1.0.10 / April 24, 2017
(4.0/5) (9)


It help you to set flexible alarm to remindyou to charge your phone. You can define a battery level, a timerange, and remind you only if you are able to charge yourphone.

It can even send a SMS message to you, if there is no response fora long time.

You might have more that one android phone / tablet. It is atedious jobs to check all the battery and charge them atnight.

App Information Charging Alarm

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Status Bar Magic 1.0.97 APK
This expand and collapse the status bar (ornotification center) automatically, by detecting phone's back coverangle with the ground. Users can see latest information of theirphone, without pulling down the status bar by fingers. It detect ofangle with the ground, and trigger expansion and collapse of thestatus bar.Because of the large screen size, pulling down the status bar couldbe tedious and difficult sometime. It can also help you to keepyour screen clean because auto pull-down do not require touching ofscreen. If you have a large screen, you will love this app.To summarize, it collapse and expand (open / close) your status barwithout touching your screen.PRO version support more function, including auto collapse ofstatus bar, and it is ad-free. To support this app, please upgradeto PRO version.*** Samsung android 5/6 users, please enable the accessibilityservice ****** Slow expansion? Go to Settings > developer option, turnoff Animation duration scale ***
Lock Screen Magic PRO 1.0.93 APK
The app turn off and lock your screen bydetecting the preset holding angle of the phone. It detect thephone's back cover angle with the ground and turn it off if itreach a predefined angle.You do not need to wait for the timeout or pressing the powerbutton on your phone to turn it to sleep mode. Power buttons fordifferent device are located in different position. If you havemore than one device (e.g. phone and tablet), you will found thatit is difficult to press the power button on different positions.For new android tablet, virtual buttons will also make youdifficult to locate the power button position, because you can useit in any orientations.There is a mini task killer that you can also clean up your RAMwhen you are locking your screen via this app. It will save a bitof battery for your device, because you can quickly turn the screenoff and do not need to wait for the timeout.*** 4.3+ user with ROOT: You can now download our "NotificationHelper" app to hide, force clear, and recover notifications***http://goo.gl/t5UAgCUpdate Log:1.0.81 Fix for Fix for Nexus 5 and kitkat, icon update, remove +1button1.0.77 Bug fix1.0.76 Disable off detection for incoming call [RequireREAD_PHONE_STATES permission]1.0.75 Notification fix (4.3+)1.0.73 Smaller lock icon, dim icon when disabled1.0.72 Add notification shortcut (ON / OFF), hide available memorymessage when screen is ON1.0.70 Return home,Task killer +whitelist
Softkeys Ninja 1.0.98 APK
*** This app work with phone, it MAY NOT WORKWITH TABLET ***We watch video everyday. Some of video streaming apps is do nothide soft keys (home / back / recent apps key) during full screenvideo playback. It is very annoying and disturbing. The app add a"Down Button" for selected apps. Users can press this button tohide the soft keys, and enjoy truly full screen videoplayback.The soft keys bar is also know as navigation bar.★ Hide soft keys on demand anytime, anywhere (by pressing ourfloating "Down Button")★ Move "Down Button" to your favorite location★ Remember location for portrait and landscape mode★ Customizable size and transparency★ Display "Down Button" only for selected apps (floating on top ofyour screen)★ Auto start on boot★ Lock "Down Button" position★ Ongoing hiding / fullscreen function *REQUIRE ROOT*Update Log:1.0.87 Fix for android 51.0.84 Xiaomi fix1.0.83 Allow fully transparent down button1.0.82 Fix for* Enforce ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission* Update Icons for higher resolutions* Fix for edge not found problem* Fix for Nexus 5* Other minor bug fixes1.0.76 Auto unlock for force-fullscreen function [Kitkat/ #screenlock: Slide or None] (require DISABLE_KEYGUARD permission)1.0.75 (Rooted devices only feature)* Ongoing hiding / fullscreen function (Require SET_WALLPAPERpermission)* Auto-fullscreen list1.0.71 Bug fix1.0.70 Notification fix (4.3+)1.0.75 (Rooted devices only feature)* Ongoing hiding / fullscreen function (Require SET_WALLPAPERpermission)1.0.70 Notification fix (4.3+)1.0.69 Add +1 button1.0.66 Widget bug fix1.0.65 On / Off switch for displaying "Down Button"Popular supported devices: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, LGG2, Xperia, etc.
Sound App Pro: Set Sound 1.0.115 APK
