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Ring Style Widget is a home screen widget that allows you to changeyour phone's ringer mode with a tap. To add a widget, go to theapplications and select the page with widgets. There look for twoRing Style Widgets, small and big. Select the desired widget anddrag it to the home screen. You will see a window with the settingswidget, where you can choose the style of the widget. There arethree styles and seven types of behavior when you press it. PressOK and you'll get a widget on your home screen. Now if you tap awidget your phone will change a ringtone style to normal, vibrateor silent. Moreover, you can put on your home screen severalwidgets with different appearances and behavior.

App Information Change ringer mode widget

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    Change ringer mode widget
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    August 25, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    str.Partizanska, 11 s.Pisochin distr.Kharkiv Ukraine 62416
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TimeSticker is a widget which provides you same functionality assimple yellow paper sticker. You can write some short message on itand place it at home screen. Font size changes automatically ormanually. Number of stickers is limited only by the size of thescreen. To edit sticker after creation just press on it. Also youcan set a time and date reminder for each sticker.LAUNCH: Thisapplication is a home screen widget. To run it in the Android 2.3or lower press on an empty space of the desktop and hold until amenu appears. There select "Widgets" and in the list of widgets,find the TimeSticker. To run in the Android 3.0 and above, clickApplications and select the "Widgets", and then look for theTimeSticker and drag it to the main screen.If you have not managedto find a TimeSticker, try some of the following: 1. Make sure thatthe application does not install on SD card 2. reinstall theapplication 3. reboot the phone (tablet) 4. If you download anapplication by a computer use an application Market, to install aTimeStickerWhen you get widgets list, there would be able threeTimeStickers with different sizes. Choose anyone you like. Afterthat you'll not be able to change size, only delete and startagain.After you get widget configuration screen, you'll be able toset: - an alarm time and date; - sticker and alarm text; - stickertext size; - sticker background color; - and alarm ringtone for allTimeStickers.If you do not need to set an alarm for TimeStickerjust uncheck alarm checkbox, and the TimeSticker will stay the sameon your home screen.If you set alarm and the time will came,TimeSticker will play ringtone, show message and set smashed paperas self background.
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