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Hand lettering application is one of themostgoogle play trending apps. It is because so many enthusiasmofartist which starts form beginner and also experts. It is becomeajob or creative bussiness for all people now. Hand letteringisvery artistic and beautiful. Moreover, hand lettering hasmanytypes. For example like chalkboard hand lettering. Chalkboardsareused for many purposes today. Traditionally, they have been usedinschools and now many of us recognize their application inthecorporate sector. For example, in a work place these boardsofvarious kinds are used to make presentations and to displaygraphs,pictures, notices and fliers. However most of us havedefinitelynoticed one of these boards at an eatery or a coffeeplace. Theseare heavy-duty, weather resistant chalkboards,particularly goodfor restaurants, specialty stores, or any businessthat wants toreach out to potential customers.

Become artistic and cool based on what you write. Todaythetraditional look of a chalkboard has been compromised for onethatis practically and economically consistent with its use whileatthe same time providing a convenient design. The look ofthetraditional chalkboard has been combined with crisp,digitallyprinted, faux chalk lettering other color graphics, suchas a logo.Prints can be placed directly on the chalkboard for amoreprofessional attractive feel. As your menu changes,replacementscan easily be made.

Free Calligraphy Fonts to Bring Charm to Your Designs -Magneticstrips with the menu items and prices can be made. Blankstrips areprovided too along with liquid chalk for making changeswhen theneed arises. These new boards are completely hassle-freeand simpleto use. They are attractive and extremely durable. Theycome in avariety of designs like write-on boards, chalkboards,free-standingletter boards, free-standing message boards,free-standing posterholders, and tripod easels.

With the mass production of a huge variety of menu boards,acustomer has an array of choices. He can choose from thedecorativeand from the functional designs available on the market.He canalso decide which type suits him best; the traditionalchalkboard,the faux lettering board, or the whiteboard.

Free Handwritten Fonts with mightype font in hand letteringdesignare available here. The most wonderful art of handletteringtutorial. It gives you ideas to produce a creative artlike fontlettering design, font lettering alphabet, and also handletteringquotes.

This application do not contain Video. It is Easy andBeautifulChalkboard Lettering in pictures for children and alsomature.Fancy Hand-Lettering Ideas That Are Actually Easy, It mayusefulfor you to be artist of hand lettering especially onchalkboards.It will give you the best way in creating HandLettering Designwhich Stunning Examples to Inspire You

New design of art. It is free download application for all ages.Ifyou want to be an artist of hand lettering, you may downloadandcreate yours. Great free handwriting fonts are very good andalsogreat here. hand lettering font contains hand letteringalphabet,hand lettering design, hand lettering happy birthday,handlettering simple, and Hand lettering styles.

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Creative Greeting Cards 1.0 APK
Here are some fundamental accessoriesandcraft-supplies for your all precious days for your belovedperson,plus a few simple tips and techniques, it is possible tocreateunique handmade greeting cards for various occasions whichincludesBirthday, Easter, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Valentine'sDay,Wedding, New Baby, New Home, Bon Voyage, Congratulations, thelistis endless.Greeting Cards designs can be as straight forward or ascomplicatedas you want and you won't require lots of spare time orcash. Youcan often create the very best designs in no more than 30minutes,with just a few key components.Once you have started, you could quickly be using a varietyofmethods to make hand made greeting cards and much more, fromgiftwrap and ornamental gift boxes to scrap-book pages andremembrancealbums.Here are 7 descriptions of some of the most popular techniquesformaking handmade greeting cards:Decoratives - These will possibly be used to create adistinctivefinal touch to your beautiful handmade greeting cardsprojects.Embellishments are basically anything you can stick ontoyour cardsto compliment the design and include card toppers,skeleton leaves,wire, beads, eyelets, brads, pom-poms, diamonds,little petals,mirrored tiles and a lot more.Card Toppers - These are previously made decoration, usually withaself-adhesive backing. They can give an appealing3-Dimensionaleffect and are a great selection for novices. No glueis necessaryand a straightforward card needs only to be made up ofa cardtopper, placed on a blank greeting card. It is very goodandamazing to be had.Dry embossing - this process uses either a light source,forinstance a light box, metallic templates and an embosser toolorspecialist embossing systems in order to produce a