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Checkers Online is a classic board game.The rules of this variantof game are:Board. Played on a 8×8 board with alternating dark andlight squares. The left down square field should be dark.Startingposition. Each player starts with 12 pieces on the three rowsclosest to their own side. The row closest to each player is calledthe "crownhead" or "kings row". Usually, the colors of the piecesare black and white, but possible use other colors (one dark andother light). The player with white pieces (lighter color) movesfirst.Pieces. There are two kinds of pieces: "men" and "kings".Kings are differentiated as consisting of two normal pieces of thesame color, stacked one on top of the other or by invertedpieces.Men. Men move forward diagonally to an adjacent unoccupiedsquare.Kings. If a player's piece moves into the kings row on theopposing player's side of the board, that piece to be "crowned",becoming a "king" and gaining the ability to move back or forwardand choose on which free square at this diagonal to stop .Capture.If the adjacent square contains an opponent's piece, and the squareimmediately beyond it is vacant, the opponent's piece may becaptured (and removed from the game) by jumping over it. Jumpingcan be done forward and backward. Multiple-jump moves are possibleif, when the jumping piece lands, there is another piece that canbe jumped. Jumping is mandatory and cannot be passed up to make anon-jumping move. When there is more than one way for a player tojump, one may choose which sequence to make, not necessarily thesequence that will result in the most amount of captures. However,one must make all the captures in that sequence. A captured pieceis left on the board until all captures in a sequence have beenmade but cannot be jumped again (this rule also applies for thekings).If a man touches the kings row during a capture and cancontinue a capture, it jumps backwards as a king. The player canchoose where to land after the capture.Winning and draws. A playerwith no valid move remaining loses. This is the case if the playereither has no pieces left or if a player's pieces are obstructedfrom making a legal move by the pieces of the opponent. A game is adraw if neither opponent has the possibility to win the game. Thegame is considered a draw when the same position repeats itself forthe third time, with the same player having the move each time. Ifone player proposes a draw and his opponent accepts the offer. If aplayer has three kings (or more) in the game against a single enemyking and his 15th move (counting from the time of establishing thecorrelation of forces) cannot capture enemy king.

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