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This application Contains over 1800 Studynotes& exam question.
This CFP app contains the following chapters:

1. Principles of Financial Planning 1
2. Principles of Financial Planning 2
3. Insurance Planning 1
4. Insurance Planning 2
5. Employee Benefits Planning
6. Retirement Planning 1
7. Retirement Planning 2
8. Retirement Planning 3
9. Income Tax planning
10. Investment Planning 1
11. Investment Planning 2
12. Investment Planning 3
13. Estate Planning 1
14. Estate Planning 2
15. Estate Planning 3
16. CFP Exam Quiz
17. CFP Exam Review
18. CFP Formulas & Ratios
19. CFP Hardest Exam Quiz
20. Last Night Exam Review
21. CFP Numbers
22. CFP Memory Techniques

This app Includes all topics: General Principles ofFinancialPlanning, Insurance Planning and Risk Management,InvestmentPlanning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, EmployeeBenefitsPlanning, Income Tax Planning, CFP Formula Section.

Main Features:
- +1800 exam questions and study notes
- 5study modes
- Shareable content
- Settings: with flexibility to change font size &backgroundcontrol

CFP® certification is the highest level of certification thatafinancial planner can achieve, and it isinternationallyrecognised. CFP professionals demonstrate theircommitment toexcellence in financial planning by meeting initialand ongoingcompetency, ethics and practice standards and agreeingto abide bythe standards laid out in the FPA’s Code ofProfessionalPractice.
To earn the CFP Board designation, candidates in the UnitedStatesmust meet several requirements—the first of which istheeducational requirement, which requires candidates to haveabachelor's degree (or higher), or its equivalent in anydiscipline,from an accredited college or university.[6] In Canada,no formaluniversity or even community college educationalrequirements areneeded. The majority of CFP holders in Canada lackformaluniversity education in business or commerce; however, manydopossess some level of local community college training.Thebachelor's degree requirement in the United States may becompletedafter passing the CFP exam (within five years) and is alsonot arequirement to be eligible to take the CFP BoardCertificationExamination. [1] As a first step to the present CFPcertificationcriteria, students must master a fairly rudimentarylist ofapproximately 100 topics on financial planning.[7] Thecurriculumtaught must be the equivalent of 18 semester credit hours(e.g. 6courses). The topics cover major planning areas such as:

General Principles of Finance and Financial Planning
Insurance Planning
Employee Benefits Planning
Investment and Securities Planning
State and Federal Income Tax Planning
Estate Tax, Gift Tax, and Transfer Tax Planning
Asset Protection Planning
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Financial planning and consulting

Individuals holding professional designations pre-approved bytheCFP Board, which include attorneys, Certified PublicAccountants(CPA), Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA),Chartered Accountants(CA), Chartered Wealth Managers (AAFM),Chartered Life Underwriters(CLU), Chartered Financial Consultants(ChFC), and CharteredFinancial Analysts (CFA)) are all entitled toregister for and takethe exam without having to complete theeducation requirements byusing the CFP-board's "challenge"status.

Individuals who seek to challenge the CFP certification examafterMarch 2012 will be required to take a financial planningCapstonecourse before sitting for the exam.

Top of learning, the publisher of this android application, isnotaffiliated with or endorsed by any testing organization.Allorganizational and test names are trademarks of theirrespectiveowners. The content of the application might includeinaccuraciesor typographical errors, for which the owner can not beheld.liable.