raiseddesignand a texture on the card, vellum, paper and metal foil.Foradditional effect, the raised exterior can be colored withafelt-tip or pencil. It is good for all occassions.Heat Embossing - this technique adopts embossing powder, pigmentorspecialist clear embossing ink as well as a heating tool tocreateraised designs on card, paper and art foam. This technique ismostoften used to add an additional dimensionality to rubberstampedimagery. It is good for wedding party as a gif or new yeareve andlunar new years.Glass Painting - This entails the use of specialised waterorsolvent based glass-paints and glass-paint outliner orpeelingstickers to produce patterns on glass acetate. It is likebestcreative crafts for new born baby.Iris Folding - This simplistic technique requires folded stripsofcoloured patterned paper, that are layered, according toanoutline, into a spiral pattern at the rear of an aperture inblankgreeting cards. The name comes from the folded paperdesignsresembling the iris of a digital camera. It is to show yourart infolding.3D Decoupage - 3D Decoupage is about designing 3-D picturesfromnumerous copies of one picture. Single elements are cut outandglued into tiers to 'build out'' the depiction, making use ofpadsof foam or spots of glue, bowed-tip scissors or a knife as wellasa draper mat. You may use your design like 3d art design to makeitbetter.There are many techniques that are applied to craft awesomehandmadegreeting cards, and this is just 7 of them, you might wishto carryout further exploration into the method that appears mostsuitablefor your handmade greeting cards assignments. Thisapplication showsthe best handmade gallery ideas for you. If youneed ideas for somecreativity, download and install itimmediately, it is free!
Teen Outfit Ideas 1.0 APK
This application contains a hundred ideasaboutoutfit inspirations for you. It starts from the way to chooseuntilwearing the suits. Find the latest fashion trends & tipsforAutumn fashion this 2017.Fashion outfits and styling tips Tren Outfit of The Day(OOTD)Ruffles - A lot of women are not fond of wearing anoutfitinspiration that involves ruffles. First, it takes up a lotofpersonal space when worn and it is almost synonymous to adancecostume. However, fashion designers takes this latest fashiontrend& tip on to the next level. With the right cut andstructure,ruffled tops exits the description of being anover-the-top piece.It can spell fun and wear-ability in fashion andall you have to dois choose the pieces that are a perfect fit foryour bodyshape.Animal Prints - Dress for all occasions like party, go toschool,beach party and also you daily live. Change your fashion andgetthe Outfit of The Day. Animal print outfit inspiration is forthemore liberated and wild woman. You can choose from the mostpopularin the list like the attention-getting leopard and zebraprints;when worn, it presents your more confident side and givesanimpression of sophistication. The best part is that you cangoprints on prints. You can also opt to wear a leopard printjumpsuitor maybe slip on a zebra printed coat over a dark polodress.Bussiness professionals like bag and handbag styles areveryamazing. It is Superb collection of ladies fashion styleswaggirls.Pumpkin Outfit Inspiration - No, you don't have to dress like itisHalloween, but you should absolutely consider wearing itemsbearingthe pumpkin color! In Autumn fashion - Orange is the newBlack.Orange probably got its time to shine this season becauseitresembles the color of autumn leaves. The most-loved orangepiecesare ponchos and scarves that can lighten up your aura as youstrutthe streets with this latest fashion trend and tip. Perfectdressesare like maxi dress, long dress, and also homecomingdressparty.Have fun with mini skirts - Who said mini-skirts are out?ThisAutumn, such outfit inspiration is definitely a must wear!Thisfashion trend and style inspiration gained glorified attentionbackin the '90s during the era where female lead movie stars inteenflicks are seen wearing minis. Fashion designers have launchedaline of mini-skirt fashion wear that they paired with hoodiesandcolor-contrasting tops and pieces. Dresses, tops, blouses,sleepcoats, jackets, swimwear, bathing suits, sweaters, pants,skirts,jeans, athletic apparel, sweats, hoodies, shorts, hosieryand womanbussiness suits.Go Navy and Look Savvy - This kind of outfit inspiration is likeareinvention of the army camouflage fashion, which has also beenahit in the past seasons. If you are one of those who prefertheformal-looking type of latest fashion trends and styleinspiration,then this might be the one you're looking for thisAutumn. It's gotthe classic navy blue hue and military cuts andpieces that couldsurely keep you looking classy and comfy at thesame time. Wedgesshoes, casual shoes and boots for girls are verygood foryou.Best fashion outfit for ladies in formal and casual,afterdownloading this apps, you are ready to try on one of theseoutfitinspirations. Autumn is a fun season so make sure that youdressyourself with confidence and comfort.
