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Checkers or Draughts is played on a board with8x8 squares. Moves are made by touching the screen. The game can beplayed by 1 or 2 people and played as either black or white. Thereare 1-10 levels and an option to force capture or not.

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    Checkers (Ads Free)
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    November 11, 2013
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    Toftwood Creations
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    10 - 50
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    3 St Margaret's Street Norwich Norfolk NR24TU UK
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Video Poker (Ads Free) 1 APK
Toftwood Video Poker has six versions of videopoker in one app. Video Poker has also been optimized for bothAndroid phones and tablets. No money is required to play it. Youwin virtual coins. You will experience the full emotions and upliftof the real thing without the fear of losing money. We wrote thisgame so you can have fun playing video poker without gamblingmoney.Video Poker adds something slot machines don't have, an elementof skill. Players have to make decisions that affect the outcome ofeach hand. Cards are dealt from a randomly shuffled 52 or 53 - 54card deck in the case of joker or Joker's Wild. All the possiblecombinations of winning hands are known and the frequency of thecombinations can be calculated. With this information an optimalplaying strategy can be devised. With a lot of practice it ispossible to win with this strategy, but don't worry if your virtualcoins drop to zero we will give you another 1000 so you will alwaysbe able to play. There are six statistics screens, one for eachgame so you can see how you are doing. Good luck and thanks fordownloading our app.GAMES:- Six different games to play.1/. Tens or better.2/. Jacks or better.3/. Joker wild.4/. Jokers wild.5/. Deuces wild.6/. Deuces and joker wild.GAMBLING:- Three different gambling options, or any combinationof them.1/. Gamble red or black.2/. Gamble high or low.3/. Gamble hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades.Every correct gamble pays double.Gamble red correctly wins 2x.Gamble red and high correctly wins 4x.Gamble red and high and hearts correctly wins 8xGAME SPEED:- Three different game speeds have beenincluded.1/. Slow.2/. Medium.3/. Fast.Instructions :-Press the deal button to deal five cards. If you have a winninghand the cards will automatically be held for you. Press any cardto hold or release it. Press the deal button again to replace thecards not held. If you have won, press the collect button tocollect your winnings or press one or more of the gamble buttons tochoose what to gamble. Then press the gamble button to reveal thenext card under the ? If you gambled correctly you have the optionto change what to gamble and gamble again up to another three timesor press the collect button to start a new hand. Good luck.WINNING HANDS :-Five wild cards :- Four deuces and a joker.Natural Royal flush :- Ace-king-queen-jack-ten all of the samesuit. (hearts, clubs, spades, or diamonds).Four Deuces :- Four deuces and any other card.Wild Royal flush :- Same as royal flush but with one or more wildcards.Five of a Kind :- One or more wild cards with the remaining cardsall of the same rank. for example, (2-joker-four-four-four).Straight flush :- Five consecutive cards of the same suit. forexample. (4-5-6-7-8, all of clubs).Four of a kind :- Four cards of the same rank. for example, (ace ofhearts, ace of spades, ace of clubs, ace of diamonds).Full house :- Three cards of one rank, two cards of another rank.for example, (3 of diamonds, 3 of hearts, 3 of spades, 6 of hearts,6 of spades).Flush :- Five cards of the same suit. for example, (ace, 10, 7, 4,3, all of diamonds).Straight :- Five consecutive cards of mixed suits. for example, (2of diamonds, 3 of hearts, 4 of diamonds, 5 of clubs, 6 ofspades).Three of a kind :- Three cards of the same rank. for example, (6 ofhearts, 6 of clubs, 6 of diamonds).Two pair :- Two cards of one rank, two cards of another rank. forexample, (ace of spades, ace of hearts, 7 of clubs, 7 ofdiamonds).Pair of Kings or better :- Two kings, or aces.Pair of Jacks or better :- Two jacks, queens, kings, or aces.Pair of tens or better :- Two tens, jacks, queens, kings, oraces.
Code Breaker (Ads Free) 4.8 APK
Code Breaker is a classic code breaking game.Can you break the secret code. You guess the secret code by placingcolored peg in a row. After each guess you will get one black pegfor each correct color in the right place and one white peg foreach correct color in the wrong place.FeaturesPlayers can set the code for each other. In effect a two or moreplayer game.Easy, Medium and Hard modes.Play with Pegs, Shapes, Letter or Numbers.Custom peg colors and single color mode.Game automatically saved to device. Resume playing game on apprestart.Three different backgrounds.Set empty holes. on/off.Set repeat colors on/off.Set enter code on/off.Set sounds on/off.Reset statistics options.Statistics displayed in numbers or percentages.Ability to remove pegs.Simple sounds effects when pegs, holes and buttons arepressed.Portrait and Portrait Upside-down.Press reset in game to reveal code and resign game.Please note.The position of the black and white pins are random.They don't correspondent to the peg positions in any way.Easy, Medium or Hard mode can now be selected in the settingspage.
Checkers (Ads Free) 8.1 APK
Checkers or Draughts is played on a board with8x8 squares. Moves are made by touching the screen. The game can beplayed by 1 or 2 people and played as either black or white. Thereare 1-10 levels and an option to force capture or not.
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Help the honey bee cover all the grubs in thehoneycomb with honey. He can only fly in a straight line and canonly turn when he hits a covered grub, or the edge of thehoneycomb. The level has been won when all grubs are covered withhoney. There are three difficulty settings, with sixteen levels ineach.
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Drop depth-charges into the water to blowupthe invading submarines. Be careful not to get hit by thetorpedoes. Three fires on board at once, and the game is over. Tiltto move the ship left and right. Tap to drop depth-charge.