1.8 / May 22, 2018
(4.4/5) (172347)


A strategy game for 2 to 8 players.The objective of Chain Reactionis to take control of the board by eliminating your opponents'orbs.Players take it in turns to place their orbs in a cell. Once acell has reached critical mass the orbs explode into thesurrounding cells adding an extra orb and claiming the cell for theplayer. A player may only place their orbs in a blank cell or acell that contains orbs of their own colour. As soon as a playerlooses all their orbs they are out of the game.Game features bothHD modes for larger (Pad) screens and the regular mode for alldevices.Each player can customise the colour & sounds of theirorbs. A player can also turn tactile feedback (vibration) on andoff.I hope you have as much fun playing this as I have codingit.-Matt :)

App Information Chain Reaction

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    Chain Reaction
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    May 22, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    App Holdings
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    601 Union St. #4200 Seattle, WA 98101
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Chain Reaction Version History

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  • 1.8 (18) - Latest Version
  • 1.5b (7)
  • Chain Reaction 1.8 APK File

    Publish Date: 2018 /6/10
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 2.7 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: 96ac8b282e2be46f43f996a7c3b087eddaa92d1e
    APK Signature: 5b4e4ec1ce2d152ad53d48e71c68bbd94ce6ce4c
  • Chain Reaction 1.5b APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /10/29
    Requires Android: Android 2.1+ (clair, API: 7)
    File Size: 147.6 kB
    Tested on: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Sha1: 31a0549bba48606a70064a1f8ba1dad52abbd428
    APK Signature: 5b4e4ec1ce2d152ad53d48e71c68bbd94ce6ce4c