Baby Frock Design Ideas 1.0 APK
New stylish design for baby - Whenbombardedwith countless images of little kids decked in the mostvivid andbrilliant clothes, it is only natural for parents to wantto dressup their kids in the same manner. In a time wheremagazines,newspapers and internet are swarmed by display picturesof babiesin cute clothes, it is difficult for parents to resistthetemptation of purchasing attractive baby clothes fortheirdarlings.Baby Artist designers are great - It can be said, withoutmuchcontention or debate, that the variety of baby boyclothesavailable is far less than those for girls. In case of boysthechoices are limited to fundamental t-shirts and bottoms. Whenitcomes to baby girl clothing, however, there is no dearth ofvarietyand diversity in the kind of clothes the girls can adornthemselveswith. This has a lot to do with the willingness ofparents toexperiment when it comes to choosing dresses for babygirls.Shopping for girl clothing is, thus, an enjoyable andexcitingactivity for parents because of the sheer number ofoptionsavailable to them. Many baby clothes designers believe thatnomatter how old a girl gets, she can always indulge herself inawide range of dressing styles. Everyday innovationsandexperimentations in the designs for baby girl clothing serve asanadequate testimony to this claim.Frocks and Jumpers - Dresses for girls, generally frocks orjumpers,are made using a variety of fabrics and materials; forinstance,clothes made out of cotton and polyester can be put onregularlywhereas those fashioned from net, velvet etc., can bedonned duringfestive occasions and parties.Frocks and jumpers aredesigned tolook glamorous by work of pleating, ruffling, smockingand otherstitching patterns. Such techniques enable one frock tolookcompletely different from the other. Besides, there aresurpluschoices when it comes to color. Frocks and jumpers aredesigned forthe baby girl to look pretty and confident while alsoinsuringcomfort and relaxation. New design with accessories likebracelet,hairbow, necklace and also earring for baby.Sets - Unlike dresses, sets are in the form of pair - a topforupper body and a skirt, knickers, trousers or jeans for thelowerbody. These clothing are mixed and matched to make the babygirllook cute and chirpy. The color contrast enlivens the spiritofgirls and makes them shun away all the shyness. The tops ofthesets are generally embellished with flowers and bows to enhancetheappeal of the set. Horizontal and vertical stripes, polkadots,halter necks, capped sleeves and several other designs canbeeasily sought when shopping online or offline for babygirlclothes. Whereas short bottoms like skirts and knickers areidealfor summers, trousers and pants are suitable for winters. Topsandbottoms can also be bought separately in a diverse range ofcolors,designs and patterns. The evolution of baby girl clothinghasopened a new and exciting world for parents. Stylish outfitsforbaby is available here. Little girl hairstyle is very goodtocombined with their best outfits.Newborn baby girl and baby boy - Beautiful baby nursery - Mommycareis needed to make beautiful. There are a lot types of babyfrock,mittens, hats, baby pacifiers, like Baby leggings, kidspajamas,t-shirts, socks, hair bands, winter snowsuits, shoes, andtheirskirts. Softest and cutest toddler clothes are here. The babyshowerand baby room decoration are included to make frock asgifts.Lovely baby frock designs – find the best baby princess frocksinlatest designs here. This application is very useful foralloccassion like party, daily life and also wedding party. Thisappsincludes pretty outfits, marvelous clothes, embroidery babydress,baby frock design pakistani, amazing baby frock, andalsotraditional styles.
