1.3 / August 22, 2014
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Cat Simulator 3D

The most beautiful and realistic Cat Simulator available onGoogle Play! Play as a real cat inside a cool apartment and getready for some real adventures. Knock off stuff, destroy whateveryou like and cause the massive damage. Annoy the humans and getaway with it - that's what cats do. Prepare for a seriouscatlateral rampage!

- Stunning 3D graphics
- Smooth performance
- Easy controls
- Interactive people
- Cool apartment to explore

Good luck and have fun!

App Information CatSimulator

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    August 22, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Swift Apps LLC
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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Królewska 65A/1 30-081 Kraków
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Dog Simulator 2.2.3 APK
The best MULTIPLAYER Dog Simulator available on Android!Play as areal puppy - jump, bark, destroy the house and do whatever youwant. Now with a multiplayer mode you can play your friends andpeople all over the world. Cute puppies and fun adventures arewaiting for you!- Online multiplayer- 6 Beautiful levels toexplore- Multiple dogs to choose: shiba, corgi, husky, collie,bulldog, greyhound, even wolfs and more- Interactive people andanimals- Dress every dog as you like- Destructible objects tocrash- Special Night mode- Stunning graphics- Smooth performance-Easy controlsONLINE MULTIPLAYERPlay online with animal lovers allover the world. Play together with other dogs, meet new friends andcompete with them for the best score. See if anyone can match yourskills as a naughty dog. You can create your own games which can bejoined by your friends.DOGS AND PUPPIESIf dogs are your favouritepets then this is the game for you. Play as your favourite dogbreed: corgi, shiba and husky puppies are waiting for you. If youlove bigger dogs select one of the collies,bulldogs or a greyhoundto bring even more cuteness to the game. And if that’s not enoughtry a wolf, direwolf or a giraffe ( well it’s a sneaky greyhounddressed as a giraffe ). UPGRADE AND DRESS YOUR DOGWhen you presseither single player or the multiplayer button in the menu youalways go to the scene where you can change your dog and dress itas you like, using blue arrows on the both sides of the dog andbuttons on the top of the screen. You can dress your doggy withmultiple hats, collars and funny glasses. Then everyone can seeyour cool outfit in multiplayer games.LOCATIONSThere are sixlocations. First, awesome house were you smash some objects andlearn the game. Second, nice garden with a dog that will follow youand a grill party to ruin. Third is a shop with lots of objectsthat can be smashed into pieces. Fourth and fifth are on a hugefarm full of animals and people where you can chase sheep to getpoints. The last one is a crazy town with tons of stuff to destroyand funky missions.TIME CHALLENGEIn every level in the singleplayer mode there is a rotating clock. When you run into it, youcan activate time challenge mode. In this mode you have to destroyas many objects and do as many interactions as fast as possible.For the points you earn the stars and more gold.NIGHT MODEScore onestar in the last level to unlock a secret night mode. It containsnew time challenges for every stage with increased difficulty andeven bigger rewards. See if you’re a true expert.SIMPLE CONTROLSYoucan use the joystick, on the left to move your dog, jump button onthe right to make it fly and swipe to look around. You can use thehit button on the right to smash objects with your awesome dogpower.QUALITY SETTINGSThe game will automatically detect whichquality settings to apply for your device, but you can change themin the settings menu.FACEBOOK AND SOCIAL SHARINGAt the end of thetime challenge, the popup will show up allowing you to post yourscore on Facebook or Twitter. You can also share the image of yourdog on in the scene where you change dogs and dress them.
Cat Simulator 2.1.1 APK
