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The Pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramidin the world. In the adventure games app Cheops Adventure byupjers, you slip into the role of a curious archaeologist andexplore the ancient Egyptian pyramid not far from the Nile Valley.Equipped with a pith helmet, khaki shirt, shorts, sandals and the(for now) whitest socks this side of the Nile, you’ll embark on adangerous mission. Countless death-bringing challenges lurk in theinterior of the majestic pyramid. Prove your skills as a fearlessexplorer and master countless obstacles. In the pyramid game CheopsAdventure, you’ll encounter murderous mummies, tricky traps, thetime-devouring minions of the ancient Egyptian god of the dead,Anubis, statues with a deadly gaze and many other creatures. Thefurther you progress in the pyramid game, the more involved thepuzzles will get. A unique labyrinth awaits you at every level. Useyour touch to maneuver the archaeologist across the stone blocks ofthe labyrinth game. Avoid traps with spring-loaded blades, mindmissing floor tiles, battle fat mummies with torches, dodgepitfalls and use weights to overcome obstacles. In the course ofthe game you’ll be tossed into action-packed combat scenarios andgames of skill. Explore the Cheops Pyramid and solve riddles.Download CheopsAdventure for free on your smartphone or tablet andexplore the unique pharaoh game now. But beware of the mummies inCheops Adventure! Use countless features to ensure your progress.Some of the amazing features in the action riddle appinclude:
• Teleporters than can beam you to other places in the pyramid gameCheops Adventure
• Springbirds, which can help you leap across chasms
• Torches to fend off fat mummies
• Camouflage bindings and protective spells to protect yourarchaeologist in the pyramid game
• Valuable treasures that you can collect in Cheops Adventure
• Diverse levels with ever-changing challenges for fans of skillgames
Download the labyrinth adventure free now. Cheops Adventure is aunique blend of brainteaser challenges, puzzle fun andaction-packed obstacle courses. Experience fantastic features andlaunch into the upjers Cheops Adventure. Get the free upjers appfor your smartphone or tablet. Dive into the adventure game andmaster all sorts of challenges. Come play free apps by upjers anddiscover Cheops Adventure.

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    Publish Date: 2016 /2/6
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 26.8 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
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Experience the challenges and excitement of transport games righton your smartphone or tablet. In Harbor World, you’ll establishyour own port. The experienced old sea dog Capt’n Rustbeard willshow you the ropes and teach you the basics of the game – forinstance, how to build your very first cargo pier. Download thelogistics similar app for free and explore the fascinating world ofship games. Expand your harbor, build production sites and conducttrade. Each level unlocks more new and exciting ship simulatortasks and transport tycoon quests. Dive into the riveting world ofboat games. Harvest various resources such as ore, wood, oil andcoal. Expand your port to include dry docks, yacht piers, and eventourist piers. That’s right – you can even make your harbor atourist destination. Discover a unique ship simulation on the go.Transport goods across the world’s oceans and prove your skill as aharbor manager. Harbor World offers you countless boat simulatorand ship game features. Get yourself the transport simulation appand get going! Harbor World’s lovingly detailed 3D graphics andanimations are sure to draw you in. Experience logistics game funon the sea and on land. Harbor World’s appeal is not limited to itsfirst-rate strategy and tycoon game features; you’ll also haveextensive customization and decoration options. Dazzle yourtourists with unique decoration items such as dolphin balloons andflowerbeds. The possibilities are endless. Harbor World’s wealth ofexciting ship game features is sure to captivate you! Theseinclude:• Great logistics game customization options for theestablishment and expansion of your harbor• Diverse productionsites and resources that can be used in the ship simulator(ore,wood, oil, coal, etc.)• Impressive 3D graphics and animations•Amusing and enchanting decorations to decorate your Harbor World•Intuitive game controls• A unique blend of logistics simulators andboat simulation games• Entertaining progress with plenty of levelsand ship game featuresMaster the Harbor World challenge. Set footin the engaging world of ship games and create your very ownharbor. Experience this special ship simulator app. Download HarborWorld for free, meet Capt’n Rustbear and build a harbor of your owndesign in this unparalleled transport tycoon. Welcome to HarborWorld!Harbor World – Build your own port, set sail, and trade!
