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The Charter of the United Nations isthecornerstone of international peace and security. Thiseditionfeatures a new introduction titled “From War to Peace,”exclusivearchival photos and the Statute of the International CourtofJustice. This app includes the UN Charter in the 6officiallanguages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English,French,Russian and Spanish.

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ShareTheMeal – Help children 4.0.3 APK
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UN News Reader 6.3.14 APK
The UN News app is the destination for daily updates on breakingnews and events from the United Nations through comprehensive newscoverage, in video, text, photos and audio. Use this fullymultilingual app in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi,Kiswahili, Português, Russian or Spanish. Features include: ᛫Global updates on peace and security, sustainable development,human rights, climate change and more. ᛫ News, Videos and AudioProgrammes, including Podcasts. In depth stories, photo features,field reports and interviews with top UN officials and Envoys. ᛫Watch Security Council and General Assembly meetings live. Watchvideos on all major UN issues. ᛫ Follow social media feeds onmultiple platforms. Access the principal UN.org website.
WHS 2016 2.0 APK
This is an application that you can useduringthe summit.You can access the all program list and can add the programyouwant to your calendar.You can obtain more detailed information about the rooms wheretheprograms will be held.If you wish you can follow the Shares about the summit, and youcanalso share.You can follow live broadcasts of programs.
UN Audio Channels 4.4.8 APK
Be up to date on what is happening in the United Nations and aroundthe world, straight from the source. Listen to the latest newsbulletins and features stories, daily radio programs, interviews,daily press briefings and live coverage of many UN General Assemblyand Security Council meetings. Available in Arabic, Chinese,English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Kiswahili. Youcan stream the audio or place an in-app voice call from thefollowing countries: Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, and UnitedStates. The UN Audio Channel app by AudioNow® Digital allowslisteners access to: -Live stream programming -Live call-to-listenaccess to programming -Recorded programming -Bandwidth selection,leading to reduced data charges -Interactive messaging servicesembedded in the app including: Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo TheUnited Nations is an international organization founded in 1945after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaininginternational peace and security, developing friendly relationsamong nations and promoting social progress, better livingstandards and human rights. Today, it is composed of 193 MemberStates. AudioNow® Digital is a leading provider of highlyinnovative, in-language mobile apps for radio broadcasters aroundthe world. Its Active Apps℠ turn radio into an interactiveexperience for both listeners and broadcasters.
Global Ebola: UN Multimedia 1.3.65 APK
Find out the latest news on the globalresponse to stop the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. This UNmultimedia app provides you with daily audio and video updates onextraordinary efforts to get to zero cases and help the affectedcountries recover.- Daily bulletins on the Ebola outbreak from UN Radio in 8languages (Arabic, Chinese,English,French,Russian,Spanish,Kiswahili and Portuguese)- Live audio coverage of press conferences by senior UN officialsworking on the Ebola outbreak- Link to videos related to the Ebola outbreak- [pending - call-to-listen numbers in affected countries for usersto listen to news on Ebola in their region]
UNdata 13.7 APK
UNdata is a free data visualization app that gives users portableaccess to a compilation of key statistical indicators organisedinto 4 sections; general information, economic indicators, socialindicators, environmental and infrastructure indicators for 30geographical regions and over 200 countries and areas of the world.With a simple and easy to use interface, this app enables users toquickly find each profile. The indicators have been collected frommore than 20 international statistical sources compiled regularlyby the Statistics Division and the Population Division of theUnited Nations, the statistical services of the United Nations,specialized agencies and other international organizations andinstitutions. This release covers data for the economic, social,environmental and infrastructure sections for three reference years‐ 2010, 2015 and 2020 ‐ when available or the most recent dataprevious to these years, back to 2000. The indicators in theprofiles cover the following topics: communication, crime,development assistance, education, energy, environment, finance,gender, health, international tourism, labour market, nationalaccounts, population and migration, price and production indicesand science and technology. Please provide any feedback andsuggestions regarding this statistical product, as well as theutility of the data, by contacting statistics@un.org
The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)Humanitarian Affairs Segment (HAS) provides a unique opportunityfor Member States to address the current humanitarian challengesand support operational and normative progress on the humanitarianpolicy agenda. Since 1998, the HAS has become an essential platformfor discussing the activities and issues related to strengtheningthe coordination of the humanitarian assistance of the UnitedNations. This forum enables Member States to engage in essentialdiscussions with the UN and non-UN humanitarian and developmentcommunity, as well as other actors of the humanitarian response,such as the private sector, the diaspora and regionalentities.
Charter of the United Nations 1.0 APK
United Nations
The Charter of the United Nations isthecornerstone of international peace and security. Thiseditionfeatures a new introduction titled “From War to Peace,”exclusivearchival photos and the Statute of the International CourtofJustice. This app includes the UN Charter in the 6officiallanguages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English,French,Russian and Spanish.