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Domino 3.3.3 APK
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Dominoes (or dominos) is a board game played with rectangular"domino" tiles.Features:- ten different domino games (classicdominoes, draw game, block game, mexican train, muggins (Allfives), naval kozel, jackass, human-human-wolf, kozel, bergen,cross), more games will be added in next update (Chicken foot,blitz)- three different online multiplayer games (draw game, blockgame, muggins (All fives))- daily bonus- 2-4 players- friendly UI-tough AI- global cloud leaderboard- comprehensive singleplayerstats- mexican train will be available for multiplayer in nextupdateThe dominos gaming pieces make up a domino set, sometimescalled a deck or pack. The traditional Sino-European domino setconsists of 28 dominoes, colloquially nicknamed bones, cards,tiles, tickets, stones, or spinners. Each domino is a rectangulartile with a line dividing its faceinto two square ends. Each end ismarked with a number of spots or is blank. A domino set is ageneric gaming device, similar to playing cards or dice, in that avariety of games can be played with a set. There are some extendeddomino sets (double 9 and double 12). They are used for Mexicantrain, Chicken Foot and similar games. Each country has it’s ownset of dominoes games: England - muggins (All fives), scandinaviancountries - Bergen, Mexico - Mexican train, Spain - Matador.Theearliest mention of dominos is from Song Dynasty China. Dominoesfirst appeared in Italy during the 18th century, and although it isunknown how Chinese dominos developed into the modern game.Generalrules of dominoes:Blocking gameThe most basic dominos variant isfor two players and requires a double six set. The 28 domino tilesare shuffled face down and form the stock or boneyard. Each playerdraws seven tiles; the remainder are not used. Once the playersbegin drawing tiles, they are typically placed on-edge before theplayers, so that each player can see his own domino tiles, but nonecan see the value of other players' tiles. Every player can thussee how many tiles remain in the other players' hands at all timesduring gameplay. One player begins by downing (playing the firsttile) one of their tiles. In different games first tiles are alsodifferent. In Muggins player should start with the highest double(6-6), in Bergen the first move should be 0-0, in Mexican traineach round starts with the next lower double. This tile starts theline of play, a series of tiles in which adjacent tiles touch withmatching, i.e. equal, values. The players alternately extend theline of play with one tile at one of its two ends. The game endswhen one player wins by playing their last tile, or when the gameis blocked because neither player can play. If that occurs, whoevercaused the block gets all of the remaining player points notcounting their own.Scoring gamePlayers accrue points during gameplay for certain configurations, moves, or emptying one's hand.Most scoring games use variations of the draw game. In Muggins (Allfives) player must make the open ends of the layout add up to 5s ora multiple of five (5s, 10, 15, 20, etc.) In bergen player scoreswhen numbers on the open ends are equal. If a player does not call"domino" before the tile is laid on the table, and another playersays 'domino' after the tile is laid, the first player must pick upan extra domino. In Mexican train the double zero domino is scoredas 50 points.Draw gameIn a draw game (blocking or scoring), playersare additionally allowed to draw as many tiles as desired from thestock before playing a tile. The score of a game is the number ofpips in the losing player's hand plus the number of pips in thestock. Most rules prescribe that two tiles need to remain in thestock. The Draw game is often referred to as simply"dominos".Mexican train has arrived! Enjoy our dominos game withthe full set of this game varieties! You can play domino online(Draw game, Block game and Muggins (All fives)) for free!
Skillz - Logic Brain Games 5.1.6 APK
App Holdings
Want to test your memory skills or give your brain an exercise? Trythis fun memory game to improve your memory, speed, get betteraccuracy, distinguish between colors and much more. This is a funlogical game that gives a good test to your brain. With this braingame, you can help players to learn to distinguish betweendifferent colors and improve their skills. The players sharpentheir minds while having fun playing this game. This logical gameis a skill test game. Also, you can test your reflexes. There aresome fun game puzzles in the game of different kinds. You scorepoints and advance levels. Very fun and addictive game that youwill completely enjoy. *********************** APP HIGHLIGHTS*********************** To add to playing a logical game andtraining your brain, you also have a lot of fun with the game. Itis packed with different kind of tests that improve your skills andabilities. Here is how – ✓Improve your memory ✓Train your reflexes✓Increase your accuracy ✓Prove your touch ability ✓Increase yourspeed ✓Learn color coordination Each level tests your skills andabilities to their peak. After each level, your results are rankedbetween 1 and 5 Stars and you will be rewarded with a number ofBrains. For every Star earned you will be rewarded with one Brain.Using a brain, you can retry from the current round, pass a roundor pass a level with 5 stars. Every level is designed to help youimprove your skills, memory to sharpen your mind with thisaddictive game. So, are you ready to take up a brain challenge now?Download this free app – “Skillz Logical Brain Game” now to getstarted. The logical game is introducing a Multiplayer feature.Here is how it goes – - Play with your friends or with randomplayers - Start a game with minimum 2 players. Max limit is 4. - Ifyou finish the game in Multiplayer mode on the 1st place, you earna "Win" and 5 Brains. If you finish the game but on the 2nd place,you earn just 3 Brains and no "Win" - Your Multiplayer Rankingdepends on the "Wins" - Play in Multiplayer mode and unlockAchievements You will love the feature, so start sharing with yourfriends.
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CONTROLS: 1 run2 jump/grab edges3 tuck4 end grab and get up5 gainerbackflipR restartwhen holding on to a bar1 swing2 release from bar3tuckRECOMMEND LISTENING TO UR FAV MUSIC WHILE PLAYING FOR BESTEXPERIENCE *o*run and flip off buildingsparkour / freerunninga83032d800
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Welcome to Monster Age, the best Monster RPG game onGooglePlay!  Collect hundreds of cute and AWESOME monsters asyou step inside a world full of adventure, battles, quests, darkquests and PVP! Are you ready to battle? Giant Battles -Playgiant battles! -Combine elements to destroy your opponents! CollectMonsters -Collect and catch over 200+ monsters through adventures,PvP, Raids and Dark Quests! -Collect all 6 elements - Fire, Water,Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light! Evolve your Monsters -Evolve andboost your monsters! -Teach and train your monsters to createstronger monsters! -Fuse together monsters to create and unlock abetter one! -Over 80+ accessories to enchant your monsters with!-Revive your monsters and unleash their optimum performance!Challenges -Adventure Mode (Normal & Hard): Gain various lootitems and monsters! -PvP Mode: Compete with others to earn rewards!-Special Quest: Earn giant rewards each day! -Dark Quest: Challengeyourself in this marathon tournament! -Guild Raid: Cooperatewith your guild to earn rare loot items! Join a Guild -Join a Guildand become the best guild master! -Compete with other guilds !-Raise Deity with your guild mates and use it to help you onSpecial Events! The game needs storage access to store the gameassets on your device, please accept the permission when asked .
2 Player Games Free 1.8 APK
App Holdings
This is a collection of singleplayer / multiplayer games which canbe played by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even as many as 6 players on thesame device (smartphone of tablet). Each of the games has verysimple rules and is easy to pick up. You don't need wifi or theinternet because this game is for offline, local multiplayer. Youcan play the games with random people on a dance party, or use themas icebreaker in awkward situations like your first date. The appis also ideal for married couples to play together, for brothersand sisters, kids and parents, and for friends to pass the time.For some reason, these two player games tend to get verycompetitive and funny. Each of the games is a two player game withextra modes for 3, 4, 5 and 6 players. The more people playingtogether, the more fun! But if you have no one around to play with,you can also play alone in the 1-player mode to train your skillsfor your later victories when you play with your friends. We've gotmini-games here with unique rules, but also re-makes of famousmobile hits. They are all adapted to the crazy requirement ofletting up to 6 players play on the same screen. For example: -multiplayer endless runner - multiplayer birds with flapping wings- platform jumping game - 3-in-a-row with Tic-Tac-Toe like rules -crossing a busy road together - bingo - a strategy game where yousend armies to capture castles (has nasty AI in single-player) -football / soccer (close to Pong and hockey) - a multiplayerversion of the 1024/2048 puzzle - tapping only your own tiles -balloon popping We regularly add new mini-games. Stay tuned forupdates and recommend this game to your friends! By installing thegame you agree to privacy policy of Google (AdMob):https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy and Unity (UnityAnalytics): https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy ef6d20950f