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This novel is very interesting , popular and contain's a storyabout friendship. it contains all chapter from 1 to 22 , theirlesson plan , vocabulary of all lesson plan,summary of this noveland many more.if you are fond of reading english novel , then thisapp is helpful to you.Features of this app :(1) Nice, simplelayout(2) Attractive design.(3) it is free.

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    Charlotte's Web - English Novel
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    December 16, 2017
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Prophets in Islam include "messengers" , bringers of a divinerevelation viaa an angel and "prophets" , law bringers that Muslimsbelieve were sent by God to every people, bringing God's message ina language they can understand. Knowledge of the Islamic prophetsis one of the six articles of the Islamic faith, and specificallymentioned in the Quran. Muslims believe that the first prophet wasalso the first human being, Adam , created by Allah , The One andOnly God who created everything in existence . All Humans aredescendants of Adam. Many of the revelations delivered by the 48prophets in Judaism and many prophets of Christianity are mentionedas such in the Quran but usually in slightly different forms. forexample, the Jewish Elisha is called Alyasa, Job is Ayyub, Jesus isIsa, etc. The Torah given to Moses (Musa) is called Tawrat, thePsalms given to David (Dawud) is the Zabur, the Gospel given toJesus is Injil. Not withstanding, none of the seven JewishProphetesses are mentioned in the Quran as prophets.. Unique toIslam is Muhammad , who Muslims believe is the "Seal of theProphets" and the Quran, revealed to Muhammad but not written downby him, which muslims believe is unique among divine revelations asthe only correct one protected by God from distortion orcorruption, destined to remain in its true form until the last day.Muslims believe Muhammad to be the last prophet, although after theprophets there will still be saints. In muslim belief, everyprophet in Islam preached the same main Islamic beliefs, theOneness of God, worshiping of that one God, avoidance of idolatryand sin, and the belief in the Day of Judgement and life afterdeath. Each came to preach Islam at different times in history andsome told of the coming of the final Islamic prophet and messengerof God, who would be named "Ahmed" commonly known as Muhammad. EachIslamic prophet directed a message to a different group of people,and thus would preach Islam in accordance with the times.Thisandroid app contains the stories of prophets start's with the storyof "Adam" to the story of last prophets "Muhammad" . [ ProphetAdam, Prophet Idris (Enoch), Prophet Nuh (Noah), Prophet Hud,Prophet Salih, Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), Prophet Ismail (Ishmael),Prophet Ishaq (Isaac), Prophet Yaqub (Jacob), Prophet Lot (Lot),Prophet Shuaib, Prophet Yusuf (Joseph), Prophet Ayoub (Job),Prophet Dhul-Kifi, Prophet Yunus (Jonah), Prophet Musa (Moses)& Harun (Aaron), Prophet Hizqeel (Ezekiel), Prophet Elyas(Elisha), Prophet Shammil (Samuel), Prophet Dawud (David), ProphetSulaiman (Soloman), Prophet Shia (Isaiah), Prophet Aramaya(Jereniah), Prophet Daniel, Prophet Uzair (Ezra), Prophet Zakariyah(Zeehariah), Prophet Yahya (John), Prophet Isa (Jesus), many moreprophets and final Prophet Muhammad ] .Every Muslim should use thisapp to increase his/her Islamic Knowledge , this app is helpful toyouFeatures of this app :(1) Nice, simple layout(2) Attractivedesign.(3) it is free.
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