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ZOO 2: ANIMAL PARK – YOUR AMAZING ZOO AND ANIMAL GAME In thecaptivating animal game Zoo 2: Animal Park, you slip into the roleof a zoo director. Take care of ferocious tigers and wily wolves,play with cute foxes and pandas, or pet the elephants and giraffes.Dive into an exciting zoo game story with lots of quirky ideas andunexpected plot twists. FANTASTIC ANIMAL GAME FEATURES Discover anextraordinary combination of zookeeper simulation and tycoon game.Explore a colorful and captivating game world full of snugglybunnies, playful horses and sweet chimpanzees. Breed all sorts ofcute animal babies, scrub enclosures and expand your park. Zoo 2:Animal Park boars a wide range of animal game features andcustomization options. This one-of-a-kind zoo game has a lot tooffer: 🦁 Take care of cute domestic and wild animals: Mischievousgoats, playful pandas, majestic lions and more want to play withyou! 🐨 Design your zoo: New tycoon features or items are unlockedwith every level up. Get more flowers, bushes, and trees; build newtypes of enclosures, shops, restrooms, benches and more 🐵 Dive intoa lovingly-detailed world: Meticulous animal animations andimpressive 3D graphics will keep you immersed in the action 🐣 Breedadorable baby animals: Rare coat color variations will make youranimal world even more colorful! 🐼 Be part of a gripping story:Entertaining tasks and quests will guide you along in theflourishing zoo of your dreams and introduce a quirky cast oflovable characters 🐰 Participate in exciting events: Regularupdates and thrilling events with exclusive rewards providelong-lasting fun 🐯 Expand your zoo: Earn achievements in thisanimal game as you make the zoo of your dreams a reality A FUN WILDANIMAL SIMULATION Zoo 2: Animal Park whisks you away into abreathtaking zoo game setting. There’s always something new todiscover! Prove your skill as a manager and turn the small familyzoo into the greatest animal park paradise on the planet!Experience the animal game sensation. Download the app now!
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My Little Farmies – Found your own Medieval Village Dive into thecolorful world of My Little Farmies Mobile. Experience day-to-daylife in a medieval village as you tend to a rustic family farm runby the lovable Amos. Your tasks will include growing crops andfeeding animals, serving customers and helping out the many virtualfriends you will make in this quirky and entertaining farm game.Fantastic Farm Game Fun My Little Farmies Mobile lets you shape theidyllic life in your own village; determine what crops the Farmieswill tend to on their family farm, and which artisans and craftsmenbuildings will grace your streets. Individual products can becombined in a myriad of production chains, making anything fromdelectable delicacies to homemade clothes. Refine your goods andsell them to earn money for the upkeep and expansion of yourvillage. My Little Farmies Mobile is chock-full of amazing featuresfor your gaming pleasure: • Tantalizing tycoon game features thatallow you to build workshops and streets in your medieval village,manufacture high-quality goods, keep animals, harvest cereals,vegetables and fruit and complete exciting quests • Daily boosterrewards for logging in • Amazing social gaming features – becomefriends with other players and help them on their farms • Acharming farm game setting with intuitive game controls • Lovinglydetailed graphics • Long-lasting fun through level-up rewards,unique challenges, seasonal events and more! Your own PersonalVillage Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful world of MyLittle Farmies mobile. Run a family farm and grow all sorts ofplants. Nurture them with tender, loving care, and harvest yourvery own farm-fresh produce. Mill your wheat into flour, and useyour flour to bake mouthwateringly delicious loaves of bread foryour farm game customers. Game developer upjers will whisk you awayto the Middle Ages with MyLittleFarmies Mobile, a tycoon gamewithout equal. Download Now Now you can download My Little FarmiesMobile in the store. My Little Farmies Mobile is a standalone game;linking an account to the eponymous cult browser game “My LittleFarmies” is not possible. Come play now! All you need is a mobiledevice and a stable internet connection!
Uptasia 1.0.11 APK
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Uptasia – Fantastic Hidden Object Game FunTravel back in time anddiscover the fascinating hidden object game app Uptasia. The gameUptasia whisks you away to the 19th century. Visit mysteriousplaces such as the bakery, complete exciting quests and work yourway up from level to level. As you progress in the game, theUptasia app will offer you a wide variety of features and options.If you love playing hidden object games, you will find nearlimitless opportunities in Uptasia. Prove your skill inentertaining hidden object tasks! These include:• Seek out and findhidden objects• Discover subtle differences in two similarpictures• Pick out wanted hidden object images• Unlock new levels•Solve hidden object puzzles within a time limit• Use more and morefeatures and options as you progressWith the Uptasia app, you canplay hidden object games on your Android device to your heart’scontent. In Uptasia you can play hidden object games. Dive into theexciting world of hidden object games. Master riddle and searchchallenges and get the free hidden object picture download now.Just a few steps are enough to download the Uptasia app for free.Experience the hidden object games for tablet PCs and jump right infor tons of riddle fun.