Anime Drawing Step by Steps 1.0 APK
Full body anime drawing tutorials - You areacartoon fan who loves to draw, and show off your master piecestoyour friends, parents and teachers. The anime lessons which youareappreciated by them for your work. But at times you yourselfbeengulfed by a feeling of inadequacy a feeling that thedrawingsthat you create lack life of their own. True what you makeis goodin terms of details but still for some reason unknown to youitlooks flat.Anime drawing books - If the above lines describe yoursituationdo not be frustrated. Let me tell you that you are notalone thereare many beginners who face this problem. Butfortunately you aredifferent, you are reading this article, and itshows you are brainstorming to take some action to address theproblem. I would askyou to keep on reading, you are about todiscover a number ofsimple things that when applied to your drawingwill make it morelife like. The ways to learn to draw anime hairtutorials in aneasy and also simple.How to draw anime characters? - Many times beginnershighlyconcerned with getting the basic form right ignore this area.Theyspend considerable amount of time to be good at drawinghands,practice for hours to learn about various shapes of humannose.Here are some tips:1. Do judicious use of shadows in your drawing. Manyquestionlike how to draw anime face is very easy to find. Pleasekeep inmind adding shadows to your drawing need not be difficult.Becauseyou won't be adding perfect real life shadows in yourdrawinginstead what you will be adding is indicative shadows, thisisbasically to serve two main purposes.2. Ensure that your characters are wearing garments that areinline with current fashion unless of course you are tryingtoportray historic characters. If you do this your viewerswillrelate to the character in better way subconsciously.Guidetutorials of lesson on sketching, drawing and also coloringthework. While selecting color and patterns of the clothing makesurethose are compatible with the mood of the composition. Bottomlineis the more you align your characters with your viewersimaginationthe more acceptance you will receive. It is easy forbeginner,children, and also adult learner.3. Don't underestimate the power of action lines: actionlinesare lines that are used mostly in cartoon drawings to conveymotionof the characters. Drawing anime tutorials for beginnersareincluded in this application.4. When you are not clear how to express an emotion throughyourcharacters body language. Go in front of a mirror and holdandprocess the thought that your character is supposed to have inyourown mind and closely observe your popular body language andfacialexpression. The special features of this application arelikemanga, cartoon and also anime characters.5. Props are also important, unless the style of props andtheirorganization go smoothly with the story your character mightlooklike fish out of water. But on the contrary if the propsarecompatible it will enhance the believability of youcreationhugely.6. Use line thickness to your advantage: Do not create yourwholedrawing with lines that are all of uniform thickness,especiallywhen you are creating outdoor scene. The part of thebody are likehead, hand, ear, leg, clothes torso and also theexpression of thecharacters.7. Learn to draw animals: When talking about making gooddrawingpeople normally remain oblivious to the fact unless weattain acertain level of proficiency in drawing animals especiallycommonanimals like cats, horses and dogs we will have hard time inmakinga drawing that really will be a pleasure to look at.As a simple fun exercise have some of the drawing that youhaveproduced now in a safe place where you can reach themeasilywhenever you want.
Creative Doodle Art Ideas 1.1 APK
Easy doodle art for beginners –Doodledefinitions are very popular in all teenagers. In school,Doodlesare an unconscious expression of our mind through the artofscribbling and putting pen to paper. We are usually doingorthinking about something else when we doodle. On thephone,daydreaming in school, we are not concentrating on what wearedrawing. As a consequence doodles are free of anyconsciousthought. It is like hand lettering design, you may drawdoodle artletters.Adorable and cute doodle artwork - Doodles are a fantastic waytounleash your creativity. These days as children we arenotencouraged to draw or to be artistic unless we are "good atit".Only those that are obviously talented are encouraged to draw.Youwill often see people draw geometric shapes when theydoodle.Doodle meaning is amazing, they feel comfortable drawingtheseshapes but they will not really let themselves go and tryothershapes and styles.Drawing anime doodle characters - It is like easy drawing stepbysteps. There is still that worry that someone may see theirdoodleand it will not be "good". It is good to improve yourdrawingskills, doodling technique for beginners, and expandingyourcreativity.New inspiration in doodling your name - Doodles do not have tolooklike anything. There is no one standing over your shouldersayingthat it is not good enough. When you realize this you canrelax andjust let you mind wander as your pen creates. Doodlingpatterns anddoodle drawing lesson are like the best ways to answerhow to drawdoodle.Awesome doodle characters - Doodles are a great way to let yourmindrelax and to let your creativity (which is in all of us) takeover.If you have a problem that needs solving, let your mind dwellon theproblem while you let your hand scribble on a piece of blankpaper.You may be surprised to find that the answer to your problembecomesapparent while you are doodling.The most creative doodle art designs - Not only will yourdrawingskills improve when you doodle but you will not believe thestressrelief that doodling can give you. It is only justbeingacknowledged that doodling is a great way to relax. If youstart toseriously doodle then you will really notice how calm andstressfree you feel when you have finished a doodle. As yourdoodlesbecome more elaborate your feeling of satisfaction will growandyour doodles will develop into works of art. So when yourfeelingreally stressed do not discount the relaxing powerofdoodles.Shading your doodle art ideas - So you've done the doodles andarebeginning to learn what your colored pencils can do. If youdidn'texperiment with making certain areas solid colors or playaroundwith shading several colors together, now is yourchance!Fantastic ways to unleash creativity - With any coloredpencil(color of your choice) draw a circle on a new sketchbookpage. Youcan use a compass or a small plate or other circularobject as atemplate to make the circle. Now imagine that light iscoming downon the page from the upper right hand corner. You willwant tostart shading the circle with a dark color (blue, violet,brown,black) where the light isn't--that is the left side of thecircle.Start slowly, filling in along the left line of thecircle.
