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New sense 2D scrolling game "chalk Dash" comes up!Let's help bypulling the line with chalk, a stick man running through theblackboard!We're givin a line with chalk on blackboard by touchingthe screen and slide.And attempted to manipulate the stick man withthe choke well.Let's beware because it will be game over or fallinto the hole, once hitting the spine!World ranking deployment!Aimfor the top of the world very choke! !◇ ◆ SAT-BOX official site ◆◇http://sat-box.jp◇ ◆ SAT-BOX app ◆ ◇Pen series clamp500,000 DLbreakthrough totalMonsters Coin400,000 DL breakthroughtotalGalaxylaser series300,000 DL breakthrough totalDark KnightStory Series200,000 DL breakthrough totalOther popular seriesnumber!Total 5,000,000 DL breakthrough app!Send by mail thefollowing inquiries about this [email protected]

App Information Chalk dash

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    Chalk dash
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    July 29, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    愛知県名古屋市中区栄二丁目15番16号 白川タワービル9階
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An application "chalk dash" of popularity became DX and camehome!Many stages and a lot of new friends appear!Let's explore thedescribed world with chalk!You draw a line, and you will help astick human being running a blackboard with chalk!Stick humanbeings are different in ability each. Try to employ variouscharacters!Furthermore, I can compete for score with an endlessmode!Aim at the chalk master![rule]There are many areas createdwith chalk.You push it forward in the next stage by leading a stickhuman being to the goal.In the last of each area, there is arival.You push it forward in the next area by beating arival.[operation]I can draw a line on the blackboard with touch& slide.Stick human beings can run on the line.You must operatea stick human being well![star]The stage has a lot of stars.You canuse a new stick human being by gathering stars.Let's gather youmuch![item]There are a large number of items including a parachuteand the drill.Please see the help in the game about the effect.◇ ◆SAT-BOX app ◆ ◇Drop Eraser1,500,000 DL breakthrough totalPen seriesclamp500,000 DL breakthrough totalMonsters Coin400,000 DLbreakthrough totalGalaxylaser series300,000 DL breakthroughtotalDark Knight Story Series100,000 DL breakthrough totalOtherpopular series number!Total 5,000,000 DL breakthrough app!Send bymail the following inquiries about [email protected]
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あの人気アプリ「チョークダッシュDX」とワギャンやパックマンが夢のコラボ!個性豊かなステージと懐かしのキャラクターたちが多数登場!チョークを巧みに操ってキャラクターを操作しよう! 黒板を走るキャラクターにチョークで線を引いて助けてあげよう!キャラクターごとにステータスが違うぞ!いろんなキャラクーを使ってみよう! さらにエンドレスステージやボーナスステージもあるよ!ピクセルチョークマスターを目指せ! 【ルール】チョークで描かれた多数のエリアが用意されています。キャラをゴールに導く事で次のステージに進めます。ライバルとの競争に勝たなくては次のステージに進めません。 【操作】タッチ&スライドで黒板に線が引けます。キャラクター達は線の上を走る事ができます。うまく線を引いて誘導しましょう! 【野菜・チェリー】ステージ上に散りばめられています。野菜・チェリーを集める事で得点になり新たなキャラクターを解放する事ができます。たくさん集めましょう! 【アイテム】パラシュートやドリルなど多数のアイテムがあります。効果についてはゲーム内のヘルプをご覧ください。【登場キャラ】ワギャン パックマン マッピー ディグダグ ドルアーガ ワルキューレ など 本アプリケーションは、権利者の正式な許諾を得て配信しています。©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.許諾番号:13434 【カタログIPオープン化プロジェクト公式サイト】https://open.channel.or.jp/ 【アプリ配信元】©SAT-BOXhttp://sat-box.jp/ 本アプリに関するお問い合わせは下記のメールにて送信お願いします。[email protected] popular app "chokeDash DX" and Wagyan and Pac-Man is a dream collaboration!It appeared quirky stage and nostalgia of the characters who arenumerous!The attempt to manipulate the character and manipulate skillfullychoke!We'll help by pulling a line with chalk in character to run theblackboard!Status is different for each character! Let's use the variousKyaraku!In addition there is also endless stage and bonus stage!Aim the pixel choke master!【rule】A number of areas that drawn in chalk are available.Proceed by guiding the character to the goal in the nextstage.It does not advance to the next stage is not to win the competitionwith rivals.【operation】It sinks a line on the blackboard in touch & slide.Characters who you can run on the line.Let's induction by subtracting the good line![Vegetables Cherry]It is studded on the stage.You can release a new character will score by collecting vegetablesand cherry.Collected Let lot!【item】There are a number of items such as a parachute or a drill.Please see the help in the game for effect.[Appearance characters]Such as Pac-Man Wagyan mappy Dig Dug Druaga ValkyrieThis application, we have to deliver to give a formal permission ofthe right holder.© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.License number: 13 434[Catalog IP open projects official site]https://open.channel.or.jp/[App distribution source]© SAT-BOXhttp://sat-box.jp/For inquiries about this app will send hope in the [email protected]