs to complete pigsfeast!6. Touch X button to quit the game.1 can move around yourfinger to control the direction of the protagonist.2 Click on thescreen can be captured pig C transmitter emission rope rope but canalso move around to control the direction of the rope.3 protagonistmust also avoid obstacles, obstacles will be encountered bleeding,hemorrhagic 5 Game Over!4 to capture the gold pig, then Game Over!5Capture 100 pigs, 100 pigs to complete the food!6 Click X left thegame.Story:Chao boss manages a pork store, and he also has goodcooking. Since the economy depressed, the business of pork store isnot good, and the store is on the verge of bankruptcy!Someday, arich man who getting married will entertain his relatives andfriends at a big feast. He finds Chao boss and reserves 100 pigsfeast at the pork store. However, the shortage of pig market supplymakes Chao anxious.Currently, only Chen boss has available andenough pigs for sale.But Mr Chen sets a rule:. Catch the pigs, andthen you can buy them!!In order to save the business of pork store,Chao boss decides to go catch the pigs!!Can Chao Boss catch 100pigs to complete 100 pig feast?!Or a declaration of bankruptcy?!100pigs 1 golden pig (Pass)200 pigs 2 golden pig (Good)300 pigs 3golden pig (Excellent)400 pigs 4 golden pig (Perfect)500 pigs 5golden pig (Champion)Story:Zhao boss exquisite culinary spite ofthe economic downturn affected business has plummeted, the verge ofbankruptcy!One day, wealthy rich people getting married invitingfriends and guests, came down the river boss Zhao shopHe laid downto 100 pig feast. Zhao boss excitedly but that a shortage of marketsupply of pigs?!Only current boss Chen pen farms have enough hogsavailable for sale,But Mr. Chen set a rule: How many pigs can catchmany pigs to sell!!In order to save the business pigs shops, Zhaoboss decided to go catch a pig-sty farmsHe caught 100 pigs can besuccessfully completed 100 pig feast it?! Dedication of appetite,or a declaration of bankruptcy it?!100 Pig a Pig (clearance)200 Pig2 Pig (very good)300 Pig Pig 3 (severe)Pig Pig 4 400 (perfect)PigPig 5 500 (champion)

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