1.0.0 / June 24, 2017
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This is a beautiful platformer adventure game in the stone age.TheCaveman have an adventure to explore the world and meet with somany bad guys and monsters that will make the adventure is noteasy. Traps are also waiting for you. Swim, jump, or hide if youare in trouble. Every levels you'll always find a new stuff, trap,or enemy type. Find the mysterious spot to magically transport toan hidden place. Enemy types :- stupid enemy- not so stupid enemy-baseball enemy- slingshot enemy- flying enemy- swimmingenemyFeatures :- Upgrade weapon- Buy bullets with your collectedcoins

App Information Caveman And Monsters

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    Caveman And Monsters
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    June 24, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    jl Imogiri Timur Km 07 Yogyakarta
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Ninja penguin has adventures, inside castle there are doors thatlead to another dimension of adventure world. His task is tocollect gems that every world has 3 gems. However only a gem isvisible on each attempt. so he needs to enter the doors 3 times tocomplete the mission. More gems he try to collect, he will face thetough adventure. Enemies has already waiting there !Explore theworlds and Ninja will always find new challenges that needs sometrick to solve it. Collect coins as many as possible, there is ashop next to castle, purchase additional weapon and energy drinkwith the coins that have been collected before.Run like a Ninja,Jump like a Ninja, and fight like a Ninja !!Walkthroughs, (warning:spoiler)Door1First gem can be taken easily without special trick,the second gem is located underwater, you have to dive to take it.The last gem is on high place, you need to find a ladder and put iton the right place to reach itDoor2One gem is covered by metalblock, you have to find something that can breakthem.Door3Everything is getting serious now, you will face manytraps before can reach the gems. New stuff you will get is springto make you do a super jump to reach the gem. Also you have to divevery long, don’t try without an oxygen tank. Door4You will get apuzzle here, need a trick to collect all gems. Items on this worldin oxygen tank, dynamite and spring.the next doors are underdevelopment :)
Mr Toc World 2.1.15 APK
This game is a platformer adventure game. Each levels Mr Toc havetask to collect coins and gems. Time by time Mr Toc will acquirespecial skills to completed the gem collection that may missed onthe previous levels.He has the basic fight skill by stomping theenemy, other than that, he can find the poison fruit and throw itto the enemy. Use the white gems to revive.Explore the world thenyou'll find the robots, Magneta and Boxio. Magneta will help you tocollect the coins, and Boxio will help you to fight theenemies.Features:- 30 beautiful levels- 3 ability upgrade toacquire- 2 robot helpers to discover- Great graphicsSkills toacquire:- Swim- wall jump- Fly
Jail Break 1.0.1 APK
This is a story of a prisoner that want to break the jail. thejails are full of traps, spikes, banana peels, pendulum, dogs, thatmust be solved.The game play is a puzzle physic, timing andstrategy is the main key to solve the levels. With only one screentap control, you have to help the prisoner to reach the way outafter getting key, and don’t forget to collect 3 stars.Currentlythere are 36 levels to be solved, the next levels are underdevelopment.
Caveman Mario Adventure 1.1.4 APK
In the prehistoric age, Mario the Cavemanstarts the adventure.Mario The Caveman has an adventure to explore the world and meetwith so many bad guys and monsters that will make the adventure isnot easy. Traps are also waiting for him. Swim, jump, or hide.Every levels you'll always find a new stuff, trap, or enemytype. Find the mysterious spot to magically transport to an hiddenplace.Enemy types :- stupid enemy- not so stupid enemy- baseball enemy- slingshot enemy- flying enemy- swimming enemyFeatures :- Upgrade weapon- Buy bullets with your collected coinsThere is a photographer that will capture your failing moment,you can share it to your friends. Share your failures...=== WARNING !! ... SPOILERS =====These are what you'll find on each levels of the adventuresLevel 1Basic game mechanism, you'll be introduced on the game environment.how to beat the enemy, find a bullet an use it as weapon, etcLevel 2New enemy type is ready to fight. they are enemy with slingshot.they can attack you in a distance. And also you'll find trapsLevel 3Now, there is something good. There are stones that can emit amagic power when hit by your hammer. use it wiselyLevel 4New enemy again! , an ancient baseball player. beware, they can hitback your bullet. Beware there are banana peels. don't slip.Level 5Dangerous level.Until this level you should have been mastering how to fight withthe all enemy types. Bunch of enemies come from underground.Level 6Do you like science fiction? a worm holes are waiting to befound.Level 7,8,9, and the othersThe next enemies... they can swim and flyGood luck with your adventures !!
Penalty Puzzle Challenge 2.0.1 APK
Enjoy the adventure of this puzzle soccergame.Your task is to kick the ball to the goal, you'll face metal block,glass, black hole, fan, and other item. That can be help your taskor even make the puzzle harder.There are 27 levels to be solved.
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Simple but addictive game!, Intuitive and easy to master!No matterwhere you are, want to kill your 5 minutes? play this game. Enjoythe physic of this racing game. You're riding the motocross, thereare 2 pedals to move forward and backward, tilt your device tocontrol the balance while in the air.Prepare yourself to faceextreme contour, climb the hill, pass the cliff, stones , andexplosive materials.Features :- free- smooth & quick play- morelevels are under development
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The game is an endless runner game. the Cat rides a motorbike abovethe building roofs. He has bullets to destroy boxes and to beatDogkers the enemies.Coins must be collected as many as possible toget more bullets and gems to revive the game when failed.Feature :-nice graphics- google leaderboard- addicting gameplay
Catman 2.9.6 APK
This is the most beautiful endless run game, The Cat should run asfar as possible above buildings to collect the coins. Be careful,don’t fall down into the building gap. use your intuition to jumpover the buildings.Beware with the obstacles. You'll face bananapeels, boxes, pipe, etc that will make your run not easy.When thecat has reached the full energy, he can fly to collect the items inthe air, while in the air, the enemies with airplane are waitingfor you.Collect coins as many as possible to buy the stuffs thathelp your journey.Features :- Nice and funny graphics- Requireskill, good reflex, and some luck- Google leaderboard to competewith your friendsHow to Play :- touch the screen to jump, longeryou touch, you’ll jump higher- Go as far as possible