Kurtis Design Gallery Ideas 1.0 APK
Ghagra choli and Lehenga choli for ladies-Over the past decade, apparel trends for women have seeninfinitetransformations. One of these has been the emergence ofmoderndesigner kurtis for women, which has added a new dimension toawoman's wardrobe. The kurti, as we see it now, is a classierandstylish take on the traditional kurta. A kurti is similar to alongshirt and falls somewhere between the waistline and knees. Itis afashion staple for women of all ages, and a must-have fortheupcoming spring/summer season. Fashionable kurtis, Anarkalikurtisare good.Trousers and salwar kameez are versatile, glamour, attractiveandalso modern. - Indian kurtis or tunics, as they are called inthewest, vary in silhouettes, cuts, and appearance, and comewithdifferent embellishments. Kurtis are usually much shorter thanthetraditional long kurta. A kurti is available in variety oflengths,which can vary from mid-thigh to below the knee. While theshorterkurtis make great options for teaming up with jeans, theslightlylonger one can be paired perfectly with a loose patialasalwar, orwith contrasting leggings. Formal Kurtis style, Tailedkurtis andFlared frock style are very glamour. T-shirt styledtunics and manyvariations like Floral patterns, geometric, ethnic,Egytianinspired, block prints, and animal prints are here.ChikankariKurtis, Chiffon kurtis are best.Silk kurtis in adorable mehndi look with wedding charm inDiwalioccasions - Usually, lighter fabrics like chiffon,crepe,georgette, art silk, and cotton are used for kurtis, whichmakesthem apt for casual wear. Leggings, dupattas, saree designs,fancysarees are like Traditional women’s wear with neck designs.SouthIndian Kurtis, Ethnic Kurtis are very well.However, designer kurtis that can be worn for formal occasionsarecreated in rich fabrics like velvet, satin, silks, organza,andbrocades. The perfect blend of color, fabric and embellishmentsindesigner kurtis make them the right choice forspecialoccasions.Unlike the traditional salwar kameez, kurtis offer a comfortandno-fuss factor to the wearer, making them popularamongstcollege-going girls and working women. Some of theadornments andkurti designs that add a sense of ethnicity to thisIndo-westernpiece of clothing are block printing, appliqué work,screenprinting, tie and dye, shibori dying, sequin embellishments,andembroideries like chain stitch, thread work, and floralembroidery.Party wear kurtis, Pakistani Kurtis are beautiful.If fusion is the word that describes your style statement, kurtiisthe best Indo-western attire for you. However, there aresomethings to be kept in mind when wearing a kurti. When opting forakurti in white or pastel shades, always go for bright or darkhuesin the patiala salwar. However, if you are pairing your kurtiwithjeans, opt for skinny jeans over flared ones. Open tofurtherexperimentation? Then, team up your kurti with a pairofthree-fourth trousers or a skirt. If you want to go bolder withakurti, then choose one in a light weight fabric, accentuate itwithclassy prints and asymmetrical cuts, and wear it like astylishdress for a casual evening. Georgette kurtis, Cotton kurtisaregreat.Pairing the kurti with the right accessories is also essentialtocomplete your look. For a casual day at college or work, addsomecolor to your dress with multicolor bangles, trendychains,chandelier earrings and kolahpuris or flat sandals. Wearlightaccessories like dangling earrings or a fashionable pendantchainand stilettos, and you are good to go for that evening party.So,if you are bored of traditional attire, then opt for astylishkurti in bright hues, and add a dash of modernity toyourstyle.
