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Welcome to the colorful world of Shopkins! Here you will meet thecharming Sarah Sushi.🍤 She is a peaceful and calm girl but when itcomes to sushi she becomes a dangerous ninja! 💣Train the skills andjumps of ninja shopville. Do different tasks and collect stars inthe free game Chef sushi shopkins.🍣You are waiting for 6 incredibletests! Only after passing the level of hardcore, the fruits will beable to call themselves real ninjas. Help a fun team of fruit tofind points and bonuses!Help the shoppies to get training:👉Dodgebombs and other dangerous obstacles👉Jump through the fruit👉Hit themoving target. Hit all the enemies until they escapeFor everyninja, speed, agility and accuracy are important.GAME FEATURES★ Afascinating arcade game for girls and boys with your favoriteheroes shopkin🍱★ Dynamic management with which every child willcope★ Funny music will help you plunge into the world of fairytales★ Favorite heroes - choose your favorite from the shopkinslist!★ Works without wifi★ FREE GAMES chef clubGo on a brightadventure with the FAVORITE HEROES OF THE MULTIFILM and collect theentire collection shopkins world app!Free educational games forchildren and adults❤Please, support us with a rating and aresponse. Your feedback will help us make the app even better!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    Chef sushi shopkins free ninja game
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    July 14, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Spider games for kids
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Ready for new adventures together with a charming girl namedLuna?💖Luna wants to take part in the race for survival. Help themoon to win first place in city competitions on rollers. Fans ofthe moon waiting for her victory!You have to go along with her 6most difficult test in the ninja school.💥 Check how much you havegood reflexes. The Luna will jump on roller skates, dodging hazardsand accurately to hit a moving target!👍You're a fan of Luna andVioletta? ❤ Then this free game for girls especially for you! Sheloves music, dancing and extreme sports, and thereforeroller-skates on the city's waterfront, set to music.💜 Soy luna hasfriends, her friend Simon writes songs that girl loves to dance.But her family needs to move to another country. The moon has to goto a new school, make new friends, keep the passion for sports anddancing, and find a first love.❤For every champion, speed, agilityand accuracy. Our mini-games will help to develop the moon for allthese skills. To develop a new strategy to fight and try to win! Awonderful game for girls with their favorite characters of theseries.Features of free games with Luna❤Awesome music and sounds💙Exciting arcade game for speed and reaction💚Mini-games andmultiple difficulty levels💛FreeYou sure you're up for adventurealong with the Moon? Then download our free game for girls andboys!
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