Android is a multi-tasking system, and we always working inbackground. We can always check status bar to see notification ofsome system events. This app help you to set notification sound forsome system events, so that you do not need to check your statusbar every minute. Usually our eyes are much more busy than our ear,by assigning different notification sound, it make your eyes muchmore comfortable and relax. You can set the notification sound forscreen on, screen off, system startup, power off, external powerconnected, external power disconnected, headphone plugged in / out,WiFi connected, or installation of app completed. According to astudy, an average user checks their device over a 100 times perday. Sound app can also read selected notifications message aloud(Text-to-speech / TTS), so that you do not need to unlock yourphone and check messages frequently. It will also make your devicemuch cooler and unique by setting notification sound for someevents. Clipboard reader enable you to read copied text. *** 4.3+user with ROOT: You can now download our "Notification Helper" appto hide, force clear, and recover notifications ***http://goo.gl/t5UAgC
Notification Helper Pro *ROOT* 1.0.19 APK
*** This app require ROOT access, please doNOT download if your device is not rooted ***This app provide "undo, force clear and filtering" function tomanage your notifications.Most of the notifications are not meaningful. This app help youto clear unwanted notifications completely. Selected buttons can beadded to your notification drawers to manage yournotifications.Do you regret the dismiss action after you realizing thatremoved notifications could be useful? We also provide "recoverybutton" for you to undo the dismiss.With the root access, you can now clear all ongoingnotifications, as well as regular notifications. You can alsoblacklist or whitelist apps, so that you do not need to care abouttheir notifications anymore. You can even define simple filteringrules to automatically dismiss some notifications.You can also configure the text-to-speech (TTS) function to readmessage aloud. It save your times to unlock and check messagesagain and again.Finally, we can live with notification drawer peacefully.
New Timetable (Widget) - 2020 1.0.76 APK
This is a working timetable, or class schedule widget app. You candefine your own timetable for your work or class, and put it onyour home screen. The timetable support different modes. Itincludes "singe week", "A/B week", "A/B/C week", "A/B/C/D week","6-day cycle week", and "7-day cycle week". Multiple timetables aresupported. You can manage more than one timetable for your familymembers, or friends. It can help you to plan your life, and developgood habit. It is highly customizable. You can define your widget'sbackground color, text color, font size, icons, etc. Back to schoolnow! If you need calendar or reminder function, please try our "NewCalendar" app.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.kfsoft.calendar
App Note Mini 1.0.31 APK
*** Now support Android 5 / lollipop ***We download a lot of useful and funny apps from Google Play(Android Market). Sometimes we just want to jot down some notes forour favorite apps.App Note Mini help your to create and organize your notes fordifferent apps. You can also use it as a to-do list for differentapplications. You can type your notes, or record a voice notes. Itprovide a add note button, which is always appear at the corner ofyour phone, so that you can add notes for different apps easily.You can also treat it as an organizer for your apps.Pro version support unlimited voice message, hide notificationicon, no number of message limit, and it is ad-free.Pro version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.kfsoft.android.AppNoteMiniPro
Calendar Mini 1.0.152 APK
We like Google Calendar, because it can beused on any platforms. This app add your Google Calendars to yourscreen. It displays today's events, today's unfinished events,events in next 24 hours, upcoming events in next 3 months. It'shighly configurable. You can adjust the color / font size / fontfamily / width / transparency / position / color for yourcalendar.It is always available on screen so that you will always see yourschedule, and prepare for the future. This is a time managementtools for every Google user.Update Log:1.0.126* Saturday Color* Bug fix, reduce unnecessary notification updates1.0.124* Fix for "Android L"1.0.123* Notification Priority option (hide icon but keep notification,4.1+)1.0.122* Add add Chinese Lunar date (中国农历日期 / 24节气 / 节日)* Fix for* Week calendar on notification panel* Holiday calendar (Week calendar)* Notification Icon (Weekday option)* Bug fix1.0.117 Bug fix1.0.116 Xiaomi fix (小米、紅米)