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If you intend to become an expert in Infectious Diseases, this appis what you need, It starts fro the introduction to go deeper inthe field. It's highly recommended for USMLE Step 2 CK andequivalent exams.This is the only specialized Infectious diseasesapp that covers all the Infectious diseases science spectrum fromthe introduction to the expertise.Get +2830 Infectious diseasesnotes & questions with answers & prepare your exam easilywithin less time. you could become an expert in Infectious diseasesif you master all the topics covered by this professionalapp.During this promotion you will get 4 apps for the price ofone:-Infectious diseases notes & questions - Medicalabbreviations -Medical terminology sorted by topic -Medical Law& Ethics US Doctors, who prepare USMLE exam use this app,here's why:-Tailored study notes to suit your preparation and examneeds-Less time for preparation-Exam focused questions andanswers-Developed to let you succeed from the firstattempt-Affordable price to all student , researchers,professionals, and doctors.This app is intended to students,researchers, resident, doctors, Anatomy & physiologyspecialists, nurses and medical professionals and of course Medicallecturers, teachers and professors.Get a better score in your USMLE(step1, step2 CS & CK), PANCE, MCAT, DAT, COMLEX, OAT, NBDE, orPCAT exam, and the most important is to fall in love with thematerial, it worth all the attention.Infectious disease is amedical specialty dealing with the control and treatment ofinfections. An infectious disease (ID) specialist's practice mayconsist largely of managing nosocomial (hospital-acquired)infections, or it may be out-patient based, in which case itfocuses more on community-acquired infections. ID is historicallyassociated with travel medicine and tropical medicine, as manydiseases acquired in tropical and subtropical areas are infectivein nature. ID specialists typically serve as consultants in casesof complex infections or immunologic issues, and often managepatients with HIV/AIDS and other forms of immunodeficiency.In theUS, ID is a subspecialty of internal medicine or pediatrics (i.e.,an internist or pediatrician trains for an additional 1-2 years asa medical fellow to qualify as an ID specialist and sit for the IDboards).There are four main kinds of germs: Bacteria - one-celledgerms that multiply quickly and may release chemicals which canmake you sick Viruses - capsules that contain genetic material, anduse your own cells to multiply Fungi - primitive plants, likemushrooms or mildew Protozoa - one-celled animals that use otherliving things for food and a place to liveNIH: National Instituteof Allergy and Infectious DiseasesThis educational & medicalapplication is intended to r:NCLEX-RNNCLEX-PNNCLEXCNA,ANP - AdultNurse PractitionerFNP - Family Nurse PractitionerA-GNP - Adult-GeroPrimary Nurse PractitionerANP-BC Adult Nurse PractitionerFNP-BCFamily Nurse PractitionerPNP-BC Pediatric Nurse PractitionerACNP-BCAcute Care Nurse PractitionerGNP - BC Gerontological NursePractitionerPMHNP-BC Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health NursePractitionerPMHNP-BC Family Psychiatric and Mental Health NursePractitionerCNRN®SCRN®and also for USMLE, COMLEX, ANCCCertification Center.This app is also suitable for students,researchers, resident, doctors, Anatomy & physiologyspecialists, nurses and medical professionals and of course Medicallecturers, teachers and professors.Get a better score in your USMLE(step1, step2 CS & CK), PANCE, MCAT, DAT, COMLEX,CNA, OAT,NBDE, or PCAT exam, and the most important is to fall in love withthe material, it worth all the attention.
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We all dreamed to have something that contains all legal termsexplained, with a quick access.This app did it, it is really amust, it contains over 2040 terms related to commercial lawexplained.If your are a lawyer, attorney, broker, investor ,lecturer, teacher, researcher or a student, this app will assistyou in getting the definition of legal, financial, commercial andeconomic terms related to business.Business law, also known asCommercial law, is the body of law that applies to the rights,relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged incommerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is often consideredto be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both privatelaw and public law.Commercial law includes within its compass suchtitles as principal and agent; carriage by land and sea; merchantshipping; guarantee; marine, fire, life, and accident insurance;bills of exchange and partnership. It can also be understood toregulate corporate contracts, hiring practices, and the manufactureand sales of consumer goods. Many countries have adopted civilcodes that contain comprehensive statements of their commerciallaw. The aim of this application is to assist the learner to have:•Knowledge of the basic facts and terms • Understanding of conceptsand principles • Ability to apply knowledge to specific caseproblems This application contains over 2000 business law relatedterms, that have been explained to help law professionals, studentsand researchers to a smooth access to legal terms meanings.This appcontains 21 sections where terms are sorted alphabetically.Thedomain of Commercial law still needs a lot of professionals, andyou can make a lot of money and career success through thisspecialization field. So start today studying and learning Businesslaw.Get this encyclopedia now on your android phone or androidtablet and start learning Business law.Also if you are a simpleuser and want to buy a home, apartment, villa, Flat, studio,country house, or any piece of land or building this app will helpyou understanding the process of making a business deal.If you area student and want to get certified in business law this app is amust for your success, also we added some tips and tricks regardingreal estate quiz and how to study and memorize efficiently.Don'tloose your time searching on Facebook, twitter or Whatsapp here'sall what you want just invest your time in learning.In this app youwill learn for example the following terms:Contracts Meanings ofterms Formation of contracts Capacity Consideration Jointobligations Contracts for the benefit of third partiesAssignment/delegation Statute of frauds Scopes and meanings ofcontracts Breach of contract and remedies Bar to remedies forbreach of contract Discharge of contracts Illegal contractsOtherLegal Environment Ethics Social responsibility of corporationsGovernment regulation/administrative agencies Environmental lawSecurities and antitrust law Employment law Creditors' rightsProduct liability Consumer protection International business lawandmuch more...