/ November 8, 2015
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Cave man Runner 3D is a free game with amazingancient look. Feel the cave environment, Come and run in a newenvironment with our cave man ‘Runner 3D’. We guess that you arefeeling regular with running on roads, walls, tracks and valleys.For a change Now You are always welcome to Run, Jump, Dodge andshoot in a new environment to survive your selves from the blackpanther. Dinosaurs skeleton will guards you from the sun and yourrun guards your life from the panther.

Impressive 3D graphics and sound tracks indeed.
shoot, dodge, jump and fire to overcome the hurdles.
Run as far as u can to create a record and to put achallenge.


Swipe on the screen left and right to move to sides while runningand swipe up to jump and swipe down to dodge and tap on screen toattack.
collect the coins and buy the powers.


-Collect the coins to earn cash & buy powers.
-Amazing 3D Graphics with mountains, caves and dark tunnels..
-Impressive 3D Graphics and Sound tracks.
-Beautiful new graphics
-New obstacles
-More power-ups
-Super smooth game play
-Crazy, Scary obstacles.
-Simple and easy controls. All you have to do is tilt andswipe.
-Compete against other runners.
-Share your progress with friends and challenge them.
-Download free full version game and enjoy unlimited play!

Now Download,
Run how long have you can to protect yourselves, stayrefreshing.
Happy Gaming……!

App Information Cave Man Runner 3D

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