The most beautiful and realistic Cat Simulator game available onthe Android is now MULTIPLAYER!Play as a real cat, explore hugehouses and awesome gardens. Choose different cats and dress them asyou like, try yourself in time challenges and of course, annoy thehumans. Play with other kittens in the new multiplayer mode -invite your friends or compete with people from all over theworld!- Online multiplayer!- Many cats to choose from: little mainecoon kitten, persian cat, bobcat/lynx, cheetah, even a tiger - andmany more!- Beautiful locations to explore with tons of objects todestroy- Interactive people and animals- Funny and cute accessoriesto dress your cat- Stunning graphics- Smooth performance- Easycontrols- Gameplay recording to share with friendsONLINEMULTIPLAYERNow you can compete with other animal lovers in thebrand new multiplayer mode! Play with other kitties, meet newfriends and see who has the best skills. You can also invite yourfriends to join a game at the location of your own choosing.LITTLEKITTENS OR BIG CATS?What is your favorite breed? A siamese? Agrumpy persian? Or maybe a simple and cute grey kitty? If that'snot enough for you, try the powerful tiger or the funniestout-of-this-world cats like the mummy!PLAY DRESS UP!Style your catthe way you want! You can choose from many different hats, funnyglasses, collars and cute shoes to upgrade your animal friend. Justuse the arrows to pick your outfit before the game and go showoff!LOCATIONSThere are eleven locations to discover - explore thewhole neighborhood in a smashing adventure! You start off in asmall apartment where you can learn the basics of the game. Nextlevels let you discover big gardens and different houses where purefun awaits you. Crash a barbecue party, complete missions andinteract with humans and other animals! That's not the end of it -you can go crazy and mess around at the supermarket or cause akitchen disaster in the restaurant!INTERACTIONSThere are over 50interactions. You can crash the fridge, ride on the vacuum cleaner,bathe in the jacuzzi, get into the washing machine, drink from thesink, wake up the dog and many more. Do stuff that your cat doeseveryday.SIMPLE CONTROLSYou can use the joystick on the left tomove your cat, jump button on the right to make it fly and swipe tolook around. You can use the hit button on the right to smashobjects with your awesome pussycat power.GAMEPLAY RECORDINGGameplayrecording is now possible! Enable it in settings and share yourvideos with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!
Hot Trigger 1.0 APK
Swift Apps LLC
SUPER SLOW MOTION SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY!First person shooter whereyou can control time. Defeat your enemies and use time to youradvantage. Use multiple weapons, explore huge levels and masteryour skills to complete deadly missions!- Advanced slow-motionmechanics- Mesmerizing 3D environment- Cutting edge graphics-Massive and challenging levels- Variety of extreme weapons- Easycontrols and smooth gameplayCONTROLLING THE TIMEWhen you’restanding still the time moves very slowly but if you make just alittle move the time immediately speeds up. When you’re shootingyou’re also speeding the time up so be very careful and get readyfor some hot action.TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLSTo move in any directionyou have to use joystick in the bottom left corner. To look aroundyou can swipe anywhere on the screen. If you want to shoot just usebutton in bottom right corner. Pause button is situated in the topleft corner.GRAPHICS AND QUALITY SETTINGSYou’ll be amazed by topnotch graphics including real time light effects, laser sharpanimations and destructible environment. The graphics quality willbe automatically detected for your device, however you can changeit in the settings menu. To visit settings click the screw buttonin bottom left corner in main menu scene.
CatSimulator 1.3 APK
Swift Apps LLC
Cat Simulator 3DThe most beautiful and realistic Cat Simulator available onGoogle Play! Play as a real cat inside a cool apartment and getready for some real adventures. Knock off stuff, destroy whateveryou like and cause the massive damage. Annoy the humans and getaway with it - that's what cats do. Prepare for a seriouscatlateral rampage!- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth performance- Easy controls- Interactive people- Cool apartment to exploreGood luck and have fun!
Goat Rampage 2.3.1 APK
The Goat RampageThe best animal simulator available for theAndroid. You're just a stupid Goat, but you're about to make thebiggest rampage this world has ever seen. Explore large maps, withinteractive humans, animals, buildings and vehicles and makeeverybody's lives as miserable as possible. Drive a car, anambulance, a police car, catapult yourself through the city, wellyou can even fly a helicopter, frankly you can do whatever you like- you're a Goat.PS: And of course you can use a Gravity Gun andthrow a house through a pool party, but you knew that right?