Fashion Sketch Design 1.1 APK
Easy drawing tutorials - Many people wanttomake their own fashion. The only problem is that not manypeoplewant to look "out of place," which is why there are so manypeopleout there looking for good-looking fashion design sketchesonline.There are a number of things that you will want to keep inmindwhen looking for fashion drawing online, and we are going togothrough a few of those things in the text below. The firstthingthat you are going to want to do is look for a professionalwebsite that offers you professional looking fashion designsketchers.Amazing art of sketching outfits for beginners are here.Itincludes new design, stylish design, wonderful costumes, andalsooutfits of the day. It is includes Patterns and flatdrawings,stitching and knitting, color and printing of drawingclothesdesigns. Fashion style gallery like indian blouse, ankarafashion,kurtis design, mini dress, maxi dress and alsoshalwaarkameez.The best ways in learning about sketches design - Making yourownfashion is not easy, especially if you have not done it before.Youwill also find that if you do not know how to draw you will notbeable to create the dress that you have in your head. The onemostimportant skill that many designs have is drawing orsketching.Professional flat fashion sketches in Body sketch forfashiondesign, You need to know how to draw if you are going tostick to aplan, which is the second most important things in theindustry,you want to start with a plan, and then stick to thatplan. Newdesign of fashion style for teenagers, ladies, women andalsomature girls.Easy ways to learn drawing step by steps - We all know that youaregoing to make changes to your plan along the line, but again,ifyou do, you want to make those changes on paper. You do not wanttomake a dress from an image in your head, because there willalwaysbe a part of that dress in your mind that you are not lookingatclearly. So, if you cannot draw, make sure that you take abasiccourse in fashion design sketches. How to draw fashionsketches andclothing sketches are available here.Tutorials for drawing anime - Now, there is one thing that youwillwant to understand and that is that you will not findprofessionalfashion design sketches online unless you are willingto pay forthem. If you are going to look for free sketches you willneed toknow that you have to settle for the simple designs, butthis isnot to say that they are not good.There are a number of good sites out there offering you somereallygood looking fashion sketches, so make sure that you put inthetime to find them. Start your search with blogs and read aboutwhatother people are saying about the free fashions online. If youdonot find anything on blogs go on and sign up to a few forums,thereare many people waiting to answer your questions on forums.Eyes,legs, and also face are needed to make the picturesclear.Great design - If you find a fashion design sketch, you will wanttoadd a few things to the sketch. You will want to make thedesignyour own; again, you will want to know how to draw for thispart ofjourney. Design female clothes is like Fashion designtutorial,Fashion Sketchbook and also Fashion Design flatsketch.
Carving Fruits and Vegetables 1.0 APK
Like wedding decoration and wedding dress,Yourwedding cake should be interesting. If you are vegetarian, Itshouldnever be missing any fruit carvings or vegetable carvings.Thesewill be what your guests will love most and they will bring afreshand original air to your wedding due to their details and totheirelaborated structure. You can always surprise your guestswith achocolate fountain and with a wide range of colours, as wellas withthe diversity of fruit carved and shaped in a veryimpressive way.Creative crafts - Fruit and vegetable carvings come from theFarEast: China, Thailand and Japan, this being an activity whichisthousands of years old. In China, artists use a great varietyoftools and knives in order to make the decorations, thefloraldesigns and so on and the pieces usually represent animalsandtournaments. The artists in Thailand are well-known fortheirskills when it comes to fruit and vegetable carvings, as theyuseonly one knife which has a flexible blade to do differentfloraldecorations. This is a technique which is very difficult fortheEuropeans, which is why the handbooks contain combinedtechniquescoming from China and Thailand.DIY Craft ideas - Flowers are very important for all of uswhenit comes to weddings, therefore, everything should beverywell-arranged in such moments. Regardless of whether yourweedingtakes place in the summer or in the winter, you can offeryourguests fruit flowers and fruit birds or animals made ofvegetables,which are very carefully carved in order to delight themfrom avisual point of view and when it comes to their taste. Youcancarve watermelons, melons, pineapples, mangos, apples,pears,oranges, lemons, papaya or kiwis and many more. Enjoy yourweddingeven more!Creative Gifts - It could be a give for your friend whogetmarried or for the one who you love, like a gift for new yeareve,chinese new year, and also valentine day. In this application,youwill find a hundred ideas about wedding decoration aboutcarvingfruit and vegetables in floral. To make your dream weddingtimebecome more beautiful, you may download this application!