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Want to know the fare of Chennai metro train?This app is designedwith precise information to know about the Chennai metro railwaystations and fare.it do consist of metro map which is best suitableif u want to know where you want to go and where you are.Downloadan share it with your friends.App will be updated regularly!thanks.

App Information Chennai Metro Navigator

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    Chennai Metro Navigator
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    December 21, 2016
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    Android 3.2 and up
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    Rajeev Sharma
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    Travel & Local
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    flat no 109,rounak regency,pune ,maharastra
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Chanakya Niti in English 1.7 APK
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Chanakya was a wise thinker and a teacher. Chanakya developedNeeti-Sutras that tell people how they should behave.These notable& inspirational quotes on love, friendship, wife, politicalscience, family & relationship are not just quotes but lifelessons.Read the timeless collection of Chankya thoughts and quotesand get motivated to give a right start to your life.Chanakya Nitiand chanakya neeti shastra is all about understanding human natureand its weaknesses.he was also considered as rise of emperors. Onecan use it as a reference App when it comes about facing reality oflife. You wont be disappointed. Well! it must be understood thatspirituality is not about putting a break on thinking. It is moreabout thinking the right things.Chanakya Niti in English FreeOffline App.Most powerfull speech in english by the great leaderwho changed all over India.Features:★Offline database ofMotivational & Inspirational Quotes by chanakya.★Quotes will beupdated.★ Simple and attractive user interface★This app is inenglish and for english readers only.★One-click sharefeature★Readable text If you like this app please recommended it toyour friend circle free Download it and Enjoy.★This App iscompletely Offline.Share this App with your Friends,family membersand students and to everyone to inspire each and every person whowant to be successful in his or her Life.Thanks!
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Want to know stunning and amazing facts(रोचक तथ्य) or interestingfacts in Hindi (हिंदी में)?Increase your General Knowledge &Current Affairs i.e. GK is required in almost all the governmentjob oriented exams like Bank PO/Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CSAT,RRB, Railway, MPPSC etc. as well as in few higher educationentrance exams like CLAT, CMAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, GATE, CA-CPT, CSFoundation etc.!This app has many random facts about all countries,weird and funny facts and information. cool facts that you neverknew like about human body, countries and animals Facts about theworld, science, music, history, the universe, Fun, educational, andshocking facts!. This app is the best if you want to knowimpressive information that you never knew in Hindi.Types:--Technology facts -Human body facts- animals and birds facts -nature and planets- countries facts - Educational- Shocking andinteresting- Weird facts★This app also contains facts about Indiain Hindi.Features:★Offline database of Facts.★This app will beupdated regularly.★ A simple and attractive userinterface★One-click share feature★Readable text If you like thisapp please recommended it to your friend circle free Download itand Enjoy.★This App is for everyone who wants to gainknowledge.-********-DISCLAIMER -**********-We take noresponsibility for the content of this app. None of the contentswere written by us, they all are sourced from the internet. Weaccept no blame for any offense caused. However, if you areoffended by any content, please report them to our email idprovided, we will remove it. Thanks!
Unsolved Mysteries 1.6 APK
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Representing a great collection of Unresolved Mysteries of theWorld and Hidden Mysteries of india and World. mysteries book inHindi. This application is developed in English for English readersof google. This collection has set of the stories and mystery bookof the world which are unresolved till date. This app is regularlyupdated, please check it for new unresolved mysteries.MysteriousStories app contains Bhoot Pret ki unsulghi Kahani.This app alsocontain Ansuljhe Rahasya and Bhoot ki Kahaniya.Best collection ofreal ghost and paranormal unsolved activites stories.15+ MysteriousStories Available in this Application.Try to Use this Funtastic Appand share with your friends.Read this Mysterious story app providesreal stories of the world.There are many famous Unsolved Mysteriesin this world. These mysteries are mysteries till date, there aremany ideas and thoughts regarding them, but there is no clearanswer to them. We have chosen those mysteries and stories andtried to present you in form of Android app. The collectionincludes stories from India and all over the world. These mysteriesare mystery and still not solved.A new set of stories has beenadded, hope you would like them as well. We are still writing somany other new and interesting mysteries of India and Worlds. -Nazca Lines. - On an isolated, - Arid Plateau in southern Peru,-The wind almost never blows. - Beale Ciphers. - Mary Celeste. Jackthe Ripper - Bermuda Triangle. - The Loch Ness Monster - The ZodiacLetters. - Kryptos.This app also contain Ansuljhe Rahasya ,AmazingFacts of the World.Mysterious story app provides real stories ofthe world.indian real storiesGet updates very soon .Please Downloadthis App and see the collection, you would be amazed to read themand share with everyone.We are presenting a clear interface for ourHindi readers. You can share this app with your friends and family.This app can be read Offline but we are updating it with newincidents everyday, please update the app time to time.- Unresolvedmysteries collection with photographs.- Clear Hindi font for betterreading. - Added scientific proof behind each proof and doneanalysis of the subject. - Daily updates and new incidents areadded. This app is like a magazine of mysteries.Hope you will likethis application most. We are regularly adding new incidents,please keep reading this app everyday. Please send your commentsand suggestions to us.(Note : All pictures used in this app havebeen taken from public domain only.
Pick up Lines Pro 1.5 APK
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चाणक्य नीति 1.0 APK
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सम्पूर्ण चाणक्य नीति हिंदी में Chanakya niti in Hindi free acollection chanakya quotes. If you want to get success in life andwant to live life without problems then must read chanakya neeti.Itis about the Politics and Philosophy.Chanakya was an Indianteacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. He istraditionally identified as Kauṭilya or Vishnugupta, who authoredthe ancient Indian political treatise, the ArthashastraUniquefeatures:- Highly Motivational & Inspirational Quotes.- Themost beautiful Quotes app ever developed for Android.- Free fullHindi book of Chanakya Niti quotes in Hindi to share.- Share onWhatsapp & Facebook.- Simple and easy to read
Facts India 1.1 APK
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भारत के रोचक तथ्य .did you know that India is the world's largestdemocracy?.Most of the indians doesn't know all the indianfacts.this app is in hindi language which will give you everythingabout india.amazing and interesting facts about india which younever knew about.All Facts About India, Facts of India,India at aGlance,Easiest Way to find All Information of India. Fast Facts ofIndia and Interesting and Amazing Facts aboutIndia.Features:★Offline database of facts about india.★App will beupdated regularly.★ Simple and attractive user interface.★One-clickshare feature.★Readable text If you like this app pleaserecommended it to your friend circle free Download it andEnjoy.★Exclusive quality.★This App is completely Offline.★This Appis for everyone.Please Rate our App if you Like it andShare...Thanks in Advance for Downloading.!-********-DISCLAIMER-**********-We take no responsibility for the content of this app.None of the content were written by us, they all are sourced fromthe internet. We accept no blame for any offense caused. However ifyou are offended by any of the content please report them to ouremail id provided, we will remove it. Thanks