- 3huge locations to explore- Gigantic city level with extrememissions and tons of stuff to demolish- funny animal simulator-Stunning 3D graphics- Interactive people with realistic animationsand bonkers behaviour- Drivable vehicles with improved mechanics-Helicopter that you can fly- Support for Retina display devices-Smooth and easy controls- Hidden secret features- OptimizedperformanceLOCATIONSThere are three locations. First is the funnyvillage with tons of stuff to destroy, large hills to climb andcrazy missions to complete. Second is the factory location withlarge warehouses, funny workers and jeep car you can drive.Third isa large city with tons of interactive people, cars, parties andtough missions.MISSION MODEEvery level has it's own pack ofmissions for you to complete. For every mission you finish, you'llget gold which you can use to upgrade your Goat.FREE PLAY MODEThereis a free play mode which you can use to explore all maps and enjoythe rampage without time limitations.STATSFor gold you collect youcan upgrade life,speed,ram,jump and gravity gun power to cause evenmore damage.QUALITY SETTINGSThe game will automatically detectwhich quality settings to apply for your device, but you can changethem in the settings menu.SIMPLE CONTROLSYou can use the joystick,on the left to move your goat, jump button on the right to make itfly and swipe to look around.If you collect the Gravity Gunsomewhere on the map the magnet icon will pop up which you can useto move objects around. Various buttons will show up when you'llget close enough to interact with them.DRIVE A CAR, FLY HELICOPTER,USE CATAPULTIf you get close to a drivable car, note that not everycar is drivable, the blue car icon will pop up on the right whichyou can use to enter it. The same rule works with helicopter andcatapult.FACEBOOK AND TWITTERWhen you gain a high score the popupwill show up allowing you to post your score on Facebook orTwitter.
Pig Simulator 1.1.2 APK
The craziest Pig game available on IOS!Play as a real crazy pig -run, destroy, demolish and make the biggest rampage this world hasever seen.- 5 huge levels to explore- Multiple pigs to choose-Interactive people and animals- Dress every pig as you like-Destructible objects to crash- Stunning graphics- Smoothperformance- Easy controlsLOCATIONSThere are five locations. First,the forest were you smash some objects and learn the game. Second,farm with animals, people and crazy missions to complete. Third,huge farm with cornfield and tons of stuff to demolish and animalsto scare. Fourth, warehouse where you're about to stop whateverthey are doing inside and make everyone cry. And the last one is ahuge city where you demolish gas stations, houses and make thefinal mess.TIME CHALLENGEIn the house there is a rotating timeclock. When you run into it, you can activate time challenge mode.In this mode you have to destroy as many objects and do as manyinteractions as fast as possible. For the points you earn the starsand more gold.UPGRADE AND DRESS YOUR PIGWhen you press Tap to playbutton in the menu you always go to the scene where you can changeyour pig and dress it as you like, using blue arrows on the bothsides of the pig and buttons on the top of the screen.SIMPLECONTROLSYou can use the joystick, on the left to move your pig,jump button on the right to make it fly and swipe to look around.You can use the hit button on the right to smash objects with yourawesome pig power.GAMEPLAY RECORDINGGameplay recording is nowpossible! Enable it in settings and share your videos with yourfriends via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!QUALITY SETTINGSThe gamewill automatically detect which quality settings to apply for yourdevice, but you can change them in the settings menu.
Goat-Rampage 1.3 APK
The Goat RampageThe most ridiculous animal simulator available forthe Android. Use your Goat to smash as many objects as possible togain the highest score. Make it crash everything around in thefastest possible way. * Stunning 3D graphics. * 2 huge maps toexplore. * Interactive people,animals. * Drivable car available inlevel 2 - cause even more damage! * Smooth and easy controls. *Infinite mode available - Play on after the game is over. * Hiddensecret features. * Optimized performance.Good luck and havefun!TIPS:*How to drive a car?- There's a drivable car in the secondstage right in front of you. A button will pop up on the right ofthe screen when your goat gets close enough to the vehicle. Havefun!*How to fly a helicopter?- Goat can fly every helicopter in thefirst level.
Cat-Simulator 2.1.1 APK
Cat Simulator MultiplayerBecome a real kitty and play with yourfriends! Smash stuff, collect points and defeat your opponents.Destroy everything around you, annoy the humans and compete withother cute kittens!- Multiplayer Mode- Stunning 3D graphics- Smoothperformance- Easy controls- Cool apartment to exploreGood luckbeing the best Cat!