1.0 / March 7, 2014
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Survival of the fittest. Knock down theothercavemen to stay alive!

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Flies N Frog 1.2 APK
In this action/arcade game you need to haveperfect timing and precision to catch the fly and avoid the wasp.You must catch a fly every wave to keep going. A high score tracksyour progress so you can see your top performance.Touch and hold the screen to start your jump and let go when youare lined up to eat the fly.Flies n' Frog was created as part of the Zymo Entertainment gamejam and was created in one day!
Caveman Run 1.0 APK
Survival of the fittest. Knock down theothercavemen to stay alive!
Deep Dank Darkness 1.0 APK
Be wary traveler, this dungeon hasunimaginabledepths. The dank rot will shake you to your core whileitsforeboding darkness will corrupt your mind. Travel if you must,seehow far you can travel before your torch goes out, blow on ittokeep it going! Explore if you must, but we warned you!Deep Dank Darkness was created by Adam Robillard andWilliamSweetman as part of the Zymo Entertainment game jam
Subversion 451 1.0 APK
Take control of a submarine (version 451) asitnavigates the hazards to collect critical documents!This was produced from a company wide team building GameJamevent. Please check out our other games that we created in oneworkday!
See n' Speak - Farm Edition 1.0 APK
Test your memory with this fun expeditiontothe farm! Repeat back the animals in the order presented andseehow many points you can get.
Tophat Boom 1.0 APK
Not only have you fallen overboard, butyoufell right into an aging mine field. Swim for your life asyoudodge the mines and try to make it back to shore.Tophat Boom was created by Cody Durant and Steve Krenek aspartof the Zymo Entertainment game jam.
Lifty Hustle 1.0 APK
In this arcade/puzzle game you have tothinkfast to continue topping your last score.Take the reins as an elevator operator that has to keepeveryonehappy. Each person is dressed like the floor they work on,and theydon't like people from different floors. Pick up multipleof thesame color for extra points. This game starts off easy andquicklyjumps into chaos!This game was built as part of Zymo Entertainment's teamgamejam, please check out the other titles built by our otherteammembers, just search for Zymo Entertainment!