1.0.0 / July 29, 2016
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● Checkers

● The Checkers are the best game for people to spend nicetimewith friends and family playing checkers

● The best games that have no requirements(requirements)individuals and the presentation of the way in whichthe chess,backgammon or cards (maps). From the world (people)theacquaintance of old, allows you to have a great time, at anytime,everywhere, every phone or tablet to compete against thecomputer,a friend or arbitrary opponents.

● the checkers are a great game favorite for centuries. This isapuzzling simplicity, yet very subtle. Damas, the end gameshouldtake all the clothes of the opponent. The movement ofgarmentcompartment while diagonally opposite compartments alwaysoccupiesthe same field in color.

● With Checkers you can play against friends and familyeverytimeyou want to play Checkers

● Sets Checkers game tray with international organizationsofCheckers, English, Brazilian and Russian.

● Characteristics of Checkers

✓ Support six different rules of checkers
✓ Six difficulty levels
✓ Mode two players (actors)
✓ Assistant checkers help
✓ Ladies full of fun
✓ realistic graphics for checkers
✓ Sound effects
✓ Aid on rules of checkers

● The checkers play a special mode where you can competewithother players (actors) Virtual kronor (apisonas) Gain newlevelsand rows (rows) rankings tournaments up or play checkerswithspecial prices (prizes). Use your rewards for design (design)andcustomize their pieces of checkers. This uses the ladies thatcanbe obtained in a large part (party (part)): daily (daily)rewards,beating (hitting) his opponents or gain tournament.

● The rules of the checkers :
✓ Games of checkers on a card (map) 8 x 8 with 12 pieces(quarters(quarters)) on each side.
✓ Pawns diagonal movements.
✓ If the player (actor) jumps over their opponent checkerscheckersis suppressed.
The stones move.
✓ If you checkers reach the end in front of the council (ofthetable), you are the king checkers.
✓ The King of Checkers can move forward and reverse.
✓ The objective of the player (actor) in ladies is to cleanallspaces (rooms) (parts) of the adversary.




App Information Checkers

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    July 29, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    100 - 500
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