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Aleister Crowley is back and this time he is aGhost. Can you catch the ghost of Crowley? "Catch the Ghost ofCrowley" is a multi-level, action packed, ghost hunting experience.Try and see if you can Catch the Wickedest Man in the world, as hemaneuvers away from your grip. Touch and tap the screen until youget the Beast, but watch out for the bats and demons, hit one ofthem and it's game over.

*Attention: this game is highly addicting.

App Information Catch the Ghost of Crowley

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    Catch the Ghost of Crowley
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    May 27, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    5 - 10
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    Visit website Email apptyze@yahoo.com
    101 W. McKnight Way, B-73 Grass Valley, CA 95949
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Enter the world of possibilities with the"Solomon's Key", bringing the Greater Key of Solomon-also known as"Clavicula Salomonus"-into the palm of your hand. With allplanetary seals necessary for the invocation of the angelic powers,the invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, this magical tool alsocomes with bonus access to all Solomonic texts and Grimoires,including"The Goetia", the included texts in .pdf format are thefollowing:The Greater Key of Solomon Part 1The Greater Key of Solomon Part 2 (The Greater Key of Solomon Part 3The Lesser Key of Solomon (Legemeton I) (Goetia)The Lesser Key of Solomon (Legemeton II) (Teurgia- Goetia)Ars Paulina (Legemeton III)Ars Almadel (Legemeton IV)Ars Nova (Legemeton V)Grimoirum VerumGrimoire of ArmadelThe use of Solomon's Key was a common practice by the manymagicians and secret societies such as; Aleister Crowley, McGregorMathers, the Rosicrucian society, Illuminati, Freemasons, and toomany others to name here.
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By exploring "The Occult Library", readersgain open access to a comprehensive library consisted of hundredsof e-books in .pdf format, right from the palm of their hand. Withfeatured subjects like Enochian, Renaissance, Magic, Grimoires,Occult, Esoteric, Magick, and much more.Listed below are just some of the books available:Solomonic GrimoiresThe Greater Key of Solomon Part 1The Greater Key of Solomon Part 2The Greater Key of Solomon Part 3The Lesser Key of Solomon (Legemeton I) (Goetia)The Lesser Key of Solomon (Legemeton II) (Teurgia- Goetia)Ars Paulina (Legemeton III)Ars Almadel (Legemeton IV)Ars Nova (Legemeton V)Grimoirum VerumGrimoire of ArmadelThe Abramelin BooksThe Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book 1The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book 2The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book 3Various GrimoiresArbatel of MagicHeptameron by Peter de AbanoThe Grand GrimoireThe Black Raven - Johannes FaustGrimoire of HonoriusThe Black PulletSecret Grimoire of TurielLibellus MagicusSword of MosesLiber 777 Compiled by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and falsely attributedto Aleister CrowleyOtherLiber Salomonis: Sepher Raziel – Part 1 from British Library, MS.Sloane 3826Liber Salomonis: Sepher Raziel – Part 2 from British Library, MS.Sloane 3826Liber Lunae from British Library, MS. sloane 3826Sixth Book of MosesSeventh Book of MosesArs NotoriaPicatrixLe Petit AlbertPseudomonarchia Daemonum (Liber officiorum spirituum) by JohannWeyerPapyri Graecae Magicae (The Greek Magical Papyri)
Goetia Magic Pro 194033 APK
Goetia Magic Pro is a simple and easy to useapp for invocation and evocation on the go, comprised of a summeryof the Goetia (The Lesser Keys of Solomon/Lemmegaton) 17th centurymagical grimoire which includes the complete 72 Jinn / Geniespirits along with the magic seals / talismans by which they aresummoned and evoked / invoked, the 72 corresponding Holy Angelswhich are used to bind the Jinn, a list of correspondences such asbible verses and rank, an overview of the triangle of art, themagic circle, the brass vessel and additional pentacles of KingSolomon of which some was passed down to him by his father KingDavid. This App may be used in the pursuit of magical powers,success, wealth, love and anything else one desires. King Solomonalso allegedly received much of his wisdom from the Holy Spirit andmuch of his work is included in the Holy Bible. The Goetia has beenpopularized by the likes of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowleywho was a ritual magician and occultist of the early 1900's andalso the founder of Thelema / Do What Thou Wilt. The Goetia hasbecome especially known among people of all walks of life includingthe new age movement, those who practice the Kabbalah, Devilworshipers, Satanists, White magicians, Freemasons and even new ageChristians. This art may have also been used by John Dee, a 16thcentury magician, spy and occultist who was the founder of EnochianMagick. Accomplish all you have desired like wisdom, love, wealth,money, success, knowledge and more by the use of demons and angels.Goeetia Magic Pro; a must for the Master and the Adept.(Note: Use with care, demons, angels and spirits are very real andwhen called will answer always.)
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Easy to install and user friendly, "Seal ofLucifer Live Wallpaper" features the mysterious sigil of Lucifer ina yellow gold tone on an all white background. Bringing the magicof the ancient magical texts, the "Seal of Lucifer Live Wallpaper"can be used as a focal point for mediation, ritual magic,invocation, and more. "Seal of Lucifer Live Wallpaper" brings forththat ancient spirit of light that has been worshipped andacknowledged since the days of old, from ancient Egypt, Greece,Knights Templars, Freemasonry, The Rosicrucian Order of the GoldenDawn, Thelema, and many others. As said by 33 degree Mason, AlbertPike, in his Morals and Dogma:"Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give tothe Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it hewho bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blindsfeeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!"
Illuminati:Secrets of Baphomet 186848 APK
Previously known as Illuminati TV,"Illuminati: Secrets of Baphomet" gives users access over 10 hoursof documentary videos, interviews, presentations and moreIlluminati related material.Revealing the light of the mysteries to only the chosen ones,this app is a must for every conspiracy enthusiast. Digg deep intosome of the most shocking conspiracies of UFO's, New World Order,the Apocalypse, Revelations, Aliens, Secret Societies, The Occult,Witchcraft, Aleister Crowley, Adam Weishaupt, Thelema, Moloch andmore.
Magick Altar of Baphomet 1.0 APK
Great for all adepts and those wanting tolearn the basics of Magick. User friendly, this app includeseverything that is necessary for those who desire to practiceMagick on a daily basis. With the sole aim of acquiring theKnowledge and Conversation with Ones Holy Guardian Angel, thispowerful magical tool features the methods to own up to onesWill.Exercise the magical powers already stored within you, with dailyrituals such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram,Lesser Hexagram Ritual, Adorations of the Sun (As described byAleister Crowley), 48 Enochian Calls (or Keys of Enoch), and accessto a bonus magical library of ancient esoteric texts which areavailable in .pdf format.and Liber 777.

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