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Ceiling or can be referred to with theceilingconstruction is part of a barrier layer between the frame ofthebuilding with a roof frame, so it can be as tall buildings oritcan be said under the framework of the roof. Ceiling oroftencalled the ceiling is an area on the inside of the buildingspace(home).

Everyone has different tastes in home decorating includingchoosingthe ceiling design for the home. Therefore, it wouldcertainly needat the design of the ceiling which made the roof ofyour house lookbeautiful.

If you have not been able to get an idea of ​​inspiration inthedesign of the ceiling. This application provides some sampleimagesceiling design ideas with the aim to increase the inspirationsoyou get an idea in designing the ceiling of your home.

Then what kind of design examples ceiling is beautiful andsimple.All that can be seen in the application of the Group ofPicturesceiling design ideas beautiful and simple.

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